Prayer of the Wonderful Spirit

Strengthen by your loving spirit

we move forward into uncharted territory.

We are your representatives,

your agents of love and goodwill to the world.

Your spirit is our guide!!

We fear not this world and those in darkness!!

The Love and Guidance given us,

lights a pathway towards those in need.

We are your courageous warriors

of Love light and compassion.

May your ever present spirit

be ever present upon our hearts

a loving reminder to be what we all can be

if we only choose!!! 

aho ah "spirit fly from heaven"
Sacred Storm Dreamer
Elder Rainbow Person
"sacred fire skywalker"

We are the Nation of the Innocent,

Oh My Great Spirits hear our plea!
Do you not recognize your own Greatness?

We know Your Greatness!

We know that You have the power

to control all the actions of the world.

Do not think we do not understand this.
And I do understand that Your children

are refusing to learn about themselves.

And each day , I know You warn them.

But remember the wind?

Remember the breeze that flows from You to me?

  We are joining You again.

But we do not walk inside the
darkness as well as You do.

Teach us my Lord. Teach us to fly?

Teach us to know You?

What do You think we will do

when our eyes fall upon You?

We will embrace You. We will love You.

We will protect you.

Is this not what good children do?

We are Your devoted children.

My Great Ones, we are blessed

that You look over us each day.

We know we are in your palms.

We know this. But it also,

has been a very long time,

for You to sing to our hearts.

Would You not sing to us again.

Would You not sing us the lullabies we need now?

We face a difficult road ahead.

And many will turn away from us.

But Your ordained, "What shall they become?"

What shall we do to overcome them and their hatred.
How will we turn their hearts to loving You again?

I know this is the age old question.

But I ask You again. Sing us a lullaby.

Sing in your hearts.

As you tell us to sing in our hearts.

We want you to be around the sacred fire too.

We do not want to be alone without You.

So as we embrace and sing Your songs

at local gatherings, help us teach about You.

My Great Spirits, Help us to know
Your songs of the heart.

Keep the warm embrace of love

growing from one land to the other.

And unite we will, as You have already planned.

United we shall walk because You have planned.

And now, even though it seems it has been so long,

we are planning now too. We are going home...

We are going home!

But the road is a dangerous one,

full of anticipation and wonders.

Scary forms and delirium will come,

please give us the sight of love for our eyes.

Give us the knowing to help

those who do not know the way.


And mostly, Great Spirit,
send us warriors who can walk with us.
Who can defend us.

Who can bring the Warrior down, if we need to!
You we trust, we hope you trust us too.

We are the ones You have called upon,

your beloved children.
aho (spirit fly)
and amen (one clan)

flight into the dream

Shimmering Dawn
Elder Aqua Person
 "dream whisperer"
       We all talk about God as the Oneness!
Here the Oneness being one all together
as in one drop in an Ocean!
As we gather to become united,
 this is the natural way of all life! 
 The flowing together of the universe like a Spiral Galaxy. 
Stars gather the same outwardly as we do inwardly,
 as we all journey spirally with our Souls,
Oneness, help us to receive your pearls of wisdom? 
Oneness,  help us to learn these very lessons of love?
Oneness, help us to embrace all that is part of our Soul World
 within the darkness of all space?
Help us to create light within this very darkness?
Whatever Spiritual Name we give it,
The Blue of you and me,
family within a body of the reflection
and all the motions of change,
the way "i ching" or  circle of the way"tao te ching".
The Oceans and the Sky contain water.
Our bodies contain water and
 all life contains water to join and gather.

Here's three very good points to remember:

1. We are supposed to teach each other the Red Road,
the Way, the Path to God, the Laws of Heaven of Love
to each other. We are all mentors.

2. We teach Earthly Love (our actions),
Forgiveness and Truth through
compassionate warriorship skills
(Fair Fighting for the 'Warrior Down').

3. We have to take someone with us when we depart this
Earthly existance and move onward towards
our Eternal Heavenly existance.
(more that one is okay)

Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star "Earth"
"sacred fire"
White Buffalo Calf Woman "Heaven"
"iyeshka" interpreter
Understand Evolution
"Heaven and Earth"

northern lights

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