Wonderful Spirit Fortify Peace

Wonderful spirit!


So full of love, life and joy!

Help us to see and understand your will.

Let us become your vessels of compassion and love.

Give us strength, fortify our resolve,

may we always keep in our hearts the knowledge

 of your love and compassion for all.

 In the coming days teach us to become,

 good stewards of all that is sacred and holy.

Let us lead with love now and forever,

aho ah (fly with god, from heaven)

Sacred Storm Dreamer

Elder rainbow person “sacred fire skywalker” 

Peace Invocation


May God protect us!

May God bestow upon us the fruit of Knowledge!

May we obtain the energy to acquire Knowledge!

May what we study reveal the Truth!

May we cherish no ill feeling toward each other!

Om! Peace! Peace! Peace!

Thank you Lord for bringing these words to my eyes.

It beautifully complements my kinsman's words...

Holiness David “Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star”

Elder Lavender person “sacred holiness” 

  Precious Creator of all things great and small
I humbly come to you as one of your children
With an open heart to receive your wondrous love
With an open mind to receive your wisdom
Allow my heart to hear your words of guidance
That we may join together to share and give unselfishly
One people, many lands, wanting and needing
Allow us to sow the seeds that you have planted within us
Send those to us who walk in fear and discord
Allow us to be an instrument for your healing hands
Your words have lived through time
Allow us to live through you, your way, your time
Give us patience when we want to be in a hurry
Give us understanding when life seems confusing
Give us wisdom when we are unsure of our path
Walk with us in the quiet mornings
Send your angels to cover us in peace and warmth
Forgive us when we fall and help us up again
My holy father (Great Spirit Father) 
 who dwells with the stars above
May I open myself freely for you to guide me
May I try each day to do my best to help others
May I put the needs of someone else above my own
Thank you for my life and the spirit of all things around me
(My holy mother, Great Spirit Mother)
The trees, the rocks, the rivers, the oceans, the sky,
the stars, the moons, and the animals,
all teachers whom you have given to us
I ask this prayer in your son's (sun of man)
precious name (each blossom).
Aho (spirit fly)

Green Eyes Smiling "Whipper Willows Bloom"

Magenta Person “sacred seed light”
May the winds of time forever speak to you
and may your heart hear the messages!
Love and Blessings!
Welcome Home Heaven and Earth!