Celestial Winter Solstice 
 Pray of the Wonderful Spirit!        

       When we are fearful, give us the power to reach out to you!
  Wonderful Spirit,when our lives seem in turmoil
 from anxiety, give us the power to reach out!  
When we seem to lose all sense of where we are because
we are so afraid, please give us the vision to see you!
Know you Great Spirits give us the courage to face
our fears, doubt, and anxiety! The coming days
 ahead will be filled with many challenges...we ask
Wonderful Spirit, Creation we all are!
Will You be the guide
and compass in all we do?
Lead us to those who thirst
 for truth and Your compassion
for we are reflections of You!
A Gift for you on
Celestial Winter Solstice 2008
the sacred circle of life.
Sacred Storm Dreamer
 Elder Rainbow "sacred sky walker"

Solstice is an ancient Latin word
meaning "stop," or "to stand still."
In the Webster's Dictionary,  it refers to one of two points when
the sun is furthest from the celestial equator. Just like a Rainbow
makes us stop  to look at it because it has one or two points
joined by light or the reflection of light and is considered half
of a Sacred Circle of lights.  We have often seen a Rainbow in the
sky, but two is a rare occasion. When two halves come together
the sacred circle is formed.   Here we own completeness of the
end to the beginning of the new era in the season of the rolling
hills during the Winter Solstice. The circle is complete to start
again another year and viewed as the rebirth of the sun. We now
know this Sun in the sky is the same very soul which is represented
by a Golden Cosmic Father  who teaches us brotherhood in the
dawning of the new age. To be still and know who you are teaches
us how to fly with the soul that is everlasting and enduring. We
 who travel on waves, the song of love.
In the northern hemisphere, often called the midwinter's day
has been the chosen celebration throughout the ages. This
shortest day of the year reflects the sun as it lowest point which
is pivotal to the brighter growing light, marking the the turning
point of the year. The sacred circle returns home once again.
Welcome home to the Golden light of the SUN. "Dies Natalis
Invicti Solis", happy birthday to the Unconquered Sun.
The Winter Celestial Solstice is the celebrated "Children's Day".
Japanese children are honored with special gifts and go to temples
of holiness. The shambhala children's shrine is a display of
ancestral dolls, celebrating the young people who belong to us as
beloved reminders of the future. They join with the old to greet
the Great North Eastern Sun at the junction of darkness to the
South Western Earth. Here darkness and light meet again in love
and we  celebrate with open hearted parties and cheerful festivities.
This is all done to honor our children. But most importantly we
ourselves are children and we are learning to become the perfect
child, who knows the perfect soul lives within the perfect body.
We the children of light learn to bring warmth, light and cheer-
fulness into the darkest time of the year. Darkness is marked with
glory and creation or sorrow and imprisonment. Which shall you
 embrace? As with any darkness we must learn to keep our spaces
sacred with purification, with a simple prayer "I bless this space".
This will ease suffering in our communities. This day becomes
the celestial origin of "holy days", the way human beings mark
sacredness in the yearly cycle of life welcoming the Sun home
again. We are the perfect children where birth of the light within
the darkness finds our way home towards the dawning of the
seasons of time, often we call this awaking our spiritual evolution.
As this is a crucial part of the natural cycle, the sacred circle
completes and begins again, the sun begins anew journey towards
longer days. We are entering growth and renewal of the world
once again. Spiritually our paths find hope in the restored reflec-
tion and a new vision begins. Spring will come again with the
planted seeds of creation that sprung life within the darkness.
The Goddess Mother Earth gives birth to all the related as God
grows into full strength during the longest night of the year. In
 Nova Scotia outdoor colored lights are used in local celebrations
 of midwinter festivities. With darkness so early, bright lights
sparkling and glittering in the crisp air gives cheer in the cold
 and darkness of Winter Solstice.
With the birth of light, the Sunshine or Rainbow Clan, the multi-
colored garments of light, we all remind our selves of traditions
ingrained associated with the Sun. It is a time marked with
feasting and celebration.  Fire and candles are used to give tribute
to the dawning light. When the leaves reach into the heavens and
the roots reach deep into the earth, trees trunks represent the
laws of love by the way they unite the perfection of Heaven and
Earth. We also represent the tree of life spiritually, as our souls
reach into the earth's heart by walking the path of love and our
bodies reach into the celestial heavens. We are united by the law
that unites Heaven and Earth, the law of love. And as each of us
are bright and beautiful, we also decorate our trees with ornaments
that reflect the lights within us all as unique as a snowflake,
delicate and perfect. The Germaic ancients often held oak and fir
to be of the most sacred trees. The oak tree changes with rolling
seasons as the perfect soul and the fir is evergreen, embracing us
 as the perfect body. Here we again unite Heaven and Earth!
In Scandinavia, the winter festival was called the Yule. And so they
burned Great Yule Logs and people drank dark mead
 around the
bonfires. We understand the magical effect the yule
logs created
as they added fuel to the light, but the mead? Once a
 lucky man
stumbled upon the contents of a beehive. Which had
been left out
 in the rain and the honey inside had fermented.
Behold mead!
Nectar of the Gods or honey wine. Favored by Viking Warriors
because they believed it put fire in the belly before a battle.  In
Europe it was traditional to supply enough mead to newlyweds
 for a month, ensuring happiness and fertility. Here the word
honeymoon originates with the exchange of the law of love. The
 fire's light represents our celestial garment of lights and the honey
 is sweet from the heart  of Great Spirit Mother, who gifts to us our
 very body. And again, heaven  and earth are united as we drink
mead around the fire of purification. Blessings to the darkness,
where the light is reborn. This time is often associated with
ancient legends of the Earth realm and singing poets of the
Heavenly realm. The great yule log, mistletoe, candles and fires
are all symbols of the winter solstice.

Mistletoe is consider sacred because it grew on the most sacred
tree, the Oak. It was ceremoniously cut with a golden sickle and
a spray was given to each family, to hang in doorways for luck.
The Druids regarded mistletoe sacred. The Druid priests handed
it to the people, calling it All-Heal, for it treats many illnesses like
rapid heart beat, high blood pressure and even epilepsy. It was
used to hang over doorways as good will to visitors. Kissing under
 the mistletoe was a pledge of friendship and continues to have a
 special place in our home celebration. However, the mistletoe
custom and appreciation go back to the Greeks, who used mistletoe
for the marriage rights as it was a giver of life and fertility. Also
considered a plant of peace, where enemies and warring couples
could kiss and makeup. Here again we see the law of love and
promotion of prosperity to ward off evil spirits as the light of the
fire, sacred holiness purifies all the related. Mistletoe plant ex-
changes with the tree and often found up high. It doesn't take
root in the ground, but in the branches of tree itself. The light
is born on the law of love, the trunk or branches, the part that
unites heaven with earth.. Although it gets all its nutrients by
taking from the tree, its presence keeps the tree green through-
out the winter. A symbiotic relationship that gifts life just as
Mother Earth gives us life.

Now that we know the reasons for our celebrations, let us look
further into the plight of humanity. During this intensified times,
 are struggling to find a path that leads us to happiness. When
the world
 as we know it crumbles right before our eyes, how do
we keep our sanity?
 We learn from the Celestial Solstice. We learn
that Heaven and Earth
 unites because of love. And if we follow the
laws of love, we will be able
to endure the troubled times ahead.
We must remember to keep our
spaces holy and sacred by blessing
frequently every hour of every day
 to successfully migrate into
the yellow rolling hill in evolution.
Remember we are perfect and
what is not perfect does not belong to us.
 Within we yearn to
become the crystal(perfect body)-indigo(perfect soul)
(perfect child) of the Rainbow Clan (multicolored garments of

lights-body-earth) of the blue (kinships-soul-heaven) of you and
traveling together over the Golden (brotherhood-ahau-the
law of love)
 rolling hill in time. Welcome home Heaven and Earth.
We are the Spirit
of the lake, the sacred circle come home again!
Right now in our lives we feel numb inside, because we deny
 our very souls which lives within us all. And now we live in
discord and we journey through our Earthly experiences
without recognizing Greatness all around us or even within
 ourselves. And what is confusing is that we live as if this is
 the normal, and this chaos lives as if we don't even realize
how much detriment it causes. We can't see it, so it must not
 exist we think. However, your radio works fine and you don't
 see any waves that are being transmitted across the airways.
My beloved family it's as simple as a child. Remember joy in
 your heart, bless all the related and keep the law of love close
 at hand. These are the tools to keep you safe in the chaos that
 lives all within the Oneness of God. Keep your house holy and
 purified and you will know the pleasures of the Celestial
Gardens as we stroll with Mother Earths heart. Choose the
 Red Road, the law of love.
  Yes, we are interconnected by light and our faith. As we ask for
 Divine guidance remember the celestial bodies ask for your
Earthly guidance.  We belong to each other and to each other
we will provide the path of sacredness to the Great Migration
 to the Yellow rolling hill in Evolution. We are shifting reality
as more of humanity learns about prayer and holiness. And as
 we learn to listen to each others storie,s we share the vision of
 the coming perfection of Heaven and Earth and we learn to fly
 with our eternal souls again. Evolution escalates as more and
 more of the Rainbow Clan practices sacredness in their daily
lives. It's one thing to tell others, it's quite another to be what
 you say you will be or do what you say!
This is the perfect child, truth.

As we enter the dawning of the new year, pray that your
clansmen around the world will learn to open their hearts
and put intelligence in the background. Because if you don't
 choose this path, unhappiness and even madness may fall
upon you. So instead, let us offer a gift to the world – send
from your heart a golden dust that falls from the heavens as
earth receives the glittering stars. A prayer of song and dance
that is united in love. We must strive to do what we say and
 unite the realms within ourselves so we may know the
uniting with the Great Spirits who hold us in the palm of
their hands. We bless all the related as they walk the red road
 along the horizon between light and darkness the sacred way.

As Yellow Chief states, "I accept this challenge". We are part
of the Oneness and belong to each other. And as we learn how
 to unite our hearts, remember the road to love we must
endure together and not apart. For our lives of all the related
 are interconnected as a Whole, the Oneness, often called God.
 Next year the Crystalline body will learn to feel others hearts,
 not reflect but truly feel their hearts. When they suffer so,
how will you learn to receive all their pain? Only by blessings
will you and your family know safety. We must give our celestial
 soul family a hand and teach them about love, when they have
 not been taught. For it is the superior man who is entrusted to
assist the inferior man, so the inferior man may become superior.

My beloved family feel joy again. Dance, sing and celebrate
Heaven and Earth as they unite with the laws of love. Everyone
 is feeling the quickening inside our hearts. People everywhere
 recognize that change is in winds. Be ready to receive the
Heavenly Realm into your awaiting arms in the Earthly Realm.
If we continue to deny our souls, we live with unhappiness and
 have terror be part of our lives. But if we recognize our souls
then happiness and joy can be part of our lives. To walk the
sacred Red Road, the law of love, is never easy. But as

Yellow Chief says, "I accept this challenge."

Let our 2009 be a year of revelation for our Souls Within the Body
 of Lights. As Heaven and Earth fold together many changes will
unfold. Let us keep faith in the rhythm of the sacred rolling hills.
Keep blessed my Rainbow Clan, the Blue of you and me!
We are the perfect children as the Winter Solstice reminds all!
  Uniting Heavenly

Father and Earthly Mother

we call this sacred holiness...

The turning point of the winter solstice is
when things are still in darkness. During
winter, the seed is in deep-hidden stillness
(Keeping Still). The cycle of the year is
closed as the Winter Solstice, old cycles
through to the joining of the Vernal Equinox,
new. The end of everything is joined to a
new beginning;a continuity by which the old
and new are linked together. Winter in the
course of a year is the time of reflection.
 We hear; we think and reflect; we practice.
Winter is the time to think and reflect. We
must remember the past to bring forward
  to the future. We come back to where
we started; the complete cycle of the year.

Heaven and earth determine the direction.
The forces of mountain and lake are united.
Thunder and wind arouse each other.
Water and fire do not combat each other.
Counting that which is going into the past
 depends on the forward movement. 
Knowing that which is to come depends
  on the backward movement. Thank you
Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, Amen

Holiness David, Elder Lavender person


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