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Questions and Answers

Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey is Gifted to those who ask.  We conduct our blessings, purification and integrate Darkness with the Lightness through Communication.  We conduct our flight plans, Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight, each Saturday during the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer, the Global Prayer.  After each Event our Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey is written about the next day and posted at Recording of Event may be found at

Done along with Peaceful Wisdom Prayer, a Global Unification.  We focus on the Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey. We travel to a prearranged destination, in which we fly towards.

If you have Sacred Spirit Medicine requests, which may be made anywhere upon the Heavens or the Earth.Please send Spirit Medicine Requests or Questions to join, email:

Subject on Email: Sacred Spirit Medicine Requests_Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight.

Length: Movement trusting intent

Duration:  5 min previously to gather upon the blue lake, 20-60 minutes for journey, five minutes to get there, five minutes to get back, with allotted time necessary for events of the flight.  I pick you up spiritually at your front door. Together we check in spiritually at the Blue Lake , await others who gather there, then depart together to our prearranged destination.  Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star will beat the drum to protect our spirit flight. White Buffalo Calf Woman will sing the vision and record the magic for all to hear. The whole thing takes about 90 minutes on average. 

Event posted Sunday:

look here for assorted journeys

Audio Posted at:

sound files, are still not up, please come back, as many other song files have been uploaded. with so many new songs coming in each day, it's difficult to manage all the sound files, and sharing of heavenly songs in the winds. we will attempt to add them together for your convenience as we strive to improve your access to all sound files.

Aho, this was recorded recently and uploaded.  White Buffalo Calf Woman was invited by Chippewapa to fly by during Sun Dance Summer Solstice, June 21, 2011.

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