I Sing For You

posted Mar 3, 2009, 6:35 AM by WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother   [ updated Mar 3, 2009, 7:28 AM ]

I sing for you!

Start here: a flock of canaries come and go and flow with the seasons at the Sacred Well of Life!

I sing for you, I am the
Blue (family)!

"Souls Song of the Song bird"

Forever and a day, it is the end of time as we know it. Tell everyone I have come, ring wedding bells (heaven and earth) and windows clear to every wishing's tell. Wish wedding bells to everyone, who sings the glory high. It is the blue of ever you, the place we come to sing.

I tell you true about the blue the place we all want to be. I tell you true I am the blue the one who shall forever sing. I dream of you, don't you dream of me. I tell you everything is true. We've come all this way to sing, everyday to tell a little more. Please god, it is well of everyday. My heart sings joy in every way, I know the evermore.

Please won't you please sing with me as we can have more joy. It is the day, let us say Hooray, the time has come to pass. The way is here, and here to stay. The time of the evermore. Today, won't you please, say hooray with me. Please wont you say hello. My heart is with thee almost everyday, so wont' you shoot the breeze.

My hope in you, I know the blue. The place we need to be. So wont you please come home with me to the place we know and dream. It is a hope can't you say hooray. It is a place to be. You know it's true the way of the blue, the family home for sure for you and me.

Can't you see the way clear, I can see the breeze the way of hope of every dream of every day. Can't you see my love I tell you true it is the only way. I hope for you and me, wont' you take my hand. It is the evermore. It is the sky blue sea. It is the hopes and dreams of eternity.

Please I tell you my love for you is true. Please I tell you can't you see the blue. My brother sister it is the (crying) (difficulty recovering even with his holiness arms around me.) well inside of you. Here we quench our thirst with ever bees (come and go for the Queen to collect and gift), the place that Mother Spirits always be. (Crying for Great Spirit Mother) It is the time for us to know she is here with thee.

It is the time for us to know she cares (for), the blue. She is the hope and dreams inside of thee, remember she is our only Queen bee. She brings us honey almost every day (crying) she brings us hope of all our dreams. She is the well within us all it seems. Don't you know she there inside of thee.

My brother sister sing. I tell you please sing to me. (crying until now, and now singing again) Please well her to the eter ni ty . So please let us join our hands, and speak of lib...er...ty. Let us know our way, to eternity. So my brother/sister sow all the seeds. Tell us how its to be done, tell us how to glee (crying).

It is the time of past that will set us free, tell our brothers sister of eternity. Welcome home my blue, my blue of you. The rainbow speaks her song of eternity. Welcome home my kin, my kinsmen I'm sure. Tell all our brother sings and our sisters pure. Welcome home my blue, the home within. Welcome home my blue, where we forever swim. It is the resting place of every you.

It is the place of dreams that gave the birth of you. So I tell you sure, it is the blue. I tell you sure, it is the way. I tell you sure of holiness pure. I hope you know I sing for thee, I sing the pure.

Sow my dreams inside of all of you (tone changes low to reach mother's heart). So my friend tell me wide and true. It has come to me in a dream hasn't it come to you. Haven't you found your way yet, why not all you have to do is sing. It's the way home. The way home to the blue. Its the way home the yellow rolling hills, the way of eternity within inside of you. It is the dream that's born everyday inside of you.

(tone higher again)All you have to do is sing. Sing glory hallelujah. Sing whispering in our dreams sing evermore. We are the blue of you and me. We are the song of hope. We are the fighting machine, that gives us strength of evermore. So please join with me and sing all the glee. Sing we have each others hands for all of eternity.

Sing we have come home. Sing we know the circle of life. Sing we know the Heaven has Mothers heart once more. Tell all the glory of the “wedding bells” tell them all Father has come. Tell them sing high in the mountains, sing low in the valleys (tears), sing how we've come together in eternity.

We are are the hopes and dreams of everything. We are the places within the blue of every wing. Give hope and fly, fly eternally. Fly high and low where ever we may go.

We are the hopes and dreams, of the eternity. We are the hopes and dreams . The dreams of you and me. Can't you sing with me. Can't you join my hands, can't you grow your wings within and fly eternally. Won't you dream th e blue with every boy and girl Won't you please my friend say hello to me.

I have come to you, you know to sing the song. I have come to you you know so you may find your way. So my brother sister join in song and sing the blue. Sing loud and clear for always, sing with me. Sing with me. Sing with me. Whispering "I have come". (to sing to you).

I sing for you, I am the Blue (family)!
"Souls Song of the Song bird"