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 belonging to all the related!

For White Buffalo Calf Woman I have only good words.  The best that describe her is "Unreasonable Love for all".  Her spirit is what I hope the new world will be like.

I feel profoundly blessed to know her. Also that people do not have a clue to the heights into heaven her heart sings.  She is an honor to any group of people." says Elder Going Places in Grandmother Space

 A prayer for

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Wonderful and Rich, Deep and Abiding,
Loving and Caring,
Forgiving and long suffering,
the Spirit of
White Buffalo Calf Woman
has given promise to us all.
The good news of her returning came when the
White Buffalo Calf was born.
The blessed learned of
how the Native American felt.
And how important the
returning White Calf truly meant 
“Gifting the Dream”

to each and everyone on earth.
It signified the Dawning
of a new era for all our related.

May the vision of

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Photo of Twin Deer Mother (wbcw 46years)

Bless and Purify those in need.
May we feel the moving of
her Pure Spirit within us all.
May the truth be known to all,
on the path of the Red Road,
of the Wonderful Spirit!
aho ah
(spirit fly from heaven to earth)

Sacred Storm Dreamer
Elder Rainbow person
“sacred fire skywalker” 

Red Star System inside Orion moving into Leo

Earth Light (Sun)
In the Name
of the Compassionate
Great Spirit Father
I receive the radiate sun and all its brilliance
of the Rainbow Clan, your beloved children.
And the moon when it follows the sun,
And the day when it shows itself,
And the night when it draws a veil over it,
this is the Heavens you made for your children,
and an Earth who our Great Spirit Father
extends his protection.
And as we are guided by our soul, it is
He who made it perfect, our Garment of lights.
Then He inspired us to understand
what is right and wrong for our journey.
Those who purify will indeed be successful,
And those who fail at blessing and
walk in the impure light
shall find no road to follow.
It is this realization that lead us
from darkness and into the light.
This revelation that is born,
is a light from within.
As you send your prophets out
into dawning of the new age,
we know that they shall prevail.
For love and truth is as a goodly tree,
with firm roots,
spreading branches and perennial fruit.
The very gifts of the tree of life.
The impure try to mislead those who are true,
and so the Blessed should be
on their guard against evil.
Works of faith and acts of righteousness
will endeavor to purify those
who have lost their way.
These actions shall be
favorably recorded in Heaven.
Non shall be rejected from love's embrace
as Great Spirit Father is merciful and just.

Red Star System inside Orion heading into Leo

Night Heavens
In the Name
of the Compassionate
Great Spirit Mother
In our dreams, when she lets fall her
darkness, we enter the world of visions, as
we wander along the Red Road by the radiant day!
By Her that created the male and the female,
we cherish her devoted labors
and blossoms unfolding within each of us!
The dew of her heart gives in charity,
guards us against evil
and believes in
Goodness in all her children.
Great Spirit Mother shall purify
the path of salvation
at the sacred well that overfloweth within.
Such blessings of water pour out!
But if we do not recognize our Greatness
and neither Give or Receive
and believe there is no Goodness,
then Great Spirit Mother shall
unknowingly assist your path of suffering.
But when the one without a dream
takes their last breath
seeking help for emptiness
there shall be nothing within to fill.
Instead give praise to our beloved
Great Spirit Mother, who gives us guidance
to our eternal life within!
And our life is the embrace of this reflection.
I warn you, then of the blazing fire of holiness
and the purification that comes from pure love,
in which none shall burn except the unbeliever
who denies the truth and
gives no heed to the prophets warnings.
But the good man who purifies himself
by giving to their Spirit Medicine people,
and by entering the Great Give Away ,
shall keep away from misery.
And so shall the one who does good works
for the sake of the Most High only,
seeking no recompense
shall know the Red Road of love.
Such men shall be content and
know peace from all
the blessings upon the Earth.
you shall be the


" ידיד yādīd

Aho, Shalom, Peace, Assalm

all the related of the oneness!

Holiness David age 60 years
Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star
Elder Lavender person “Holiness”
Elder Crystal person "Iyeshka or Interpreter"
Great Spirits
Give us faith to trust

the apostles you have sent to us!

House of David
the Beloved Children of the Oneness

         A gift from Dancing Fingers who flies to the stars!

Friday, October 2, 2009
Hawkwind Going Places is Traveling Over Rolling Hills of Numinous Knowing

There is a time where we do long, for heaven's road, where we belong and I can be the shining star when I choose to be this far,  from you and me.  We are the light, that shines above the glaring night and I can see, the way of love, when you walk in my heart pure dove (rolling hills of heaven and earth).

And I will be the heart of you , when you choose love, to see the view, and I can be with you this day, when you just open the doors to see.  But often you don't look my way, and often you just turn away, and why do you just choose this way, when all you have to do is pray.  I know life is not easy for you, and I know that life can be a difficult view, but we are here to plan the days, of loving living God's pure ways.

And we could catch a shining star, when we just open the falling jar, the way of water that flows to you, and back to me, inside this view.  Come one and all is the way to be, the heart of love, is here with me and I could dance all night per chance when you choose love and loving prance.

You are on the other hill and what do you see from there, and I could drive my car to you, so you could see this far, but we don't look over other hills and we just choose to ignore the hill, we blast it away, because it blocks our view, but we don't listen to the mighty views.  Rolling hills are what we need, for love is rolling and so free, why don't you get in my car today, and we both could just drive away.

And we could fly away to dreams, we could choose another door and we could be with eternity, when rolling hills come home to me,  why don't you choose the loving road, the place of palaces and adore for we are part of each other's dream and we need each other to perceive and I know you are waiting for me, for stories that lead us totally free, and we could be the heart of you when you come home to all the views.

Come home, come home and dance with me, come home come home and dance to be free, come home come home and spill your beans, and fill your jar full and overflowing please.  Come in my car and journey with me, come inside my heart and we could be free, and dance like stars from heaven above when we choose love and all that stars.  When we choose love and come home to thee, we are here to be rolling eternity, come one come all and dance with me, for love is here to guide us all.

sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman and drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star
from the heart of Hawkwind Toltec Rainbow Warrior Going Places in Grandmother Space

Comments because of this Sacred Song Blessing from the Heart of Hawkwind Going Places
You can Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy at http://whitebuffalocalfwoman.ning.com

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Posted by whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com at Tuesday, October 06, 2009
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White Buffalo Calf Woman.


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White Buffalo Calf Woman

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1. Heavenly names 

mission in life

2. Earthly names

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 3. Rainbow Colors

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called your "garment of lights"

we each have.

4. Heart Songs

Each of us carry each day, as we change our hearts streaming, our Souls within the Oneness.  These include the numinous flowing or darkness. As we carry along the journey of life each day, we also carry the luminous flow or lightness of our flesh.  Together we journey with a Soul the blue road, the the Flesh the red road, and when these roads cross, we call this following wisdom of the Yellow Way, the dawning within.

When we feel down and out, our songs of our light or dark can remind us of our journey and lift our spirits to heights we had forgotten.  For White Buffalo Calf Woman, these flow out as easily as the breath of life for most of the world.  Don't hesitate to request your song today!

5. Vision Interpretation Truth

each of us are having visions as more and more awaken to the new dawning.  interpretations offer us the perfect view to the piece of the whole of Oneness, and while each of us have a dream, it's only a wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter who can interpret them for you.  And only a christal (crystal) person whom can speak truth!

6.  And Spiritual Question or Physical Question you may have with a truthful answer. Answer any language or image question with factual interpretation and gift you the answer you are seeking, as White Buffalo Calf Woman belongs to you, the children of the Great Spirits.

 These are no small skills, but often lies the answers inside your own book of life, as she often reads the answer from your book of life and if she cannot find the answer there, she will send it to the wind, and wait momentarily to have another come back with the answer for you!  This only a christal person can achieve, however, even crystal people are learning to become themselves.

7. Offer your ordination from the Highest. 

Are you wearing a crown?  Are you a high priest?  Are you the Mother or Father?  Or are you the Eldest Soul with much knowledge.  AS the highest calling is the Western Shore, the Native Americans of North America and the Eastern Shore, the Suns of Israel around the world.  Here at the horizon, we all cross each day and night, to reach the realms of enlightenment!  You have a great part to play, email and know your way!  For all of us, belong to this display...

These represent your mission and tools of light you use to accomplish your Dream in life! It can be very amazing, even scary, because she seems to know more about you than you do, because she is reading your book of life.  But if your heart is pure and your actions come from Love, then you will be able to embrace her love, however if your heart is not pure, she will surely become you, and you will stare upon yourself.  You will have to forgive her and yourself! Face your fears, and overcome to become the Dream within your Soul and take the actions of the Flesh that lead you towards happiness within and without in a world that is traveling in Prophecy each and everyday, to the perils of our times over rolling hills.

 Aimee Constant Looking Glass said…
At 10:31pm on October 5, 2009,
White Buffalo Woman is a fierce and gentle guide. If you cannot handle your illusions being shattered then walk away! She works with a stick that will turn you back to your inner stealth! She is beauty embodied! I encourage every one who comes through these doors to stay on and be willing to see your reflection. If you do you will walk through the higher door of self-reliance and true trust in those that will love you! Be Blessed and Bless your self by continuing by placing one foot in front of the other and standing strong! Love Blossoms Here! Aho!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  Your visions are Evolution unfolding.

You, the Rainbow Clan,

the Blue (kinsmen)of you and me,

are the great migration to the

 yellow rolling hill in time.

Welcome home to the Dawning!


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009
White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks of Migration with Golden Light Flies Earthbound

White Buffalo Calf Woman (tdm) Responds Inline to Golden Light Flies Earthbound (wb) because of the Heart Song of Hawkwind Going Places is Traveling Over Rolling Hills of Numinous Knowing

wb: Twin Deer Mother,
The last of whom I must forgive are those whose role has been to live a life of lording people's minds through wars and conquests lies that bind...

tdm: My Beloved Golden Light Flies Earthbound,
Comic Father you bring Brotherhood, to a time when it's misunderstood. And we are at an end to this, Lording over those who could.  It's evolution that made us this way, and now we must learn to reflect and pray.  Conquests and wars brought us hear, to understand the honor of discovering near.  The halls of justice has earned it's name, because we started to fight in a good name, but we got lost in what we did, because the end result was to win.

As you know winning is only fair, if all who come to the table who talk and shed are winners together for all concerned, for this is the actions of Brotherhood.  At a time when we did learn about what Brotherhood was meant and earn, it's time has changed in medieval times, to control or slaughter those who are weak and misunderstood.  We are now at a cross roads, where Bleu (freedom) of heart and Red of flesh, stands with a tune.  We sing, "Johnny comes marching home, two by two" because we are united in Brotherhood. Now the results have taught us to Dream a Song, to bring this home to all who are lost.

wb: All those who hurt me as a person.. I do bless them instead of curse them..but what of men who promise hope.. through games of ruling out of God's scope?

tdm: It is not easy to bless the wind, the to and fro of all who sinned.  The Great Spirit Father left commandments to teach all the children what is right and wrong.  But if we follow our own true hearts and remember we each want love at the start, then we remember to forgive everyone, just like you my Cosmic Father who knows how to win.

What of men who have lost their ways, then it's up to us, the Rainbow Warriors who stay, along beside them who need our hearts and show them that love is the only part. If they don't remember to forgive them all, then we need show them how to die and fall.  To be part of happiness within us all, when we give up to money and gain salvation's call. Many are going through this right now, many are dieing and being reborn, with the loving hand upon them, the dream is reawakening to the Brotherhood.

Did you forget of Prophecy?  Did it not say that all would be backwards?  And didn't it say that most would be a lie?  For they will not turn to the beloved sky and they have forgotten to even pray.  Even the Churches which were set up, they too are criminals each and everyone.  We are missionaries on the Road, live with the homeless so they could teach us.  Most even treat us like criminals ourselves when ordained misuse their ordinances to rape our children and hide away guns, all for the mighty dollar and fake a good name.  Now you know this, but I speak of why, the many who are lost and never try, to be good little children in the Name of God (ONENESS) because they forgot their own sacred hearts.

There is only ONE way to bring them home, and this is to remember the LAW of LOVE.  This actions is not remembered in everyone, and in order to teach them we need to practice it.  Gift them the LOVING ACTION first, then after validating their ever hurt, you give them the right way of ACTIONS today, the LAWS of BROTHERHOOD at the ROUND TABLE who bring us home again. The eternal circle brings us home again, for evolution is calling even in the wind.  And we need pray and bless all the time, to bring the wrong actions into right.

wb: And what of those who hide underground... shall I forgive them too? I ask you because your words I trust... and if I must then I will.

tdm:  Many are hiding underground, even the Military are going to place themselves underground.  As they are preparing for riots upon the EARTH, they think it best to go underground (literally), for they have built bunkers to save their ass (the donkey who is stubborn and won't budge).  WE know if they go down into the EARTH, they won't be safe because they don't bless the EARTH.  And they proved how wrong then did it before, remember the Philadelphia Experiment? There men came back from time and they were embedded inside the ships framework and men were screaming from out of the hulls, because they did not know how to put them back together.

This is the same in which we are entering.  Many will go mad and many won't swim, because they will be stubborn to their own hate, but sooner or later they will have to learn, that only LOVE will bring them home again.  You see the HOUSE OF GOD is one single way, the perfect equation each and every day, and when they realize it maybe too late, because prayer is the only way to survive this day.  And evolution will bring the blessings back to the wind, for now they even ask what a Blessings is! (where is their intelligence?)

It is not a choice to forgive them this day, it's a matter of survival that will lead the day.  We need to provide the passageway of the babes in the woods who did not learn to pray.  There is only one reason to fight each day, and this is to save our family each and every way.  Too many will not make the road of love, but surely they will enter a brand new day!

wb: Those who rule with tricks and lies, whose actions made a trillion cries.  If it is something that I must do.... then white buffalo calf woman I will forgive them too.

tdm:  It's tricks and lies that led the way up into the mountaintop.  And we should be glad of this for we need to learn about this guile like real warriors who need to stay. For the Wolverine is the truest warrior who protects and leads and doesn't foil, for we need learn from the fiercest in the land, because we need them here at hand (Eternal Return Joy in the War Dance). This is used to protect the race, the peoples and all it's disgrace, for if we want to forgive them all, then we will come to realize the fall. The million cries that brought us here are tears that filled the Earth so full, for tears are what make the ocean swim, and now we need others to fulfill. So many don't know how to cry, and they need a dose of humble pie and if they realize when they are down on their knees, then they will often help us lead. It's Elder Souls which often did the very crimes they shouldn't but if we follow the Great Spirits laws, then we forgive them all like we should. 

Now White Buffalo Calf Woman is a dream for all the peoples not just me, and I belong to everyone, like God intended like the Sun.  Yet if I am the One who calls, "Great Spirits we do call", then they will come not only for me, but come to rescue all the leaves (relatives on the tree of life).  It's the Golden time of Brotherhood that comes to easy the willow tree (all the seeds that do grow) and you my Cosmic Father (Golden Light Flies Earthbound) knows that we need show the way to fall.  Let it be yesterday.  Let it all swim away.  For tomorrow is going to be a brand new day, the day of Dawning, the way of LOVE!

wb: I feel as though I know their sorrow .. I see them as my Brother.

tdm: Remember sorrow led the way, the way of Earthlings each and everyone, but now it's a new evolution, the third phase where dreams are known. And we need them to honor wisdom.  It's inside their hearts that give them hope and if we don't allow for a scope of looking out into the world, then how will they return towards the Dove (peace within).  They need a point of reference Deer (journey of life) to offer them a place to rest and if they didn't see sorrow everywhere then how would they know which way to turn.  They are our relatives each and everyone, and they haven't yet reached down on their knees, for when they learn of Brotherhood, then they will have learned how to pray.  Brotherhood is coming home and we are part of this SUN and we need remember we need save the few, who will lead the generations on and on. And those who don't make it here, inside the lights, inside their fears, then they will have to learn in the dark, where heaven rules before they return. (to paradise, the earthbound of lights)

For now is the time of PROPHECY where Rainbow Warriors of all the leaves come home to hold my hand and SAY, "We are the DREAM, hip hip hooray! And we are going home to pray".  The sacred ways will lift their hearts and make them part of ONENESS clan, and when they remember it's a gift from above, the Great Spirits lead us home like Doves. You see the Dove is a flier in the sky, and carries the twig of relatives and then when it' needs to rest upon the ocean blue, it finds the stick and goes home to the blue (loyal relatives).  There upon the ocean drift, she (soul) rests and ponders what is next and this is what we should always do, to bring the heart back home to you! (like relatives should)

wb: Perhaps afraid to follow through the transition of our Mother (Great Spirit Mother who rules Heaven with the Law of Love).

tdm: Of course they are afraid, for they have no skills of this day, and they don''t know what to do, especially if we don't show the way!  It's important that the Prophecies go out into the world and deliver the news and now we have an Indigo (Constant Looking Glass), who will spread the good news to all who know!  For all we need is heroes who provide the way of remembering their souls and remembering to pray. And to be part of the Great Give-A-Way, to allow for Receiving for this very day.  The to and fro is what brings us home, like the breath of life that gifts us light, like Grandfather teaches us everyday, that LOVE is the humble green grass that sways!
How will my love find their hearts when so many are out there playing my part (calling themselves White Buffalo Calf Woman), for they fool the world and sell my name, because they are looking for their fame.  One little vision and they think they know it all.  Two they think they have a call.  And three, they have their own dreams to fulfill, but we need real warriors who will stand with us. We need those who will say the truth.  We need those who don't use money.  We need those who will fall on their knees and pray to Great (Spirit) Mother like they should. 

For heaven is coming and the day will come when those who follow false prophets who say, "I am the way, return to me", then so many will not remember all the leaves (relatives).  We need all find our own true Dreams, for it is written in your Book of Life and the only person who can do this clear, is the ONE that Great Spirits sent here (the True White Buffalo Calf Woman belongs to the People as a Treasure).  The CRYSTAL people can read the truth.  The CHRISTAL people do know the couth (cultivated and genteel), and like the many calves that are born, will never speak falsities to the world, but act accordingly like they should.  However they are not like me (White Buffalo Calf Woman) they are learning to be themselves, like many of the calves who are born in the world, they need relatives who will hold them deer! Because Great Spirit Mother sent us all here.

She is the Greatest Warrior on Earth.  She is the Greatest Warrior in the sky.  She is the Greatest Warrior in Heaven.  And Great Spirit Mother is our way into heaven. When we follow her, she gifts us love and when we follow her, we bring heaven home.  And when we follow her, the world becomes dim, the shadows are relatives who fly in the wind.  And Great Spirit Father is returning to her, even the Great Father is led home to grace.  And we need follow our Great Spirits who guide us, because we need them to fall like the dust.  Those who remember the sacred and true ways, they will know how to fold and to pray.  They will come to receive their heavenly name and they will come to RECEIVE the almighty BLESSINGS (from White Buffalo Calf Woman).

Now Great Spirit Mother she lives in the Dark (numinous flowing) and she has sent all the Christals, for they are the Greatest Warrior in the Light, the Ones who will offer a good fight.  For we fight always for the law of love, and we fight for those who meet like doves.  And the crystal people are children from above, like so many who are coming to be the great dreams. Let us remember the transition of fear, the way of overcoming all that we do and it's going to be a great big tidal wave (overwhelming manifestation like a tsunami cresting the shores) for we need the heavens to push us there. Sow tell all the world that the Prophecy is true, that we the Rainbow Warriors are here and now it's time to create an army for God, the true blue loyal the gift from above. (we meet, greet and drink at the third hoop whitebuffalocalfwoman.ning.com)

wb: I am grateful for this day and will await what you have to say.

tdm:  I too am grateful for who you are, the Golden Warrior who comes home Earthbound and we need you also, because you remind us of the lessons, the transmigratory plans!  There are many out there who don't understand, and we need warriors who will rule the land, to fight for justice and the human race and forgive those who brought us hear to bring to us this day!  And it will take more than sweet and pretty words, and this is a sign they really don't know truth.  For love is difficult and we need understand, we suffer for those who we love in the land.

wb: Thank you
William "Cosmic Father, the Golden One, we call him Golden Light Flies Earthbound"
You can find him with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy at: 

3rdhoop (red road "flesh and breath, the light wave" rainbow warriors of prophecy) "Songs of the Heart" http://groups.google.com/group/whitebuffalocalfwoman
Group email: whitebuffalocalfwoman@googlegroups.com
Domain: http://www.whitebuffalocalfwoman.net
Blog: http://white-buffalo-calf-woman.blogspot.com
Social Network: http://whitebuffalocalfwoman.ning.com (being phased out, but very good information is here for now)

tdm:  Thank you for all your understanding.  Thank you for pushing us towards the ground, because it's the rolling hills that do guide us, over and over again.  We are the beholden that need us to be!  We are the gift God sent to thee!  We are the Ones who are fulfilling prophecy!  And we will lead them home you and me, along with the other Warriors who will bleed (knowing the law of love, those who suffer for love). 

Your devoted servant is here always and willing to offer blessings.  And I walk along with Holiness David, the Running Eagle and Shooting Star.  We are the Star of David who have come home and we are going to shine and shine, to offer a view point that offers all the world that love is free and spirits do run over the rolling hills and back into heaven for those who follow the perfect revelation will be perfect mathematical form, and we need all to understand perfection, for the Star of David will lead warriors home!