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Today, Saturday February 28, 2009

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer

the sacred circle of heaven and earth

Great Grand Mother Spirit, I forgive all who have acted out in ways against me.

I will remember to walk upon Mother Earth's bosom gently. . . . . the road of love. I leave no footprints, only seeds of divinity upon the hearts & minds of all my relations.

That which remains shall be an inspiration or flowing, upon the Red Road (law of love), Bright enough for all my relations to observe. May we be One, this moment of eternity.

~ Drum Beat gifted by Eagle Lightning Arrow >>------->,
Elder Aqua Person

Reflection of the blue lake of you and me,

kinsmen of the Rainbow Clan!

Great Grandfather Spirit, help us to remember forgiveness

each moment as we try to instantly forgive

those things that make us angry.

Here lies true Compassion. We shall be

your example of kindness. Compassionate One,

we seek patience to look into the past

to figure out who or what to forgive.

We shall walk gently, to look with love upon everything.

As we grow, Our Lord, remind us that we teach love

and forgiveness to all we come in contact with.

We shall try to be aware of our joy and dreams,

so we may be good mentors to our all our relations.

We reach out with our arms to help others,

to be an ebb for the returning, the great joy,

to bring the uniting of our hearts!

So they too may the same uniting force of benevolence.

The Journey along the Path of the

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer, the Red Road,

may our love be eternal for the world and the universe.

~Drum Beat of the Sacred Deliverance by Holiness David

Elder Lavender Person

Thank you for joining our hearts with your heart as we deliver love to all!