Prayer Songs

White Buffalo Calf Woman meanings. 

White means all color as well as the star of heaven shining, often referred to Grandfather or the Star child.  

Buffalo is the four sacred directions, but also represents the male or light principle. 

Calf is young in mind and innocent pure of heart. sharing with all, like a child.  

Woman who tends the sacred fire of purification, the Red Road, the law of love.  Here it is the dream of the Soul that visions for the heart of the people and the purification journey that is necessary to enter the yellow rolling hill in evolution, the "Dawning".

White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother is a Great Name. This means, each of us have a great name. White Buffalo Calf Woman is the heavenly mission. Twin Deer Mother are the tools of light or four sacred rainbow colors, each carry, that help us accomplish our mission. Each have a mission. Each have tools of rainbow colors.  All have a Great Name.  It is time to know each wind that blows has a GREAT NAME.  However, only a crystal child can gift this great name, by reading your BOOK of LIFE.  It is innate, but "I am here/hear" to cultivate the innate to help you to awaken to your greatness.

Twin Deer Mother means a heart that twins yours.  Reading and knowing truth as the Iyeshka, Song or Interpreter, she gifts each great journey of the Soul felt inside (hiding in the darkness inside) or the Physical body's Light (flesh of four rainbow colors all carry, including animals, plants and rocks)  which ever we are traveling upon (rainbow color) as we join the Great Migration as the Deer teaches us.  Most importantly, the Mother who gifts the law of love to her children. These gifts embrace the true name gifted as your Heavenly mission and tools of light.  The Great Spirits have gifted White Buffalo Calf Woman the ability to read your book of life, a crystal child.

These are a series of Songs.  
Some represent the Heart and Soul body and others resonate with Action of the Dream and Physical body.  Each represents the perfection of your hearts true calling.  Within each of us is Greatness and Perfection, but often we cannot see what is covered up with all that does not belong to you, yet is often claimed by you.  We are part of the related, which means everything near us or which we are thinking becomes part of us.  Our family are whom we are related, and we know everything has to do with relationships.  The blue (kinsmen) of you and me, the reflection of the Spirit of the Lake that comes from the birthing place of the Blue Lake, the reflection of you and me, my family, the Rainbow Clan!

Songs and Blessings are gifted to those who ask or a gift of recognition for walking the Red Road, the law of love.

The Turning Point 2009

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Celestial Winter Solstice

Uniting Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother
we call this sacred holiness...

The turning point of the winter solstice is when things are still in darkness. During winter, the seed is in deep-hidden stillness (Keeping Still).The cycle of the year is closed as the Winter Solstice, old, cycles through to the joining of the Vernal Equinox, new.
The end of everything is joined to a new beginning; a continuity by which the old and new are linked together.Winter in the course of a year is the time of reflection.

We hear; we think and reflect; we practice.Winter is the time to think and reflect.We must remember the past to bring forward to the future. We come back to where we started; the complete cycle of the year:Heaven and earth determine the direction.

The forces of mountain and lake are united.  Thunder and wind arouse each other.  Water and fire do not combat each other.  Counting that which is going into the past depends on the forward movement.  Knowing that which is to come depends on the backward movement.

Thank you Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, Amen
Holiness David, Elder Lavender person

Celestial Winter Solstice 2008-2009

Pray of the Wonderful Spirit!

When we are fearful, give us the power to reach out to you! When Wonderful Spirit, our lives seem in turmoil from anxiety, give us the power to reach out!  When we seem to lose all sense of where we are because we are so afraid,
please give us the vision to see you! Know you!... giving us the courage to face our fears,
doubt, and anxiety!
The coming days ahead will be filled with many challenges...we ask Wonderful spirit, Creator of all, that You be the guide and compass in all we do. Lead us to those who thirst for truth and Your compassion for we are reflections of You!

A Gift of prayer for you!
Celestial Winter Solstice 2008 . . . . The Sacred Circle of Life . . . .
Sacred Storm Dreamer Elder Rainbow "sacred fire skywalker" Spiritual Vision Leader

Spiritual Vision Leader

Sacred Storm Dreamer a Cosmic Rainbow, witness to the birth of the Golden Age, unifies our hearts with his love. He gives  insight to the growing storms ahead and leads us to the eye of tranquility. He keeps vigilant during the Greatest Migration. Welcome home to the yellow rolling hill in evolution. Aho ah (fly with god)

Prayer for Today!

Thank you God for coming to us this day, when many hearts have not found their way.
We are unfolding to every surprise, but inside the pain is difficult to surmise.
But if we look upon the rainbows we see the dawning of a new time.
If our hearts long for tomorrow then we can whisper to you and to me.
We are the many of few who follow us home.
We have many songs to listen to and many songs to sing.
We have to be righteous in the days of tomorrow to help our brother and sister find the way of love.
When we are from the heavenly who walk upon this earth.
We remember the heartbeat that we take each step with mother heart she endures all our pains .
Each day we gift to her our blessings and
we know the Great Spirit Father always sends his light to us to shed the way of love along the path.

We are the few of the many, we are proud and the blue, but if our hearts do not hold hands with the many, then our hearts will not know the blessed.
So say instead hip hip hooray, the time has come to hold my hand.
We are brothers and join we me the great spirits have already reached down from the heaven, and now we must reach up above.
It is the dawning that is within us all, and thank great ones who protect us and give us life each day.
You are the ones we walk for, you are the ones we give our hearts for.
We are thankful for each breath of life we have inside of us.
We are grateful for each day that springs life again.
For the sunshine gives us much and our hearts give us more.

So we are blessed and the few, who walk around the many who do not know the joy of the dawning.
We are the few who must join hands with our family once more and even though they do not want this to happen we shall cover them with a blanket of our loving embrace.
For we are family and brothers and sisters once more.
Aho (spirit fly), and Amen (one of many)

Winter Solstice 2008

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Song of Prayer Gifted

today is the dawning in the day of the dawn,
but it always knows which way to turn,

if i can find happiness in all the ways with me,
i will always know the ways to shine,
it is within me i can know the way,
if i only keep the sun inside,
if the winds find happiness in all the days ahead,
it will find me in the always,
for we are happiness on a ride,
we are here to know love,
whatever we share is to know love once more inside,
to know the pure of heart will endure,
but how will i walk when,
each day doesn't shine,
when the darkness comes inside of me,
well the deep is within me the darkness that is pure,
and i know that great mother dwells therefore i am, the wisdom of the eternal age,
i am the winery of the red in bloom,
it is the schooling of the divine instead to teach the way of love ....
so which way to turn to know all the ways to know, which way i am inside,
the wills of the many have all deep inside,
the wills of the many are divine,
my path is sacred i know this is true,
my road is red with blood of the dead,
and i know that all that suffered for me have come to lead us home....
so what can i do to find the whipper will,
the light that guides the way,

will we listen to the springtime that comes in our hearts,
or will we turn and walk away?
but if I can plant the seed in their heads,
that only the soul can bleed the red,
i can show that the love that's willed inside instead
the love of the red the love of god....
so keep close to me the will of everyone,
and keep my heart on the red (road) I have but a, whisper to keep in silence pure,
to know that love sheds the way,
to know that love sheds the way....
to know that love sheds the way....
Sacred Hoop Solstice Gift
Winter Solstice 2008 a gift to you
the Song of the Soul from
"Shimmering Dawn before the twilight"
Song of Prayer gifted from White Buffalo Calf Woman

I Sing For You

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I sing for you!

Start here: a flock of canaries come and go and flow with the seasons at the Sacred Well of Life!

I sing for you, I am the
Blue (family)!

"Souls Song of the Song bird"

Forever and a day, it is the end of time as we know it. Tell everyone I have come, ring wedding bells (heaven and earth) and windows clear to every wishing's tell. Wish wedding bells to everyone, who sings the glory high. It is the blue of ever you, the place we come to sing.

I tell you true about the blue the place we all want to be. I tell you true I am the blue the one who shall forever sing. I dream of you, don't you dream of me. I tell you everything is true. We've come all this way to sing, everyday to tell a little more. Please god, it is well of everyday. My heart sings joy in every way, I know the evermore.

Please won't you please sing with me as we can have more joy. It is the day, let us say Hooray, the time has come to pass. The way is here, and here to stay. The time of the evermore. Today, won't you please, say hooray with me. Please wont you say hello. My heart is with thee almost everyday, so wont' you shoot the breeze.

My hope in you, I know the blue. The place we need to be. So wont you please come home with me to the place we know and dream. It is a hope can't you say hooray. It is a place to be. You know it's true the way of the blue, the family home for sure for you and me.

Can't you see the way clear, I can see the breeze the way of hope of every dream of every day. Can't you see my love I tell you true it is the only way. I hope for you and me, wont' you take my hand. It is the evermore. It is the sky blue sea. It is the hopes and dreams of eternity.

Please I tell you my love for you is true. Please I tell you can't you see the blue. My brother sister it is the (crying) (difficulty recovering even with his holiness arms around me.) well inside of you. Here we quench our thirst with ever bees (come and go for the Queen to collect and gift), the place that Mother Spirits always be. (Crying for Great Spirit Mother) It is the time for us to know she is here with thee.

It is the time for us to know she cares (for), the blue. She is the hope and dreams inside of thee, remember she is our only Queen bee. She brings us honey almost every day (crying) she brings us hope of all our dreams. She is the well within us all it seems. Don't you know she there inside of thee.

My brother sister sing. I tell you please sing to me. (crying until now, and now singing again) Please well her to the eter ni ty . So please let us join our hands, and speak of Let us know our way, to eternity. So my brother/sister sow all the seeds. Tell us how its to be done, tell us how to glee (crying).

It is the time of past that will set us free, tell our brothers sister of eternity. Welcome home my blue, my blue of you. The rainbow speaks her song of eternity. Welcome home my kin, my kinsmen I'm sure. Tell all our brother sings and our sisters pure. Welcome home my blue, the home within. Welcome home my blue, where we forever swim. It is the resting place of every you.

It is the place of dreams that gave the birth of you. So I tell you sure, it is the blue. I tell you sure, it is the way. I tell you sure of holiness pure. I hope you know I sing for thee, I sing the pure.

Sow my dreams inside of all of you (tone changes low to reach mother's heart). So my friend tell me wide and true. It has come to me in a dream hasn't it come to you. Haven't you found your way yet, why not all you have to do is sing. It's the way home. The way home to the blue. Its the way home the yellow rolling hills, the way of eternity within inside of you. It is the dream that's born everyday inside of you.

(tone higher again)All you have to do is sing. Sing glory hallelujah. Sing whispering in our dreams sing evermore. We are the blue of you and me. We are the song of hope. We are the fighting machine, that gives us strength of evermore. So please join with me and sing all the glee. Sing we have each others hands for all of eternity.

Sing we have come home. Sing we know the circle of life. Sing we know the Heaven has Mothers heart once more. Tell all the glory of the “wedding bells” tell them all Father has come. Tell them sing high in the mountains, sing low in the valleys (tears), sing how we've come together in eternity.

We are are the hopes and dreams of everything. We are the places within the blue of every wing. Give hope and fly, fly eternally. Fly high and low where ever we may go.

We are the hopes and dreams, of the eternity. We are the hopes and dreams . The dreams of you and me. Can't you sing with me. Can't you join my hands, can't you grow your wings within and fly eternally. Won't you dream th e blue with every boy and girl Won't you please my friend say hello to me.

I have come to you, you know to sing the song. I have come to you you know so you may find your way. So my brother sister join in song and sing the blue. Sing loud and clear for always, sing with me. Sing with me. Sing with me. Whispering "I have come". (to sing to you).

I sing for you, I am the Blue (family)!
"Souls Song of the Song bird"

I Will Show You the Way

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I will show you the way! the Song of the Soul begins!

Tell me are there stars in the heavens. Tell me are there many dreams up above, But tell me why so many hearts can know despair down here and so many do not play fair. What can I do to know the ways of love inside their hearts. They tell me whispers of the divine above and I sing the lords love. We are going around and around my friend, We are going around in time, We belong to each other if you only you could find the love of your heart and mine. But what do you do, but walk away. You tell me I know what to do..But why must I do them alone without you, if we could have fun all the way.

My beginnings of time never dawns just because. They tell me all their songs and their dreams up above. I try to imagine all the songs in their minds, but it gets lost when I try to make it all rime. So I scatter what I may and set it out to the winds and I know it all will be free. We hope for encounters which will give us a hand, a loving house where to stand. It cannot be done alone my friend. It can only be with each other along the path.

We must find the hearts of many in despair to find every lost soul that seems to hide. We are their journeys together we grow, like a flower who reaches for the sky. But what do we do when the sun never shines, but wish happiness will find a return. When rainbows are flowers and true and blue. We are the the weapons of love don't you know. Keep up the battle of love in your hearts and know that there's love inside of you.

My darlings bestow me with graceful bliss. The knowing you will try to fly. Just pick up your objects and throw them to the air and know they will find a return.

I know they will find a return. She is the Great Mother true and blue, the family of our own dearest heart within you. We must coddle her for she lives within you, where wishes begin to grow........................don't give up but be brazen and give a good fight. And know that it's all for the show. We display love of action to know all the rules of war and the causes of despair. Now the flow is changing and what do we find? It's all but a matter of time.

We have to put our arrows back into the pack, the quiver is all but a show. My heart will find you just you wait and see. I'll find you with all the skills of the arrow man pure. I'm sure and straight and will find your heart. Be sure, the quiver is on my back once more. But if you could only know love inside of me. I will put the quiver away for you. I'd rather know the love of a heart that is pure than fight a good laugh for the show...

There are days when we must choose to keep all in past, just to realize another way. Then we turn the other way, just down a different road, but the arrow is straight and sure of you. The laws always keep to the road that true, the loving red road that is in front of you each day you step into her heart.

She is the dragon that flies up above to shine as mythical and pure. She is the blessed that knows all the ways, of love and the road of the red, for sure. The road of the red that is so pure, for sure. She keeps us all knowing in all the heart ways. The honor of fighting for love. She's our mother inside us, who grants us our wish, if we could only receive all her love. Yes indeed. If we could only receive all her love.

We find another road and find another way, but we turn back to the tried and true. The only way to heaven is when you learn your way of love and the kind of the blue with you, the kind of the bleu that's within you.

My darling I love you and I wish all for you. But you just have to want them too. If you depend on Rainbows to brings all your shine, then your radiance knows not the bloom. Just inside you is all we ever need to blossom and shine like a rose. It's true.

We all need to shine like a rose in bloom. To smell and know the heart ever knows the gifts that fall from above, but what does it matter if you are not there. So I must come and get close to you inside of you. I must come home with you, it's the blue, the blue of me and you, its' true, the blue inside of me and you.

Blossoms are ever growing each day, the blossom that never dies. It's truly a work of magick it's true, The magic is inside of you . The magic inside of you, I'm sure. The love I know of is all around the world. We hold on to it fast and sure. But what does it matter if I don't know your heart. If you turn away and go down the road, that way. If you turn back and look away. My heart knows no matters of love beside you, when you go and never say nay.

But what can it be if you would only stay and know all the love of the play. Yes indeed. I you would only stay and play with me. We could have so much fun you know. But my heart gets fluttered and you turn away and I know I've lost you again. How will I tell you we are all on our way, if they could only look upon the path of the way, the way that's written in love all the way, the path that is written in love.

My darlings I love you don't you know I'm part of you. I am true and wish I am sure. Because I do matter to you from above, I choose to come home to find you, Yes I have. I've come to find a home without you, not for sure, but find instead a home that is pure.

We cannot have Rainbows if we all turn away. But we can have love for always. It's the road that's never in trouble they say, but it seems that we don't know the way. So it seems. But if we look deep inside, we find the well of truth. The well that purifies all lies.

It's the place we quench our thirst most everyday of our lives. The place that gives us all birth. She is Inside us, each and everyone. She the Greatness of all that is pure. But we have faltered and know not the way, because we dip not from her pure no more, We dip not from her pure. So instead find the water within fresh and pure and bless it most everyday.

Don't forget the brothers and all who come and play inside the darkness of love and an embrace for sure. The heavens know love I am sure, let me say. I have come home to teach how to play, yes indeed. Just watch my face glow each day let it shine. I will always know glory for sure. its what keeps me alive knowing that someday, all will know the dreams at the well inside. WE all will know the dreams at the well.

We all must have adventure that's in all the rules to explore and find some fun. But if we do not gather and know we are having fun, then what are we doing at all tell me so. Just instead, find a way to say yaeh. We are all brothers and family you know. We have the heart of a child, but I am not with you, it shames me to know you are over there all by your self don't you know. Just reach out and touch my hand and find a way. Just reach out and and find a way.

Don't find excuses, instead find a way, to break all the rules and be free to know love. Just find all the rules and go have some fun. Just teach it's all the same way. WE give to one another just so we can do it again, and again and again here to stay that's for sure , We come here just to play. And have fun. It's all in the show I tell you the truth of loving each heart all the way.

Don't you pass my way, and turn the other way, instead give me love and say hey. Yes indeed. Just stop and say hey, I'm passing this way, I've come all this way. Just to find a loving family to find a home to stay. And we can play and know grace all the way, yes indeed.

We can play and know grace all the way. As more and more find me they will not turn away. They will always come home to play, yes indeed. I know from all of heaven they tell me always that love is the road to the play......................

My heart has been broken so many times that's for sure. But I know it 's part of the show. Its the games we play together which defines all the rules. Just know we are traveling the same way, yes indeed. We are all traveling this way.

I am the Whipper (light) Willows (birth) Bloom, Green Eyes Smiling
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman

Eagle Lightning Arrow

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Shining One Stillness Knower Prayer
My beloved Great spirits today,
We walk along the dawning but it seems so difficult when our family remember do not know the way.  Please hear our calls,  we know you are there, but sometimes we cannot hear you.  Please send a wind that blows across my face.  Let me know that you are still there.  We are here with our hearts.  Each day our feet touch mother earths bosom.  She is our rock, our earth, our body.  We know in the times ahead, we do not know which way to go.  But our beloved prophets come to us and our children do not listen.  This is old news my Elders.  Now your children are listening to you .  Now your children are becoming the new arms of loving embrace.  Help us guide those who do not walk the Red Road.  Help us be the warriors we need to be.  Help us to be kind in the face of adversity.  But mostly my beloved Great Spirits, we are your devoted warriors.  Do not think we are not here for you too.
We know our place and we are learning to listen to ourselves.  We are the perfection that you created in us.  You are the perfect Father and perfect Mother.  and we are your devoted children.  Please my great ones,  give us strength with your wind that  blows your face and across ours.  Let us know that the river of time is still flowing.  But do not fear, as you tell us.  Help us to know this perfection .  Help us to become fearless in your new world.  Help us to bring our warriors down,  when they walk the wrong way.  For you have saved your children,  and now we are going to save the world for you.
My beloved family you are the travelers from all time.  And you gift to us your very lives.  We entrust you with this life,  as we entrust you with each other.  And as we become the Oneness, help us all to be the  blessed children.  To know our souls are Great and know that Brotherhood will find the way home into our hearts! 
aho! "spirit fly"
thank you shining one
prayer to give light our actions from
Shining One Stillness Knower
"eagle lightning arrow" elder aqua person 
Lightning (grounding, reducing potential charge, eliminate difference, unite)
written by "twin deer mother" white buffalo calf woman
"iyeshka or interpreter"
Join the Elders and Warriors plan the Great Migration

Eternal Bells

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Lisping Wise One's Prayer
Dear Great Mother and Great Father,
We adore you, but it seems difficult to know all your laws.  We are learning, but we are trying to find the way that we can accomplish our goals.  Each day when we walk among our brother and sisters, we learn about your coming prophecies, but we wonder how can we make a difference?  Each day, my heart is pained by those who do not recognize their own value of greatness.  But if we try to learn and if we try to seek, and if we learn to receive our kinsmen, then maybe, we can find our way.  The Red Road, is not easy for this world now,  And we know that you will be cleansing your little children.   But here upon the Earth, you devoted children are taking a stand, for you.  WE work and devote our time to saving our kinsmen to your cleansing.  WE know that blessings are needed but we ache like you do, knowing that the day will come, when so many will not find their way.
Help us to be brave Warriors as you are.  Help us to be peaceful ad mist the chaos.  Help us to realize that you stand within our hearts.  If we just look inside of our selves.  So many do not look within, and cannot find their way.  WE try to hold their hand, but they pull it back.  So my great Spirits.  WE know that they must choose the way of love.  But we also know, that your power is greater than their hatred.  Allow your children to be brave.  Help them to know the difference between love and hatred.  Help them to be whole again.  WE reach for them, they turn away.  I know they do this to you too.  But it doesn't mean that we can walk away.  You have taught us this.  And since we must walk with our kinsmen, please walk by our sides.  We know you are within us, but we do not see you with us.  So my beloved great ones, gift the breeze so i may feel your embrace.  Play a song, so I might hear your calling.  Lift up our hearts, when the sun light hits against our skin.  WE are coming home to you.  As you await our return, please realize there are so few of us, that we need your help more than ever during these times.  WE will do our parts to teach your children to love you, but we ask that you do your part and give us a sign, to each of us who listen to you.  WE will hear you.  WE love you. 
My Great Spirits as you protect us, we want you to know, that we gift our lives to protect you.  And we look forward to the days, when we will be able to see your shining love.  Our hearts bloom knowing you are coming home to us.   Help us to receive you.  Help us to teach others to receive you.  And help Lisping Wise One  to trust herself, in these difficult times.  She is our devoted warrior, our Eternal Bells you have sent to us. And now, we are going home.
May you and I be the blessed of the dawning.
aho, thank you lisping wise one
prayer of light our actions from "eternal bells" elder blue person 
written by "twin deer mother" elder crystal person

Sacred Storm Dreamer

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Sacred Storm Dreamer's Prayer
aho ah flight from heaven
Forever and a day, we part our ways, only to find us together again on the rolling hills of time.  My great spirits, Our hearts speak to you, we are on our way to you again.  To be one, has been along time coming.  We have been apart for so long.  It seems that only the cleansing will bring our hearts together.  I know we all want your little children to find their way to the pure sacred well.  But they do not drink and they do not listen, even to themselves.  So we must drive them towards their own heart. 
We are both sad, my Great Spirits, and we understand the cleansing.  WE are but little ants upon a hill.  Let our Ant people who suffer for us so much teach us the way to love.  As we become the Ants upon Mother Earth.  WE will be the children who listen to you.  WE are the ones, who walk together with you again.
My Great Spirits.  Giving our hearts, is not easy, but it is your will.  Those who listen and feel your pain, understand, but those who do not feel you, do not understand.  They turn away, because the reality for them is here.  And the reality for you is there.  But now, is the time, we we emerge as one.  One Heaven together with One Earth.  And we the ants must learn to travel the way of the Great Migration.  WE always have enough because you care for your children.  WE always have a vision because we see with your eyes, WE always embrace you because you wait for us at the sacred well.  And Mostly my beloved Great Ones you always, have us in the palm of your hand.  And we bow down to your will. 
You are the ones at the Horizon who keeps the passageways alive.  you are the ones, who drive the little children to and fro, like a lullabies.  With this, my great Ones remember we need some lullabies.  It has been difficult to see with your eyes, to feel with your heart.  to know what you know.  So, you know now, we need you to hold us with your hands, and sing the lullabies to us once more. 
We are coming home.  WE are together again.  And now freedom will reign.

Aho. thank you sacred storm dreamer

prayer of light our actions from
"Sacred Fire Skywalker-thunder and lightning"
elder rainbow person 
written by "twin deer mother" elder crystal person

Dream Whisperer

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Artist: Marti Fenton
Shimmering Dawn's Prayer
We are the nation of the innocent, oh my great spirits hear our plea.  Do you not recognize your own Greatness?  We know your Greatness.  WE know that you have the power to control all the actions of the world.  Do not think we do not understand this.  And I do understand that your children are refusing to learn about themselves.  And each day , I know you warn them.  But remember the wind?  Remember the breeze that flows from you to me?  We are joining you again.  But we do not walk inside the darkness as well as you do.  Teach us my Lords.  Teach us to fly?  Teach us to know you?  What do you think we will do when our eyes fall upon you?  We will embrace you.  We will love you.  WE will protect you.  Is this not what good children do?  We are your devoted children.
My Great Ones, we are blessed that you look over us each day.  We know we are in your palms.  We know this.  But it also, has been a very long time, for you to sing to our hearts.  Would you not sing to us again.  Would you not sing us the lullabies we need now.  We face a difficult road ahead.  And many will turn away from us.  But your ordained,  What shall they become?  What shall we do to overcome them and their hatred.  How will we turn their hearts to loving you again?  I know this is the age old question.  But i ask you again.  Sing us a lullaby.  Sing in your hearts.  As you tell us to sing in our hearts.  We want you to be around the sacred fire too.
We do not want to be alone with out you.  So as we embrace and sing your songs at local gatherings, help us teach about you.  My great Spirits,  Help us to know your songs of the heart.   Keep the warm em brace of love growing from one land to the other.  And unite we will, as you have already planned.  United we shall walk because you have planned.  And now, even though it seems it has been so long, we are planning now too.  We are going home..  We are going home.
But the road is a dangerous one, full of anticipation and wonders.  Scary forms and delirium will come, please give us the sight of love for our eyes.  Give us the knowing to help those who do not know the way.  And mostly, great spirits, send us warriors who can walk with us.  Who can defend us.  Who can bring the Warrior down, if we need to.
You we trust, we hope you trust us too.
we are the ones you have called upon, your children,
and amen.
Shimmering Dawn
Elder Aqua person, "Dream Whisperer"

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