All things come towards the sacred circle. We travel around and towards the center. This is how space collides with each other.  Like a atom is driven around an orbit, so too are we.  This natural force leans us towards the center.  But how, that is what you come to the HOOPs to learn. We will do this naturally, however we can accelerate the process, when we understand who and what we are and how we are interrelated to all things, we call the Oneness.

When one person bows, a half circle is gifted. When the other person bows back, the whole circle is known.  Here, where we stand, we are able to hear others.  This bow of the rainbow teaches us, that if we exchange with others (true love), then we are able to show respect, humility and wisdom for all life as we know it to be.  Seeking knowledge is a lifelong goal.  And the wiser you get, as age teaches us, the less we seem to know.  With so much knowledge in the universe, we must learn from all sources as we can.  The sacred bow of the elliptical orbit teaches us this simple truth.

Paths (sound and light waves) cross, intersect and now in our evolutionary period, collide. How to have spiritual fitness depends on your ability to bow.  Receive riches at the end of the Rainbow, golden awakening of brotherhood and abundance for all.  We just have to learn the humble bow, where the hoops of the universe cross, collide and realize!

Hoop 4 Bowing, Listening and Gathering with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy 
  • Start here with a prayer from you, the humble bow of the rainbow. Offer a prayer from your heart to our hoops, the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. You will be received with open arms. And it will depend on you, by your contribution level how you migrate down the hoops.  In other words, one is learning to speak from their heart and take their place within the Oneness.
  • Show respect by addressing others by name and by signing all that is sent from you.  Again, this is the bow of the humble rainbow.  Using each other by name shows you are respectful towards each other. When you do not know the name of a relative, then simply write, "Relative/s".
  • What is the Blue Road, the Heart of Greatness, the sound of celestial heights (heaven, as the stars shine, talking)
  • What is the Red Road, the Mind of Dreams, the motion of paradise (earth, as the world turns, walking)
note:  What many want to do, is skip hoop 4 from listening to hoop 3 networking, because this is natural in our evolutionary state and how many social networks operate these days (2011). 
No real relatives are met this way. 
But learning the Bow of the Rainbow and showing Respect to others is the Law of LOVE, the Red Road.  You learn to start to use your heart again on the Blue Road, when you use the humble bow of humility. All have a right to a voice, all, including those you don't understand. If you start (bow), and they continue to show respect (bow), then sharing is truly known (circle and exchange). This sounds easy, but we must put intelligence away and become the humble bow of the rainbow, to embrace others.  When the heart is known, all can be shown.  We start on the "Blue Road" where the heavenly soul within learns to accept it's own greatness.  Don't defend what is perfect.  What is not perfect does not belong to you, thus only purification acts will gift solutions. Use Prayers. Fire to cleanse the spiritual world. Water to cleanse the physical world.  And we shall all know Brotherhood again, where Sisters are understood. Trust your heart and gift a prayer, learn how to dare!

Hoop 3 Networking, Sharing New Contacts, Development to Resources
  • Walking Red Road, the Rainbow Colors, Glory Bee, the dream begins to grow, give birth to rise and flow 
  • Talking Blue Road, Mathematical Perfection, House of the Beloved where the wind blows, the Golden "Sun" rejoice 
  • Creating blogs, domains, social networking 
  • Data collection with resolution actions (prayers, contact, associate is the question or answer)
Hoop 2 Warrior Training, Heavenly, Earthly Names (star language, the story) and Rainbow Colors of Relatives
  • Yellow Road (greatness and power cultivation)
  • Blue Road cross the Red Road (to and fro, heavenly warriors who are bold)
  • Spirit Walking/Flight
  • Guide Names
  • Relative/s Rainbow Colors
  • Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy have their own Blogs and Share knowledge with the Hoops!
  • Daily and Hourly Blessings 
Hoop 1 Elders, Outside and Inside integral development of community, locally and abroad
  • Returning back to the community/hearth to share knowledge and to pass it along to others
  • Light of Earth (male, flesh) returns to Dark of Heaven (female, soul)
Hoop 5 Sanctuary, Children of the Rainbow, Child Education (school) for our Warriors
  • Rainbow Clan, Sanctuary we demand! (safe places)
  • Center, the oyate or the seed
To Subscribe to the Hoops, visit http://groups.google.com/group/rainbow-warriors-of-prophecy or emailalightfromwithin@gmail.com with your humble prayer for entry into the Hoops. We await your return!

For more information, please visit our Hoops at http://www.iamasundance.org/hoops