Great Spirits guide us through the days ahead. 
Let us find peace within the storm. 
May we gather together and become the light;
 to show the way for others.
Open our hearts to the needs of those around us
 and may we see ourselves the way we should be.
 Help us to remember to listen to the Earth,
listen to love and to look within for answers. 
 These are written upon our hearts.
 Let us understand and know your will. 
May we be ever ready to do
 whatever needs to be done,
 to help the suffering and lost. 
Your love means giving to those
 who don't think they need you. 
Your love means sharing with those
 who don't understand the way of love. 
For we know that our words help plant the seeds.  
And we know, that you make these seeds grow
 within each person we talk with. 
Your love, Great Spirits,
may it shine forever in our hearts. 

aho ah (fly with god, from heaven to earth)

Sacred Storm Dreamer

Elder rainbow person “sacred fire skywalker”



Lord, you have knowledge of all

that we hide and all that we reveal:
nothing on earth or in heaven is hidden from God.
Praise be to the Oneness of God within.
We think that God is unaware of the wrongdoer's actions!
He only gives them respite till the day
 on which all eyes will stare with consternation.
They shall rush in terror
 with heads uplifted and hearts uttterly vacant.
They shall stare, but see nothing.
Forewarn mankind of the day
 when the scourage will over take them.
 When the wrongdoers will say,
"Lord, grant us respite for awhile.
We will obey Your Call and to those
who you chosen to deliver your message."
But a voice will say to them,
"Did you not once swear
that you would never disappear,
 and follow your apostles?"

You lived in the dwellings of those
who wronged their souls before you,
and you knew in parables about them,
yet you still chose to live with these sinners.
They plot, but their plots are known to God,
even if their plots could move mountains.
Never think that God will break the pledge,
he gave to their Apostles "sent out".
Mighty is God, capable of revenge.

On the day when the earth is changed into
different earth and the heavens into new heavens,

mankind shall stand before God,
the One, who conquers all.
On that day you shall see the guilty bound with chains,
their garments pitch,
and their faces covered with flames.
God will reward each soul according to its deeds.
Swift is God's reckoning.
This is a warning to mankind!
Let them take heed and
 know that He is but One God.
We flow through out time as Oneness,
let the wise bare this in mind.

Praise be to the Highest and the Lowest,
for there is no separation
with all our relations within God.
Praise be to He, Great Spirit Father
who leads the earthly world of the light.
Praise be to She, Great Spirit Mother
who leads the heavenly world of the darkness.

In the Name of the Oneness of God,
seekers of Compassion and Mercy.
We the Rainbow Warriors
 who walk home along the path of the Red Road,
the law of love, join our arms together as One.
Unity is our deliverance,
as we learn to walk in the
Shadows of the Valley through Sacredness. 
We begin again the journey around the circle of life.
All prayers are heard by you, God.
Forgive me, Lord,
and forgive my ancestors and all the faithful
 on the Day of Reckoning. 
For we know not what we do, but we trust in you! 

Give us faith to trust the apostles
you have sent to us!

Shalom, Peace, Assalm

Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star

Elder lavender person “holiness”

WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother

Elder crystal person "iyeshka or interpreter"


house of david
the beloved children of god