Man and Woman

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      Peaceful Wisdom Prayer 


The Sacred Circle of Heaven and Earth



Today, Saturday March 28, 2009


  Great Mother Spirit

 the soul body our darkness
of heaven gifts

Dear Earthly Mother, we thank You for all we have. We shall try to

make it a priority in our hearts to live simply and to love everything. We shall remember that even Your smallest creatures are special to You and to us. Many people don't realize it.

When we find one of Your precious creatures on a counter-top or curtain, we will remember our relations and to share space.  Our path is to leave it alone or gently and lovingly put it outside.    

To make you proud, we take a few moments to look at our family and see the beauty that You designed into Your Glorious Garden.  We ponder why it has certain features and reflect, "Why is it here!"  We thank you for the plants and animals You put here for us to subside on. We'll remember to thank You, the creatures and plants for our food with a blessing at each meal.

The sacred path is your way to love, to live simply and gently without greed. Our hearts will need guidance (Woman) to readjust our thinking, attitudes and to give love at all times like You do, as we become your devoted servants.*                                                                                     

"looking at the sunset"
  Prophecy of Rainbow Warriors
"the house of the beloved"

*The warrior to Great Spirit Mother is hundred fold strength, like the Queensmen (Bleu Musketeers, the Queen's Army, One for all and all for One), the Perfect Soul Warrior.  This is our inspiration, to be like our Indigo Persons around the World who are the Great Teacher and Prophets with True Spiritual Sight. Arise Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, and be Kings Men, and know Brotherhood!


~Drum Beat of the Sacred Deliverance by ~


Written by Holiness David
Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star
Elder Lavender Person
"the living fire of purification"


Great Father Spirit

 the physical body our light of earth gifts

Dear Heavenly Father

Wherever we go, whatever we do, we're going do it together.  Whatever the day, whatever come may, we're going to get through it together.  Each moment springs happiness all of my days, if I can only see the open skies.  There is so much harmony just to be the light.  We are free to be alive.

The divine, the subject of all of Your love: Come Rise and know the light that's lies deep within me.  The living fire that shows me the way. For now is the wisdom that unfolds within, towards the divine ways of tomorrow and the ways to be free. 

We remember, wherever we go, whatever we do, we're going to do it together.  Whatever the day, whatever come may, we're going to get through it together.  Warriors plant your feet and step the beat.  Tomorrow, we gift the way to fly free.

Written by Twin Deer Mother

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Elder  Crystal Person
prophecy of rainbow warriors




  Prophecy of Rainbow Warriors
"the house of the beloved"


  Man and Woman

Woman is the numinous (dark), the tender heart of the fire's light, our Soul Body.
Woman lives to tend the fire lovingly, to receive.
Man is the luminous (light), the mission of the fire's light, our Physical Body.
Man lives for the returning, on a mission, to give.

There is law, the Red Road, the law of love!
There is only one cure for unification of the hearts. Give a hug, then negotiate terms. All is happy. This is the only course of action that will allow receiving, the action of a Healthy Soul that is free from bondage and suffering.  This person knows forgiveness and understands sacredness.  He does not walk away, but stand firm.

If we do not learn about our Soul, the heaven of our "Woman", then we become lost, without hope or love.  And we feel empty. How can we fill it up?  How can we feel better in our lives?  Men give your woman a hug every time she complains.  Women set down the law, every time your man treats you wrong.  This is the very purpose of our Souls, to learn about love.  This is the very path that allows us each, to evolve throughout time.  We earn our way to the next position in the spirit world through acts of love. The Woman Teaches about the light of the heart as the Fire Tender.

Through joy, our lives become transformed into true happiness.  Knowing the sacred way is not easy.  It is a difficult path, but it only takes a "Seeker" to look within and to ask why!
As we share our stories, we learn how to RECEIVE each others SOULS or Spiritual Being that lives within each extraordinary creature of God's World, the realm of Perfection.  Here Great Spirit Mother, leading the numinous of Heaven and Great Spirit Father, leading the luminous of Earth learn to coexist together as Heaven and Earth.  We learn to respect all our relations even the smallest of creatures have purpose and are sacred.  We have much to learn, but we yearn to know all the World has to offer us in our Dreams.  My beloved, Dream and unfold to your own Perfection.  Know that you are on a Vital Mission, and all you have to do is SHIFT, shift from darkness of suffering to darkness of joy, through the sacred path of blessings. 

Spend time every day learning about Love! It is vital to happiness...
My feet stand fastened and still, my spirit fly's free and flowing.
We are wise and can do both, for you Oneness, the Great Circle of Life. 
We are the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy and
we are ready to fight for love, the law of the Red Road.
May your Spirits Fly Free!

Written by
Holiness David
White Buffalo Calf Woman


Enjoy Divine Imagination and Love

Audio Holy Peace Vocals  available each week at (in construction)



  Peaceful Wisdom Prayer 

Questions and Answers 


Who: All people of creed, color & race (called Rainbow Clan or House of the Beloved)

What: Global Spirit Medicine, from the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer for embodying Heaven upon Earth

Where: From the heart of one to the Heart of all the related

Destination: Heaven and Earth, our related family, the Rainbow Clan!

When: Saturdays anytime from 00:00–24:00 GMT

    The Reflection of You and  Me, Sacred Returning from the Blue Waters

Event posted:


Length: Moment 2-4-8-16-32-64 (harmonic vibrations) words, sounds, tones, drum and/or symbols

Duration: Moment 2-4-8-16-32-64 minutes to help create loving waves and vibrations!



  Intentional Design:gifted by Eagle Lightning Arrow
 the sacred circle of heaven and earth


The Outer hoop is our Global Prayer led by
Holiness David
Tell him what prayers you may have to share!

  Universal, All-inclusive, Created from Love, Intended for healing, Conscious Mental Telepathy with intent-thinking to yourself language, From the Oneness "We" perspective and Mantra-like Reflection to the World.

Creating sacred space:
  1. Light a single unifying candle.

  2. Smudge your space with incense. 

  3. Speak aloud your intentions if you wish or be telepathic.

  4. Welcome your Ancestors of Spirit from Earth & Heaven.

  5. Offer gratitude for sacred and holy gifts received recently. Thinking of Eight Gifts will help to complete the sacred circle.

  6. Empty your mind, release and allow others into your space, state, "Those who are pure are welcome to join, others I give blessings of love."  

  7. Open to the place between the lights, the space of the darkness, the realm of heaven.

  8. Be here now, present.

  9. Enter into meditative state of the peaceful wisdom prayer

  10. Connect with Heaven's realm (Dark space where the soul moves).

  11. Witness what arises. Observe and share if you wish with the Elders. We like to share your stories to the world.  Each of us have a unique perspective of "I" and this is the perfection, a joy light from within each of us. These are your four sacred directions to your reflection of this journey we travel together we call Life

  12. Allow all things to pass away. Allow, receive, forgive and release.

  13. Remain as clean, clear & deep with each breath of life, our Souls vehicle often called the Merkaba, but we know it as the Breath.  The rhythmic flowing of the ebb and flow, like waves.

  14. Stay complete, within your body.  The physical body is fastened and still, the holy temple.  While the soul body is in motion of the eternal flowing

    We always start from our Physical Body and Return to the Physical Body after we enter flight of our Soul body. With our Intentional Prayer, remember the Joyous Returning to our Earthly Bodies!

  15. Give thanks for the opportunity to merge with Heaven.
  16. Share some of the blessed energy with your Elders
  17. Remember the gifts of that journey of the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer!


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The Reflection of You and  Me, Returning from the Blue Waters

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Thank you for joining our hearts
with your heart as we deliver love to all!

Saturday 24 Hour Global Prayer

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