Compassionate Action

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  Peaceful Wisdom Prayer 


the sacred circle of heaven and earth




Today, Saturday March 21, 2009

  Great Mother Spirit

 the soul body our darkness
of heaven gifts

Blessings! Great Spirit Mother,

Please hear our prayer . . .
Bless us all with your beauty,
Love us though we fail you so.
Teach our hearts to fly in Springtime,
lead us home so we will know.

Show us truth in little gestures,
brightly colored rainbow hues.
Flutter past on wings of fairies,
glisten on sweet morning dew.

Love and laughter, we must give you,
joy and friendship through the years.
Hug us gently with your kindness,
Help us learn to wipe your tears.
Thank you Great Spirit Mother for all you do!


Blossoming Petals

Golden Angel Warrior

Elder Aqua Person 

prophecy of rainbow warriors



May all Beings Discover

True Joy and Contentment

Our Compassion!


Eagle Lightning Arrow
Elder Aqua Person
~ Drum Beat of the Heart~

  Prophecy of Rainbow Warriors




     Peaceful Wisdom Prayer 


the sacred circle of earth and heaven

Great Father Spirit

 the physical body our light of earth gifts

Heaven we pray for the beginning of the Spring Journey and we embrace the Many who have taken flight to the sound of the heart beat of 8000 drums and to the relations all over the world celebrating the Spring Equinox. 

Give us Vision to the Blossoming Flowers which lie within each of us, as an unfolding this year in our dreams.  Help us to realize and seek how Great we truly are, as we the world experience new found gifts of revelation. 

With this very unfolding may the children of God Arise and move into the gardens of Springtime to enjoy the beauty and of the Rainbow Colors within all of us. 

May we see our Kinsmen on the journey of the Rainbow Warriors.  Great Spirit Mother, we hold your hand and understand that you never leave our side.  We give our hearts for you forever and a day.   

Twin Deer Mother

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Elder  Crystal Person
prophecy of rainbow warriors




Thank you for our Precious Thoughts

We pray to Manifest the Dream,

the Brotherhood of Mankind!


~Drum Beat of the Sacred Deliverance by ~


Holiness David
Elder Lavender Person

"the house of the beloved"




  Peaceful Wisdom Prayer 

Dreaming offers Compassionate Action!

If a man lives with greed and envy of others, then enlightenment cannot occur very easily. 

Often, people who don't understand themselves or others are ignorant and become fearful which causes some people to stop thinking, dreaming and using the creative mind. Our voices and imagination were being robbed from us. How could we give delight in our workings when we are not happy. These very "thoughts of inspiration" become precious and unto God, the sacred living circle of Heaven and Earth. Great Spirits help your children to find their heart's dream again.

When we learn about compassion we are able to be of the same mind to the good-hearted, friends, enemies, indifferent, neutral, hateful, relatives, righteous and the unrighteous, then our actions succeed because we are able to be of sound mind, using the heart.  We realize that we are a form of our most precious thoughts and this divine power manifests itself into its full glory.  We learn to enjoy peace, bliss, light and freedom as we forgive others naturally every day, as a way of life towards the Dawning.

When a man lives in recognition of the changing times, he starts to become aware of another world in and amongst us, the unseen becomes visible in the mind's eye.  And as time goes by on the Rolling Hills we think and reflect of how things used to be. Or what we may have dreamt about and we still continue to imagine what we're going to do.  Some of us were told that we were crazy, even by our friends and family, but we continued onward following our hearts desire.

Inside the calmness of reflection, a vision quest grew to reveal the truth of what is written across the heart of the world and how we feel within. This is the perfection of the Sacred Path that follows the Dream. We want to be happy and feel the embrace of the world.  What do we have to do to experience Joy?  Live our dream.  Then we are able to create a Light from Within and receive the unseen forces of nature as our Paradise when we soar with our hearts.  We begin to offer reverence and blessings to all the relations and to all things.  Whether awake or asleep in the Dream-time we can become happy again, knowing joy and celebration.

We work every day to know love, to have cherished things in our lives, to have a family.  This adoration is a living tree of life. We have generations of roots and generations of branches yet to grow. When we suffer for our family and share our lives with them, it is called love.  We realize our dreams come from the honor of this Compassionate Suffering.  We have many among us who are part of the forest, who gave their lives when the calling of the Spirit came to them.  For there is only one reason to work in our lives, and it is to love the world.  Spring is here, let our hearts open again to receive Her glory.

Enlightenment is only recognition, not change and a shift to realizing your own potential to perfection. We need not steal others identities, but live up to our own Dream Realization!

You are the perfect dream, a mission from Heaven to Earth with sacred directions, Rainbow tools of light, Guardian Animals, Wisdom Council, Fairies and with many creatures whom come to protect, advise and network your very soul. Always present, always assisting your every move and speaking to you each night in the dream time.

Let's get to know our spiritual lives and become aware and conscious in dreaming, imagine the space of heaven. Here and now in evolution, as we enter the third rolling hill in time, learning to integrate Heaven with Earth within ourselves is no easy task! We bless the sacred embrace for the Returning Blossoms of Springtime and wipe your tears of Joy. Welcome home Rainbow Clan. Remember to walk the Red Road, the law of love.

Written by
Holiness David
White Buffalo Calf Woman


Enjoy Divine Imagination and Love

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  Peaceful Wisdom Prayer 

 the sacred circle of heaven and earth
Questions and Answers


Who: All people of creed, color & race   (called Rainbow Clan or House of the Beloved)

What: Global Spirit Medicine, from the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer for embodying Heaven upon Earth

Where: From the heart of one to the Heart of all the related

Destination: Heaven and Earth, our related family, the Rainbow Clan!

When: Saturdays anytime from 00:00–24:00 GMT

      The Reflection of You and  Me, Sacred Returning from the Blue Waters

Event posted:


Length: Moment 2-4-8-16-32-64 (harmonic vibrations) words, sounds, tones, drum and/or symbols

Duration: Moment 2-4-8-16-32-64 minutes to help create loving waves and vibrations!



  Intentional Design:gifted by Eagle Lightning Arrow


the sacred circle of heaven and earth, Joy to the World!

  The Outer hoop is our Global Prayer led by

Holiness David
Tell him what prayers you may have to share!

  Universal, All-inclusive, Created from Love, Intended for healing, Conscious Mental Telepathy with intent-thinking to yourself language, From the Oneness "We" perspective and Mantra-like Reflection to the World.

Creating sacred space:
  1. Light a single unifying candle.

  2. Smudge your space with incense. 

  3. Speak aloud your intentions if you wish or be telepathic.

  4. Welcome your Ancestors of Spirit from Earth & Heaven.

  5. Offer gratitude for sacred and holy gifts received recently. Thinking of Eight Gifts will help to complete the sacred circle.

  6. Empty your mind, release and allow others into your space, state, "Those who are pure are welcome to join, others I give blessings of love."                    .

  7. Open to the place between the lights, the space of the darkness, the realm of heaven.

  8. Be here now, present.

  9. Enter into meditative state of the peaceful wisdom prayer

  10. Connect with Heaven's realm (Dark space where the soul moves).

  11. Witness what arises. Observe and share if you wish with the Elders. We like to share your stories to the world.  Each of us have a unique perspective of "I" and this is the perfection, a joy light from within each of us. These are your four sacred directions to your reflection of this journey we travel together we call Life

  12. Allow all things to pass away. Allow, receive, forgive and release.

  13. Remain as clean, clear & deep with each breath of life, our Souls vehicle often called the Merkaba, but we know it as the Breath.  The rhythmic flowing of the ebb and flow, like waves.

  14. Stay complete, within your body.  The physical body is fastened and still, the holy temple.  While the soul body is in motion of the eternal flowing

    We always start from our Physical Body and Return to the Physical Body after we enter flight of our Soul body. With our Intentional Prayer, remember the Joyous Returning to our Earthly Bodies!

  15. Give thanks for the opportunity to merge with Heaven.
  16. Share some of the blessed energy with your Elders
  17. Remember the gifts of that journey of the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer!


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The Reflection of You and  Me, Returning from the Blue Waters

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