Wonderful Spirit

we offer

   PRAYER for the world!

We pray for
the eyes of mankind to open
and see what can be if we choose.
To realize that one persons
 action effects the whole.
 To see that we are all One together.
If we do something to somebody,
 it's as though
 we have done it to ourselves.
Pray for humanity
to reach out for each other
 in love and hope!

by Sacred Storm Dreamer
elder rainbow person
"sacred fire skywalker"
Evolution is changing yet throughout time
faithfulness to duty, loyalty, conduct and
the performance of moral duty
 is made easy through natural affection.
So that within a small circle
 a basis of moral practice is created,
and this is later widened to
 include relationships in general.
The family is the child of a greater society,
when the husband is really a husband,
and the wife acts like the wife.
In order to be capable of
producing such an influence,
one's words must have power.
And this they can have only if
they are based on something real,
just as flame depends upon it's fuel.
The wife must always be guided
by the will of the master of the house,
 the man.
Her heart's place is within the house,
whether she works outside the house or not.
There without having to look for her,
she has great and important duties.
She must attend to the
nourishment of her family
and to the food for the sacrifice,
"to sacrifice for another teaches love" 
the blessing of giving and receiving.
In this way she becomes the center
of the social and religious life of the family,
and her perseverance in this position
 brings good fortune to the whole house.
And our performance of duties
is made through natural affection
centered around the woman.
She brings within the family circle
 a basis of morality that is created
 and later expanded
 to include kinship relations,
like Uncle Charles down the road,
or Aunt Martha at the gathering place.
 The affection and correctness of behavior
as displayed between man and woman
is shown in love and loyalty.
For the man leads the
body of our sacred garments.
And the woman receives
the soul of our hearts.
Here the darkness
of heavens eternal embrace
 joins in matrimony
with the light of Earths splendor.
This is the will of God
masculine and feminine.
This very Law of love, governs
the intercourse of our lives.
When we listen to our Elders,
 we become strong caring character.
We then start to exercise the
right influence over others.
When we Cultivate our personality so
that it works impressively through the force
of the flowing within, the inner truth,
all goes well within the family.
And even though some of us spend
a lot of time
thinking as if we are Oneness,
our jobs are to get everybody else
to start thinking as One family too!

Lord, help us to see both sides.
The side that I don't see gifted people envision
"receiving others"
and the side I do see "gifting to others". 
Help us to share and to realize that we are all
"part" of the whole.
And that together we are mighty
united in heart and body!
Help us to remember the Golden Rule.
To do unto others as you
would have them do unto you!
Furthermore, please Lord help our words
to be supported by one's entire conduct,
just as the wind is made effective by it's duration.
These are your gifts to us you give.
It is only firm and consistent moral conduct
which will make such an impression on others. 
We will help, adapt and conform to your laws
Great Spirits, while we journey down the Red Road,
the very heart of your devotion.
 If our words and conduct are not
 in accord and not consistent with our behaviors,
we know they will have no effect.
And so we pray to
be appropriate in behavior,
by using the law of love,
whether it be respecting our Elders by
being humble or by being the Rainbow Warrior.
All of our brothers and sisters are special
we know, all they must do is realize it too.


In the name of the compassionate
 and merciful our beloved Great Spirits
we send love to the universe
and waves of harmony. 
Peace and love find your heart eternally.

by Holiness David
"holiness running eagle shooting star" 
 elder lavender person "holiness"
edited by Twin Deer Mother
"white buffalo calf woman"
elder crystal person "peace"

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