Prayer of the Wonderful Spirit

Blessed are those who know the value of listening.
Listening is a art that paints beautiful pictures
within the heart and soul. Great Spirit, when
You speak, may we know to be still and listen,
to feel Your voice that gives peace and under-
standing. May we remain open to Your way;
and be a channel for Your love, compassion
and understanding.

Aho ah..."spirit fly descend from heaven"

Elder Rainbow Person
Sacred Storm Dreamer

"sacred fire skywalker"

Wonderful Spirit, we are

learning to Listen to you!

Many White (all colors) Buffalo (sacred directions) bring the Dawning, the yellow rolling hill in time!

How does one receive love? To listen to another with
an open heart is not always easy to do! In order for
this to occur, you need to make sure the hearts join
together first, then and only then does listening take
 place. But how do we make this happen, to hear and
truly listen to another who is sharing their heart
with us? Only through Validation do we let another
know you are listening. Now this seems easy enough
 to do, but it can be difficult if we do not share the
same opinion or interest.  Practice, practice, and
more practice will teach you to listen and hear what
 is being said!

Many say that Angels sing, but can your ears find
this blissful music of the Ages? It takes a desire or
passion to attain this knowledge; to become the
"Revealer".  We enter a vision quest and seek with
full concentration and deliberation. And when we
enter peaceful silence within from our meditation,
we are able to receive all that can be conceived,
"the song of our dreams".  This is the same awareness
 that is needed to hear our kinsmen!

Realizing this method takes application. And it is
not always easyto gain this knowledge. But to help
learn, understand and use compassion towards others
 gives us insight into the heart of the world. There is
 a natural rhythm to life, and this ebb and flow includes
our communication with each other. So, in order to gain
 knowledge, we need to pay attention and wait for the
signal to accept the story being told.  This takes conscious
 effort to hear someone clearly and grasp all that is being


This method of listening is clearly intentional. An act
of making an effort, to clearly grasp what is heard
begins with the Heart and Soul. It brings accountability
 into the process of giving and receiving. Now what does
 this mean? To hear a sound, you need to concentrate
 and contemplate. Here a person must gain patience
to await;  then grasping the meaning becomes clearer.
We have to obey our hearts first, this is the law of love.
So we learn to anticipate, not disregard, what others
say to you.

The voice of the Soul is imprinted upon your "feelings".
 No guru or teacher need teach you how to do this;
be still and listen to your heart. It takes application,
 meditation and a willingness to be still and hear the
Soul, the "emotions" of your kinsmen. This capacity
 of the soul for so many emotional states of mind,
give us a high degree of susceptibility to our sensibilities.
At times we literally loose our minds. In these times,
our mental state, whatever may be wrong or right,
needs only compassion. The law of love resides over all
 emotional states of being. And we must learn not to be
 dependent on the intelligence of the body, but on the
condition of the emotion. Hark, a feeling of pride,
humility, anger, agitation, passion, joy, bliss or
tenderness. We don't need anyone's permission to
have these sensations.  We are aroused to action
towards the desired goal, listening. This gives us
purpose and direction to our behavior. But what
happens, when the veil is covered, and man's feelings
 become destitute to preconceived opinion rather
than expression of true tenderness of their Soul.

These are the times in which we disobey oral
instructions, as we continue with the Great Illusion
 leading us onto the path of suffering. We need to
 understand our motivations, to act according to
 the necessity at hand for our related. This is what
 the Native American means when they say,
"Walk the Red Road", the Law of Love!
When you unite the hearts, through sacred relations
 without preconceived opinion, we are free to hear
what is being said.  We cannot ignore the heart,
we must validate it. This is what our "Woman's
 Heart" tell us all the time, on the behaviors of
etiquette. She tells us to reach out, to provide relief
 for others, allow another to conceptualize and arouse
 their dreams.

The woman represents the soul and the wolves are the fierce warrior,
together they bring "Eternal" freedom to your Soul.  She delivers to us our dreams
 in the twin dream catchers!  Yours and mine, our visions, 
are joined together as One family, the sacred circle of the hoop.

It is the awareness in which you live your life, to always
 being the student. To have a consciousness that
receives prefect spiritual insight is the expression of
co-operation and participation to the fullest. The
spiritual path places his personal beliefs in stillness,
while he allows the other to think, breathe and move
with their souls.  The listener is then allowed to absorb
 all that is being said. This behavior is trained into us
by our devotion and endurance. We become Sages and
 Warriors who know tranquility, enough to enjoy the
all the fruits of our labors.

Listening involves attention, being present and
hospitable.  These are the components of devotion,
nurturing and wonder. Being present, bridges us to
the sacred texts and spiritual teachers within each
of us. It is a process of knowing when the heart needs
 to unite.  Before the talking begins, it is essential to
 identify God's messages from our kinsmen of dreams.
 Remember the advise of Native American Elders:
"Speak only half as much as you listen."
Hearing what others say enables us to tune into
others conscience and our own inner voice of intuition.
 When we enter this realization, We start to walk the
 natural way of the spiritual path, where there is space
 for all our Rainbow family.

Our Souls are a necessary part of our existence, which
 we need to embrace, to know true happiness in our
Physical world.  It seems that within a world of
technology and media driven communications where
 databases overflow with information, we seek to find
 what is relevant in our lives. That's why we are out
there searching to make our lives meaningful. The
most important discernment is when we begin to
identify God's messages to us, as our "Stillness" helps
us to become the "Revealer".

At the end of the Rainbow, there is a pot of gold. In
other words, when you respect all the colors of the
Rainbow Clan, separation disappears, we bond as
ONE and follow the middle way of Golden light!
WE are then rich and abundant...and you are able
to know the combined dream of Brotherhood in action,
 to give, and the Sisterhood in reflection, to receive.
As you can see "LISTENING" is the tool to higher
consciousness and unifies and delivers Wisdom.
Then the heart and body of Heaven and Earth are
known in our lives. We begin to live in our Dreams!

Follow the Yellow road; follow the dream of our light,
the Soul body. Following the Red Road, follow the
heart of our song, the physical body. Together you
have the color of the Earth, the loving dream!
Welcome to the Year of the Golden Earth Buffalo,
 Heaven and Earth in it's four sacred directions!
The seasons of time. Are you listening?

Elder Lavender Person

"holiness (David) running eagle shooting star"

sacred fire of holiness

Twin Deer Mother

Elder Crystal Person

"white buffalo calf woman"

purification and peace

Warriors and Elders
 Join us at the Gathering!