Holiness Peace Vocals

Greetings Beloved Rainbow Family,
Aiming for everyday to sing for you, but these days, it's about every two to three days we get to sing the Holiness Peace Vocals.
each Saturday, we offer one for the world on our Peaceful Wisdom Prayer.

Below are some of those who are below the 10 meg limitation. And we will have more as we figure out how to manage the sound files. 

What I would love to see, is the words and sounds used, be made better in another way.  You can download and create music to surround it, and we can add it to the music gifts for all the world.  You could make the files quality better with better and manageable size to spread around.  And if you wanted take the words and make another song completely with it.

These are Prayer Songs from the Heart of the Oneness.  Holiness David becomes the heartbeat of Mother Earth. And I, White Buffalo Calf Woman, can read the heart beat of all beings upon Mother Earth.  These songs are gifts from the Oneness for the Oneness. 

Please remember, we are learning to walk the sacred way, the red road, the law of love through the yellow way, the law of brotherhood who joins the Great Give-A-Way.  We belong to each other.  And with this, I belong to you and may the spirit guide you where to blow.

your devoted servants,
White Buffalo Calf Woman "Twin Deer Mother"
and Holiness David "Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star"

Can I  be. I had a dream

Can I see the rising sun, Can I see the the setting sun,
Can I see the walk of life, Can I take a breath of life,
Can I be firm as a tree, Can I be a spirit that soars,
Can I be all the love God gives me,
And can I be the one you adore.

Can it be I saw the sun rise today, Can it be I dreamt of the perfect dream, Can it be I can make my dreams come true,
Oh Can it be joy inside of me.

Can it be my love for thee, Can it be the wind in the breeze
Can it be the stars in the sky, Oh, can it be the smile i receive
I have a dream, i drempt last night, i flew in the sky
like a bright mighty dragon, i carried a sword and i was a knight
and i could defend thee throughout all your plight.
i had a dream, i was a warrior pure, i dreamed of you
the God i adore, The smile i got when i walked down the street
i am god, in you divinity

Every night i lay down to sleep and i have a dream
that carries my through, it's the dream of love that i share with you,
it's the one i love, the one of blue.

i see your face, (take my breath away), in everything,
i see your face everywhere i go, i see your glory in every majesty,
i see my heart apart of thee.
every day i dream, i dream of you, every day i sleep,
i dream for you, every day i awake, i step for you,
to know the glory of loving you (tears).

Drum beat
of loving you (breathless)

Drum beat
of loving youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuohoooh

Drum beat
holiness david holding the low note of earthly
knowledge in the step of the heartbeat

Drum like the sound of a string, vibration  like the ebb and flowing of a wave.

Drum played and the sound of the step, Red Road, by Holiness Running Eagle.  Singing the heart of the reflection by white buffalo calf woman.
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