Eagle Lightning Arrow

posted Mar 3, 2009, 6:23 AM by WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother   [ updated Mar 3, 2009, 7:32 AM ]
Shining One Stillness Knower Prayer
My beloved Great spirits today,
We walk along the dawning but it seems so difficult when our family remember do not know the way.  Please hear our calls,  we know you are there, but sometimes we cannot hear you.  Please send a wind that blows across my face.  Let me know that you are still there.  We are here with our hearts.  Each day our feet touch mother earths bosom.  She is our rock, our earth, our body.  We know in the times ahead, we do not know which way to go.  But our beloved prophets come to us and our children do not listen.  This is old news my Elders.  Now your children are listening to you .  Now your children are becoming the new arms of loving embrace.  Help us guide those who do not walk the Red Road.  Help us be the warriors we need to be.  Help us to be kind in the face of adversity.  But mostly my beloved Great Spirits, we are your devoted warriors.  Do not think we are not here for you too.
We know our place and we are learning to listen to ourselves.  We are the perfection that you created in us.  You are the perfect Father and perfect Mother.  and we are your devoted children.  Please my great ones,  give us strength with your wind that  blows your face and across ours.  Let us know that the river of time is still flowing.  But do not fear, as you tell us.  Help us to know this perfection .  Help us to become fearless in your new world.  Help us to bring our warriors down,  when they walk the wrong way.  For you have saved your children,  and now we are going to save the world for you.
My beloved family you are the travelers from all time.  And you gift to us your very lives.  We entrust you with this life,  as we entrust you with each other.  And as we become the Oneness, help us all to be the  blessed children.  To know our souls are Great and know that Brotherhood will find the way home into our hearts! 
aho! "spirit fly"
thank you shining one
prayer to give light our actions from
Shining One Stillness Knower
"eagle lightning arrow" elder aqua person 
Lightning (grounding, reducing potential charge, eliminate difference, unite)
written by "twin deer mother" white buffalo calf woman
"iyeshka or interpreter"
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