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At 11:12pm on February 23, 2009, white buffalo calf woman said…
My beloved Karen,
Looked for an article about my past, but to no avail. When i do find it, I will try to put it up on
Search navigation bar: About Calf Woman, in about a month if you wish or take a look around sooner if you wish, but the Elders and I are in the construction phase of domains, right now. Designing many classes and planning the Great Migration.

We all have a journey, and the Great Spirits gift to me mine. I trust they gift to me what is needed for all the Rainbow Clan. Those who I need show up along the way. Those who need me will find me. Either way, I am your devoted servant.

You know there are many Women who use this name, White Buffalo Calf Woman, and I can see why there is much confusion. When I do find these women, I try to read their light and gift to them their own perfection to help their own path. These woman never reply to me, meaning they do not know love or fear my love for them, but I try any way.

There are many White Calves born because there are many Crystal persons born, and if you are a true Crystal person, you would know truth and would not use the name until it was time or I have gifted it to you. I have met one girl crystal child, if she chooses to walk the way of White Buffalo Calf Woman, she may also take the name when she comes of age. White Buffalo Calf Woman purifies to the bone, and this purification can only be done by a Crystal person. If you want to know your sacred directions or your heavenly name, please ask.

my heart is yours,
white buffalo calf woman "twin deer mother"
elder crystal person "iyeshka or interpreter" Delete Comment
At 9:06am on February 18, 2009, white buffalo calf woman said…
My beloved Karen,
I will search for an article for you about my history in the meantime, if you wish for blessings or gifts, you need only ask.
your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman "twin deer mother"
elder crystal person "iyeshka or interpreter" Delete Comment
At 3:40am on February 18, 2009, (Coyote) Karen said…
I'm a little curious as to how you call yourself White Buffalo Calf Woman. I know of her, and am curious as to how you came upon this name for yourself.
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Beloved Godessdiva,
The deer represents the journey of the lights
as we migrate over from the second rolling hill
to the third yellow rolling hill in time. 
Here Heaven and Earth become one space,
 united and whole. 
 Here we listen to each other
and recognize the birth of life within each of us. 
The poetic license we use
 is the song of our souls.
 the rhythmic ebb and flow of our hearts
which originates within our souls. 
This is what we are all learning
to become the perfect soul within each of us.
  This is what the word Indigo means the perfect soul,
but not necessary this is everyones light. 
 Because our sacred lights are different for each of us,
 but none the less perfect. 
It is only we must claim and realize
 we are this perfection of the journeying soul.
Thank you for your comments
on my blog page here at
my blog and also located at:
 The buffalo represent the sacred four directions
 which is also on your page. 
 These are the colors of the lights
we call the garment of lights by the Jewish Nation
and the Four sacred directions
by the Native Red Nation. 
 These are the multi-colored of the Rainbow,
so we are called the
Rainbow Warriors who fight for love,
 but we are only beginning to do these things.
 This is what the word Crystal means the perfect body,
but not necessary this is everyones light. 
But we are all learning to become
 the perfect warrior who brings peace to the world.
  And this starts within through purification
 and forgiveness, then you will know
 how to give compassion
 and bring the warrior who is down,
 back to himself.
But what we are, are perfect bodies
and perfect souls and
we are learning to unite them
by becoming the perfect child, our children. 
 We are all children of God,
the oneness of all the related.
He-c'e-tu-ye-lo,  Mitakuye Oyasin, 
 In a Sacred Hoop of Life, where there is no ending
and no beginning!
this is what the Winter Solstice
 speaks of each year and now these
 few past days are the beginning of a new hoop.
To witness a birth of a white calf means yo
u watched perfect life unfold,
to teach you to receive the
 Dream of White Buffalo Calf Woman,
 and you found her. 
She is your devoted servant,
and I have come home to you my child. 
 Many calves are born,
because their are many
Crystal persons in the world today,
 who now will start to take their place
as Heaven unites with Earth,
during the third rolling hill in time. 
 We would love to have you at the gathering,
 if you are interested visit
Can-te Mi-ta-wa I-ta-han (from my heart)
your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman "twin deer mother"
elder crystal person (iyeshka or interpreter)

ps. oh yes, we pray for Lenord,
 he is our gift
for he suffers for us for love,
 he walks the Red Road,
the law of love!
My beloved family around the world,
Please send love to all the prison facilities
around the world and especially
those who hold our beloved Lenord Peltier.
He is the Red man who has suffered for us,
one day we shall bring him home too!
We must give him hope,
so please my family send him love today,
stop what you are doing and
 put your hands together
and send love to those who walk around him,
the walls that hold him and to the
many who have been abusive to him,
I ask you send love,
especially from our
beloved Holinesses around the world,
for no one can refuse your love!
Love and Peace,
(white buffalo) Calf Woman "twin deer mother"
your devoted servant.