Incense is usually a herb, that is bonded together.  Smudging is the bupeacefulrning the incense with fire to create a lispsy smoke that provides protection, aroma and peaceful prayer practices.  The sticks and leaves are  dried.  Most often, Native Americans and Sons of Israel use Sage bundles, due to their antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties and it smells good too!  That is if you use the common variety and not the White Sage variety.  Although the Red Man uses White Sage, I recommend the more Common Variety of Sage due to the intoxicating aroma.  After drying, the sticks with leaves are tied together with a natural fiber usually cotton.  These sage bundles are used for smudging.

The Japanese grind  herbs and flower scents into a powder, and then are pressed into various shapes for distribution.  What is important to take note of is the body of Mother Earth, her adorned hair (green stems which holds the splendid colors of flowers) is offered,
part of her body, as a gift to purify the dark space for the heavenly realm all around us, but unseen.  The burning is represented by the Phoenix bird who rises out of the ashes to be purified and is now free to know eternal bells.  Wisps of smoke rise to greet Father Heaven as he strokes her hair and offers to her, the pure light of loving action as he takes flight and descends to greet her.  Here, Man and Woman, join hands and stroll in the gardens, their hearts over flowing tears of joy.  They have found each others' heart, the path of the Red Road where our feet land to know the law of love. 

Together when the darkness of the heart is purified, the physical body of light takes action.  We become Wise Sages or Elders.  A dedicated servant, who is on a Mission as a Rainbow Warrior.  These Golden Angel Warriors do what they say.  It's that simple.  As a Revealer, the Medicine healer, knows that all is available in receiving  God's love that unifies with true Righteousness and we become Kinsmen once again.  We remember we are all related.
  As you smudge your relations, don't forget to offer to the heavens (unseen), the earth (seen), the sky, the community, the animals, the rocks, the plants and the water.  And if I have forgotten anything, please add it to your smudging.   What is most important is what lies next to your heart, listen and reflect.  These are preparations that should be done at least once a day, if not 4 to 5 times a day!  The entire purpose of smudging is for purification and blessing, to prepare your sacred space for service and prayers.   We are now ready for the Dream world, both awake or asleep!

The feather is used to undulate the natural rhythms within the smoke and directs the purification onto persons or places for healing.  The wings gives us spiritual lift that indicates flight, where the soul body is free to spread the wings, to dream the prayer of the heart beat.  The bells ring eternal, the wedding is upon us, Heaven and Earth.  Here the law of love is known, the purification of the fire, the Red Road.
  Smudging is sacred preparation!