Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight

gold square  Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight 

   the sacred circle of heaven and earth

Questions and Answers

  Saturday,  March 7, 2009, 7pm MST

Saturday Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey for the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight. Let us heal each other.

When Saturday: 9pm EST, 8 CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST, 2am GMT/GMT -7.00

Saturday Focus: 6:55pm we gather in or on top of the lake, to precisely depart at 7pm MST.

Land at front door turn right walk about the house.  Gather together at front door and enter.  Walk about and gather information to negotiate peace while you are blessing the space. Depart from the yard outside the front door. Go back to Blue Lake to gather and say goodbye until next time our relations come together and solve our unpure space into sacred spirit space that feels peaceful and safe. Now is this

what you feel?

We hoped you enjoyed your Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey with our Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight today.

Who: All people of creed, color & race (called Rainbow Clan or House of the Beloved)

What: Sacred Spirit Medicine Flight of the sacred circle of heaven and earth!

Sacred Spirit Medicine Flight for embodying those in need.

Where is the Destination this Week: Photograph of Swatara Creek Trail, Jonestown, Pennsylvania near our Hostess Home Lisping Wise One. Target is House, Community, Jerry Destiny Arisen and Sierra Whispering Willow. Global or Heavenly Map will be posted at each week for the flight plan.

We will be gathering and uniting hearts as our flight for the Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey.  This will be done along with our foundation Peaceful Wisdom Prayer.  We pray for all our related. This Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight is done with anyone who claims loving relations with the Oneness of God, no separation is known. You must do a purification prior to flight.

This week we travel to the Earth only, meaning we do not veer off path and travel to distant stars.  If you wish to go to a particular star, please let know.  Look around the area, recognize the flight path and observe.  Remember and share your experiences, where we can post, share them with others if we have time.  Or if you have time, give Elders an assistance with your helping hands.

Our Foundation and Unification with: Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Day, which is done each Saturday 24 hours.  Join us at Global Prayer for all...we need you to send a prayer also, for the world! Join our prayer, send us a prayer or use your own, but give the world a thought and bless us all.  To see what prayer is used this week please visit Thank you, my kinsmen!