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posted Feb 24, 2009, 12:33 AM by WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother   [ updated Feb 24, 2009, 12:36 AM ]
Artist:  Angela Treat Lyon                                         Title: Sing the Cosmos!

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White Buffalo Calf Woman

February 2009
Dear Rainbow Family,
We have so many talented persons in the world of music. 
Although we do not have much music here right now, we appreciate any music that you might like to gift to the world.  We gift and receive gifts.  Now, artists, I really recommend Reverbnation to increase your value as a Musician.  And the code and player is easy enough to use, share and keep track of it all.
We are looking forward to our knowing each other in the days ahead my kinsmen, my family.  Please email us and let us know what you like to hear by sending the Wave or Mp3 File, next would be the, URL or Embeddable Code to us and if you have it already on a player, we would be happy to share with others, like quick Reberbnation players used here with Indigo Girl.
Please email your files, questions, comments and suggestions to having more and more of our talented musicians available for Pow Wow or Gatherings locally around the world. 
your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman "Twin Deer Mother"
If you get no response Email: