Eternal Bells

posted Mar 3, 2009, 6:19 AM by WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother   [ updated Mar 3, 2009, 7:36 AM ]
Lisping Wise One's Prayer
Dear Great Mother and Great Father,
We adore you, but it seems difficult to know all your laws.  We are learning, but we are trying to find the way that we can accomplish our goals.  Each day when we walk among our brother and sisters, we learn about your coming prophecies, but we wonder how can we make a difference?  Each day, my heart is pained by those who do not recognize their own value of greatness.  But if we try to learn and if we try to seek, and if we learn to receive our kinsmen, then maybe, we can find our way.  The Red Road, is not easy for this world now,  And we know that you will be cleansing your little children.   But here upon the Earth, you devoted children are taking a stand, for you.  WE work and devote our time to saving our kinsmen to your cleansing.  WE know that blessings are needed but we ache like you do, knowing that the day will come, when so many will not find their way.
Help us to be brave Warriors as you are.  Help us to be peaceful ad mist the chaos.  Help us to realize that you stand within our hearts.  If we just look inside of our selves.  So many do not look within, and cannot find their way.  WE try to hold their hand, but they pull it back.  So my great Spirits.  WE know that they must choose the way of love.  But we also know, that your power is greater than their hatred.  Allow your children to be brave.  Help them to know the difference between love and hatred.  Help them to be whole again.  WE reach for them, they turn away.  I know they do this to you too.  But it doesn't mean that we can walk away.  You have taught us this.  And since we must walk with our kinsmen, please walk by our sides.  We know you are within us, but we do not see you with us.  So my beloved great ones, gift the breeze so i may feel your embrace.  Play a song, so I might hear your calling.  Lift up our hearts, when the sun light hits against our skin.  WE are coming home to you.  As you await our return, please realize there are so few of us, that we need your help more than ever during these times.  WE will do our parts to teach your children to love you, but we ask that you do your part and give us a sign, to each of us who listen to you.  WE will hear you.  WE love you. 
My Great Spirits as you protect us, we want you to know, that we gift our lives to protect you.  And we look forward to the days, when we will be able to see your shining love.  Our hearts bloom knowing you are coming home to us.   Help us to receive you.  Help us to teach others to receive you.  And help Lisping Wise One  to trust herself, in these difficult times.  She is our devoted warrior, our Eternal Bells you have sent to us. And now, we are going home.
May you and I be the blessed of the dawning.
aho, thank you lisping wise one
prayer of light our actions from "eternal bells" elder blue person 
written by "twin deer mother" elder crystal person