Breath of Life

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  Peaceful Wisdom Prayer 

the sacred circle of heaven and earth



Today, Saturday March 14, 2009

Great Mother Spirit

 the soul body our darkness
of heaven gifts

The Breath of Life!


From stillness, where we reflect all life

creation arises,

rejoining the Great flowing Darkness of Heaven.

With each inhalation and exhalation,

the body witnesses the power of the breath.  

Without it,  we would cease to know the heavenly dark realm between the earthly realm of lights.

As you go about your day walking in worldly wisdom,

remember to sustain a deep peaceful awareness of the ebb and flow of each breath.

Our soul body soars.  Within these moments, the stillness rediscovers the spirit.

Health & Happiness

Eagle Lightning Arrow
Elder Aqua Person
~ Drum Beat of the Heart~


Leading the Prophecy of Rainbow Warriors


Great Father Spirit

 the physical body our light of earth gifts
The Way to Happiness!

We pray to be strong in our convictions for
patience, love, peace and learning.

   We pray for the knowledge to guide people
who don't want to think, believe or understand.
We pray for spiritual help for those unbelievers to
take the choice towards believing there is a better way. 
We pray that the unbelievers will find that God is the way,
that Oneness is way, that Togetherness is the Way Home
Towards the Dawning.

~Drum Beat of the Sacred Deliverance by ~

Holiness David
Elder Lavender Person

"the house of the beloved"

  Peaceful Wisdom Prayer 

the sacred circle of heaven and earth

The Way to Happiness
through the Breath of Life!

When faced with danger, your dialogue with others should be assessed.  You act with caution. This leads you to stillness and inaction; or you might aggravate the situation further.

But, what happens when you start to permanently adapt to the dangers around you?  It starts to prevent you from functioning appropriately in a normal environment.  You become limited in your behavior; a defensive pattern starts to erupt.

What about the "controlled threat"?  It seems our ambitions can go beyond the capacity of the opportunity, like a pool of water that is about to overflow?  We can become confused and remedies don't come easily in this state of mind. The strategy of fight or flight creates adversity.  If we persist in this inappropriate dialogue, we choose confusion. It can get increasingly dangerous; barriers can go up and separations occur. If you don't act with soul wisdom, you act inappropriately to anyone! If our basic need of love is not met we move towards action, like arguing,  which is a form of hate or division.

The only course of action, for the sacred wholeness, that would respond successfully with these emerging difficulties would be a calming steadfastness, the best form of protection.  When a basic need1 is met, we tend to create "stillness"2 rather than "action"3.  This kind of relationship creates a social foundation, a necessary substance of silence to fill the space.  Here we recognize the heartbeat is the truth of the moment.  The sound that unites and guides us towards the embrace.

Let us remember to be quiet within our physical bodies like the deeply rooted tree in a storm.  This allows transformations of our eternal heaven to occur around us, even in times of peril.  For only persistent practice listening to the reflection within, will provide us with the Peaceful Wisdom Way of "Constant Virtue".

1. basic need - food, shelter and love (feeling safe, sanctuary)
2. stillness - soul body of the spirit flows through the calm physical body (peace)
3. action - physical body, tools of light guided by the heart of the soul (wisdom)

Written by
Holiness David
White Buffalo Calf Woman

for your understanding what the "I Ching hexagram 29",
"Form/Image Persistence", what the "Abysmal" really means.

This is trigram Kan (flowing water, like clouds and steam, which rises and descends) over trigram Kan (magenta-light upon the red road, the law of love-the horizon-the crossing over between realms).

Judgement from the I Ching, Wilhelm/Baynes
If you are sincere, you have success in your heart, and whatever you do succeeds.  Through repetition of danger we grow accustomed to it.  Water sets the example for the right conduct for each circumstance.  It flows on and on, and merely fills up all the places through which is flows; it does not shrink from any dangerous spot nor from any plunge, and nothing can make it loose it's own essential nature.  It remains true to itself under all conditions.  Thus, likewise, if one is sincere when confronted with difficulties, the heart can penetrate the meaning of the situation. Once we have gained inner mastery of a problem, it will come about naturally that the action we take will succeed.

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  Peaceful Wisdom Prayer 

 the sacred circle of heaven and earth
Questions and Answers


Who: All people of creed, color & race (called Rainbow Clan or House of the Beloved)

What: Global Spirit Medicine, from the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer for embodying Heaven upon Earth

Where: From the heart of one to the Heart of all the related

Destination: Heaven and Earth, our related family, the Rainbow Clan!

When: Saturdays anytime from 00:00–24:00 GMT

Event posted:

The Reflection of You and  Me, Returning from the Blue Waters


Length: Moment 2-4-8-16-32-64 (harmonic vibrations) words, sounds, tones, drum and/or symbols

Duration: Moment 2-4-8-16-32-64 minutes to help create loving waves and vibrations!

  Intentional Design:gifted by Eagle Lightning Arrow

The Outer hoop is our Global Prayer led by
Holiness David
Tell him what prayers you may have to share!

  Universal, All-inclusive, Created from Love, Intended for healing, Conscious Mental Telepathy with intent-thinking to yourself language, From the Oneness "We" perspective and Mantra-like (optional).

Creating sacred space:
  1. Light a single unifying candle.

  2. Smudge your space with incense. 

  3. Speak aloud your intentions if you wish or be telepathic.

  4. Welcome your Ancestors of Spirit from Earth & Heaven.

  5. Offer gratitude for sacred and holy gifts received recently. Thinking of Eight Gifts will help to complete the sacred circle.

  6. Empty your mind, release and allow others into your space, state, "Those who are pure are welcome to join, others I give blessings of love."                    .

  7. Open to the place between the lights, the space of the darkness, the realm of heaven.

  8. Be here now, present.

  9. Enter into meditative state of the peaceful wisdom prayer

  10. Connect with Heaven's realm (Dark space where the soul moves).

  11. Witness what arises. Observe and share if you wish with the Elders. We like to share your stories to the world.  Each of us have a unique perspective of "I" and this is the perfection, a joy light from within each of us. These are your four sacred directions to your reflection of this journey we travel together we call Life

  12. Allow all things to pass away. Allow, receive, forgive and release.

  13. Remain as clean, clear & deep with each breath of life, our Souls vehicle often called the Merkaba, but we know it as the Breath.  The rhythmic flowing of the ebb and flow, like waves.

  14. Stay complete, within your body.  The physical body is fastened and still, the holy temple.  While the soul body is in motion of the eternal flowing

    We always start from our Physical Body and Return to the Physical Body after we enter flight of our Soul body. With our Intentional Prayer, remember the Joyous Returning to our Earthly Bodies!

  15. Give thanks for the opportunity to merge with Heaven.
  16. Share some of the blessed energy with your Elders
  17. Remember the gifts of that journey of the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer!


Separate Integrated Event Saturday

The Reflection of You and  Me, Returning from the Blue Waters

  Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight

Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey


Harrods Creek Bridge 5.14.08 by Robby Hoke.
Harrods Creek Bridge, Harrods Creek, Kentucky


  Destination Harrods Creek, Blossoming Petals Relations
Saturday March 14, 2009, 7pm MST, GMT/UTC -7.00

Sacred Spirit Medicine Flight of the sacred circle of heaven and earth!


Saturday Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight

with Heaven or Earth map each week:

Departing each week 7pm MST or 9pm EST


Call in before the Event at 6:50pm MST Saturday

Departing at precisely 6:55pm to Meet at the Blue Lake!

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight Departs at 7pm MST

Your dial-in number: 1-641-715-3715
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Event posted Sunday:

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Thank you for joining our hearts
with your heart as we deliver love to all!

Saturday 24 Hour Global Prayer

Directed by the One under the Blue Sky, Eagle Lightning Arrow , Elder Aqua Person

Heart Beat Drum Holiness David "Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star ", Elder Lavender Person

Saturday  7pm MST Flight Plan

Receiving Ambassador, Lisping Wise One , Elder Blue Person

Sunday Post Event

Sacred Flight led by Twin Deer Mother, Elder Crystal Person



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