A prayer for

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Wonderful and Rich, Deep and Abiding,

Loving and Caring,

Forgiving and long suffering,

the Spirit of

White Buffalo Calf Woman

has given promise to us all.

The good news of her returning came when the

White Buffalo Calf was born.

The blessed learned of

how the Native American felt.

And how important the

returning White Calf truly meant
“Gifting the Dream”
to each and everyone on earth.
It signified the Dawning
of a new era for all our related.

May the vision of 

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Photo of  White Buffalo Calf Woman Twin Deer Mother (wbcw 46years)
Born June 27, 2016 the year of the white buffalo (metal buffalo)
Tatanka Oyate Buffalo Nation


Bless and Purify those in need.

May we feel the moving of

her Pure Spirit within us all.

May the truth be known to all,

on the path of the Red Road,

of the Wonderful Spirit!

aho ah (spirit fly from heaven to earth)

Sacred Storm Dreamer

Rainbow Man

“sacred fire skywalker”

Red Star System inside Orion moving into Leo

Earth Light (Sun)
In the Name
of the Compassionate
Great Spirit Father

I receive the radiate sun and all its brilliance

of the Rainbow Clan, your beloved children.

And the moon when it follows the sun,

And the day when it shows itself,

And the night when it draws a veil over it,

this is the Heavens you made for your children,

and an Earth who our Great Spirit Father

extends his protection.

And as we are guided by our soul, it is

He who made it perfect, our Garment of lights.

Then He inspired us to understand

what is right and wrong for our journey.

Those who purify will indeed be successful,

And those who fail at blessing and

walk in the impure light

shall find no road to follow.

It is this realization that lead us

from darkness and into the light.

This revelation that is born,

is a light from within.

As you send your prophets out

into dawning of the new age,

we know that they shall prevail.

For love and truth is as a goodly tree,

with firm roots,

spreading branches and perennial fruit.

The very gifts of the tree of life.

The impure try to mislead those who are true,

and so the Blessed should be

on their guard against evil.

Works of faith and acts of righteousness

will endeavor to purify those

who have lost their way.

These actions shall be

favorably recorded in Heaven.

Non shall be rejected from love's embrace

as Great Spirit Father is merciful and just.


Red Star System inside Orion heading into Leo

Night Heavens
In the Name
of the Compassionate
Great Spirit Mother

In our dreams, when she lets fall her

darkness, we enter the world of visions, as

we wander along the Red Road by the radiant day!

By Her that created the male and the female,

we cherish her devoted labors

and blossoms unfolding within each of us!

The dew of her heart gives in charity,

guards us against evil

and believes in

Goodness in all her children.

Great Spirit Mother shall purify

the path of salvation

at the sacred well that overfloweth within.

Such blessings of water pour out!

But if we do not recognize our Greatness

and neither Give or Receive

and believe there is no Goodness,

then Great Spirit Mother shall

unknowingly assist your path of suffering.

But when the one without a dream

takes their last breath

seeking help for emptiness

there shall be nothing within to fill.

Instead give praise to our beloved

Great Spirit Mother, who gives us guidance

to our eternal life within!

And our life is the embrace of this reflection.

I warn you, then of the blazing fire of holiness

and the purification that comes from pure love,

in which none shall burn except the unbeliever

who denies the truth and

gives no heed to the prophets warnings.

But the good man who purifies himself

by giving to their Spirit Medicine people,

and by entering the Great Give Away ,

shall keep away from misery.

And so shall the one who does good works

for the sake of the Most High only,

seeking no recompense

shall know the Red Road of love.

Such men shall be content and

know peace from all
the blessings upon the Earth.


Shalom, Peace, Assalm

Holiness David age 60 years
Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star
Elder lavender person “holiness”
WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother
Elder crystal person "iyeshka or interpreter"
Great Spirits

Give us faith to trust


the apostles you have sent to us!

House of David

the Beloved Children of the Oneness