I Will Show You the Way

posted Mar 3, 2009, 6:26 AM by WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother   [ updated Mar 3, 2009, 7:29 AM ]
I will show you the way! the Song of the Soul begins!

Tell me are there stars in the heavens. Tell me are there many dreams up above, But tell me why so many hearts can know despair down here and so many do not play fair. What can I do to know the ways of love inside their hearts. They tell me whispers of the divine above and I sing the lords love. We are going around and around my friend, We are going around in time, We belong to each other if you only you could find the love of your heart and mine. But what do you do, but walk away. You tell me I know what to do..But why must I do them alone without you, if we could have fun all the way.

My beginnings of time never dawns just because. They tell me all their songs and their dreams up above. I try to imagine all the songs in their minds, but it gets lost when I try to make it all rime. So I scatter what I may and set it out to the winds and I know it all will be free. We hope for encounters which will give us a hand, a loving house where to stand. It cannot be done alone my friend. It can only be with each other along the path.

We must find the hearts of many in despair to find every lost soul that seems to hide. We are their journeys together we grow, like a flower who reaches for the sky. But what do we do when the sun never shines, but wish happiness will find a return. When rainbows are flowers and true and blue. We are the the weapons of love don't you know. Keep up the battle of love in your hearts and know that there's love inside of you.

My darlings bestow me with graceful bliss. The knowing you will try to fly. Just pick up your objects and throw them to the air and know they will find a return.

I know they will find a return. She is the Great Mother true and blue, the family of our own dearest heart within you. We must coddle her for she lives within you, where wishes begin to grow........................don't give up but be brazen and give a good fight. And know that it's all for the show. We display love of action to know all the rules of war and the causes of despair. Now the flow is changing and what do we find? It's all but a matter of time.

We have to put our arrows back into the pack, the quiver is all but a show. My heart will find you just you wait and see. I'll find you with all the skills of the arrow man pure. I'm sure and straight and will find your heart. Be sure, the quiver is on my back once more. But if you could only know love inside of me. I will put the quiver away for you. I'd rather know the love of a heart that is pure than fight a good laugh for the show...

There are days when we must choose to keep all in past, just to realize another way. Then we turn the other way, just down a different road, but the arrow is straight and sure of you. The laws always keep to the road that true, the loving red road that is in front of you each day you step into her heart.

She is the dragon that flies up above to shine as mythical and pure. She is the blessed that knows all the ways, of love and the road of the red, for sure. The road of the red that is so pure, for sure. She keeps us all knowing in all the heart ways. The honor of fighting for love. She's our mother inside us, who grants us our wish, if we could only receive all her love. Yes indeed. If we could only receive all her love.

We find another road and find another way, but we turn back to the tried and true. The only way to heaven is when you learn your way of love and the kind of the blue with you, the kind of the bleu that's within you.

My darling I love you and I wish all for you. But you just have to want them too. If you depend on Rainbows to brings all your shine, then your radiance knows not the bloom. Just inside you is all we ever need to blossom and shine like a rose. It's true.

We all need to shine like a rose in bloom. To smell and know the heart ever knows the gifts that fall from above, but what does it matter if you are not there. So I must come and get close to you inside of you. I must come home with you, it's the blue, the blue of me and you, its' true, the blue inside of me and you.

Blossoms are ever growing each day, the blossom that never dies. It's truly a work of magick it's true, The magic is inside of you . The magic inside of you, I'm sure. The love I know of is all around the world. We hold on to it fast and sure. But what does it matter if I don't know your heart. If you turn away and go down the road, that way. If you turn back and look away. My heart knows no matters of love beside you, when you go and never say nay.

But what can it be if you would only stay and know all the love of the play. Yes indeed. I you would only stay and play with me. We could have so much fun you know. But my heart gets fluttered and you turn away and I know I've lost you again. How will I tell you we are all on our way, if they could only look upon the path of the way, the way that's written in love all the way, the path that is written in love.

My darlings I love you don't you know I'm part of you. I am true and wish I am sure. Because I do matter to you from above, I choose to come home to find you, Yes I have. I've come to find a home without you, not for sure, but find instead a home that is pure.

We cannot have Rainbows if we all turn away. But we can have love for always. It's the road that's never in trouble they say, but it seems that we don't know the way. So it seems. But if we look deep inside, we find the well of truth. The well that purifies all lies.

It's the place we quench our thirst most everyday of our lives. The place that gives us all birth. She is Inside us, each and everyone. She the Greatness of all that is pure. But we have faltered and know not the way, because we dip not from her pure no more, We dip not from her pure. So instead find the water within fresh and pure and bless it most everyday.

Don't forget the brothers and all who come and play inside the darkness of love and an embrace for sure. The heavens know love I am sure, let me say. I have come home to teach how to play, yes indeed. Just watch my face glow each day let it shine. I will always know glory for sure. its what keeps me alive knowing that someday, all will know the dreams at the well inside. WE all will know the dreams at the well.

We all must have adventure that's in all the rules to explore and find some fun. But if we do not gather and know we are having fun, then what are we doing at all tell me so. Just instead, find a way to say yaeh. We are all brothers and family you know. We have the heart of a child, but I am not with you, it shames me to know you are over there all by your self don't you know. Just reach out and touch my hand and find a way. Just reach out and and find a way.

Don't find excuses, instead find a way, to break all the rules and be free to know love. Just find all the rules and go have some fun. Just teach it's all the same way. WE give to one another just so we can do it again, and again and again here to stay that's for sure , We come here just to play. And have fun. It's all in the show I tell you the truth of loving each heart all the way.

Don't you pass my way, and turn the other way, instead give me love and say hey. Yes indeed. Just stop and say hey, I'm passing this way, I've come all this way. Just to find a loving family to find a home to stay. And we can play and know grace all the way, yes indeed.

We can play and know grace all the way. As more and more find me they will not turn away. They will always come home to play, yes indeed. I know from all of heaven they tell me always that love is the road to the play......................

My heart has been broken so many times that's for sure. But I know it 's part of the show. Its the games we play together which defines all the rules. Just know we are traveling the same way, yes indeed. We are all traveling this way.

I am the Whipper (light) Willows (birth) Bloom, Green Eyes Smiling
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman