Blessings and Prayers

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Blessings and Prayers

Inepi Ceremony or the Sweat Lodge used for Prayer and Vision


Creating Sacred Space

Global Prayer
Peaceful Wisdom Prayer
Peaceful Soul Flight
Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight

Sacred Spirit Medicine

Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey

Please join in Unification of Hearts with all our relations, each Saturday any time.  24 hours for a Global Reunion of Love, the "Peaceful Wisdom Prayer". Use your own or follow the prayer gifted by Eagle Lightning Arrow and Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star!  Do you have a good prayer and would like to submit your Global Prayer, then email your Peaceful Wisdom Prayer to:

We will be gathering at the Blue Lake and uniting hearts for our flight for the Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey. This will be done along with our foundation Peaceful Wisdom Prayer. We pray for all our related. This Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight is done with anyone who claims loving relations with the Oneness of God, no separation is known.  All who participate must participate in purification prior to flight.  Join us each week, as we depart promptly to the Destination on Saturdays. 

Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey

To visit many songs from others please visit our blog sacred song blessings.

Prayer Requests

                      Prayer Dance

Prayer team members!

Sacred Spirit Medicine
 White Buffalo Calf Woman
 your Twin Deer Mother 
 Elder Crystal child

Living Fire of Purification "King David Deliverance"
Lavender persons who offer pure love and unite our hearts!
 Holiness David
 Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star 
your Father Red Hand
 Elder Lavender child

Elder Agenda Leader
 Sunlight in the Sky our Adviser of Men
Elder Aqua child,  leader of men  (as  other aquas)               
Honor: Holds the two talking sticks

Elder Agenda Entry
Sir Henry or Seed of Salvation our River of Silence
Elder Violet (purple) child, high priest (as other violets)
Honor: Exchange of fire blessings