A Story of Love

A Story of Love upon the Red Road
told by The One Who Meets the Bear!

A young native boy remembered he had a girlfriend when he was young and he would lie down beside her and remember her hair wrapped around his face and neck.  He would feel like he could dance.  He dreamed that he could soar across the fields of glory.  Soon he came across the Great Bear.  And the bear gave out a big roar (I stood my ground).  Soon the bear retreated because the boy knew he could soar high above like the Eagle.  The boy gifted the clouds to the bear.  As  the bear walked away, the native called out, "My relative, good journeys in the stars.  I will sea you again."  Soon the boy remembered all the stories as he climbed down to the Earth, the rocks and grass and sunlight upon his face.  He grew tall and weary from his long journey. 

He remembered the Bear and his roar.  He thought, "I should be as fearless as a Bear.  I should roar like the thunder."  And whence my heart spoke, I gave a loud roar, my heart again began to soar (roaring sound of the wind that blows, the soul that knows).

She was a beautiful girl with soft eyes and luscious lips like berries.  And her sweetness in fragrance matched any flower in the fields.  And her long brown hair (rolling hills of Mother Earth), it made me roar.  I dreamed because she gifted me freedom, my sails into far, into far off lands. Soon I remembered the many creatures that I would learn to visit.  And learn from many explorations, we gathered and communicated.  It was a communion of the Gods, where I remembered the many stories of my childhood to my manhood.  She was one of many treasures the Great Spirits pondered upon my path.  And the glory of the sun upon my face where warm(th) grew yonder.  The simplicity of my yearning glow reminded me of her hair (richness) and now I could flow. 

Such dreams I discovered that grew from the tales of my life.  I was a young man and now an old man, but my journeys were bold and stories were told.  And my glory was known because I dreamed, whence yonder my heart soared, when I lacked courage, my fortitude was the roar of the Bear, and the fearlessness that grew from that chance meeting.  I have many stories, but her hair, it sent me into my dreams.  And her smell, sweet as lilacs.  She put a spell on my journey that lifted me to new heights.  I feel so blessed, that the young girl could teach me so much, and that my dreams sought relatives everywhere.  And my destiny it behold the magic of the air, where sunlight bounced off the glistening waters.  And when the moon danced, I danced.  And when the river flowed, I flowed.  And when the trees near (the) brook grew, I grew.

So each of my relatives gifted me stories and I learned to soar high above the clouds into the rain drops, into the soil my journey was arduous, but I claimed knowledge of the stars that descended upon the rolling hills.  And my journey is a blessed fact, of my old age.  I wish the roar for all the children, to know the sweet smell of a woman's hair and touch.  She was a gift from the Gods and the Great Spirits they sent her to me, to guide me over the journey of the flowing river.  I sing my songs and I give praise to the boldness of the Great Ones, who once descended and gifted me life to bear (four sacred directions, black/blue, red, yellow, white, and then there are violet-voice-strength positions outwardly and inwardly colors, creates the physical bridge-holiness-unity, of the holy temple-indigo-perfection).  I am the glory forever, when I have relatives in the air.  And as a tree, my story is long and overdue, yet my song will continue because I found you, lying in a field of green grass, where streams of salmon flow by.  I watch the many colors that twinkle in the dust and my heart grows fonder of this view.  You and your relatives shall know of this field as you grow old together, remember that the sweetness of the long brown hair will tarry us into the journey of the soul.  She is the fields upon which you lie.  And he is the roar in the sky and when the song is

over, the scales of the fish shall know the breeze, the very notes of the clamoring heart.  She sings softly, he roars loudly and the journey we tarry is where our hearts do collide.  And young and old come to meet the bold, where relative told the stars, the journey of our lives.

I am the Telling One, the One who meets the Bear. I have come to show you the good life where tears are told.  Do not bellow discontent but share the joys of salvation.  It's the star journey that descends upon the rolling hills, and the very sweetness of her voice reminds the soul of a choice, that we are the children who lead the way.  In your journeys tell the relatives it's time to beckon us all home, for we want to share the stories of the stars. And we want to hear about thars (needs).  You are the children who are born and know, when you trust the sweet night air.  And remember the story of the young girl's hair for the young man was I, who could soar, my relatives I implore.  The end.

"Thank you miss white buffalo, the child who knows more, we are thankful for your songs you share.  Will you share my heart for all to bare", said One Who Meets the Bear our Sun of Light who Bears all Plight.  

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings and Holiness David Running Eagle beats the sacred drum from the heart of Sun of Light, the One Who Meets the Bear.

Come and dancing a tethering song, to gift the heart of love.  Be grateful for all the air, to sing upon the shores.  I gift my heart and breath impart the wisdom of the stars.  Come and be bold, I have come to old, the song of angels are heard, when relatives are near, don't you fear.

There is green grass in the air.  Don't you glean without waters of dew.  Don't you sea, all the glory from the sun?  Don't you beckon the stars to run?  I want you to know, that the Bear is a feud (collision course) when sunlight gain air, and moisture is everywhere.

Come sit with me, besides a brookling (bubbling brook, stream's sound) breeze.  And find us there, divining the night air.  I want to share the sun, the reflection of everyone, when the moon glows bright and our hearts don't fight.  You are my relative and I know how to give, it's you who needs a lift, to receive stories of a gift. 

I come to hold you.  I bring laughter with a view, just to hold your face.  Just to know your grace.  There alone the mountain tops, I feel all the drops, the tears always know and are so bold, dreams foretold, the gift of our hair.  The song we bare. 

The days are told, a magic so bold.  We are the stars, that journey so far.  And I want you to know, there's glory in the snow, and my heart will glow, for you to tell you truth.

Now, I realize, you are part of my heart.  And I realize, that my breath, will impart a magical stream, where all is but a dream.  The destiny unfolds, like sweetness told.  My life I serve true.  My heart beats for you.  And my life is a story, in the blue, the heart of me and you!¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥the truth of glory that is you!¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥my waves I follow you, to should all your blues. 

Thank you very much (White Buffalo) Calf Woman, and Holiness (David Running Eagle) does feel the conflict in the air (difficulty harmonizing the drum with the heart, there was conflict), he must trust all he do, for he is Holiness true.  The one who meets the bear, shares conflict everywhere, the beat does dare!

Name of One Who Meets the Bear: 
Glory Bee, there are Angels Everywhere, we call him Sun of the Light, who bores all plight.