Sacred Storm Dreamer

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Sacred Storm Dreamer's Prayer
aho ah flight from heaven
Forever and a day, we part our ways, only to find us together again on the rolling hills of time.  My great spirits, Our hearts speak to you, we are on our way to you again.  To be one, has been along time coming.  We have been apart for so long.  It seems that only the cleansing will bring our hearts together.  I know we all want your little children to find their way to the pure sacred well.  But they do not drink and they do not listen, even to themselves.  So we must drive them towards their own heart. 
We are both sad, my Great Spirits, and we understand the cleansing.  WE are but little ants upon a hill.  Let our Ant people who suffer for us so much teach us the way to love.  As we become the Ants upon Mother Earth.  WE will be the children who listen to you.  WE are the ones, who walk together with you again.
My Great Spirits.  Giving our hearts, is not easy, but it is your will.  Those who listen and feel your pain, understand, but those who do not feel you, do not understand.  They turn away, because the reality for them is here.  And the reality for you is there.  But now, is the time, we we emerge as one.  One Heaven together with One Earth.  And we the ants must learn to travel the way of the Great Migration.  WE always have enough because you care for your children.  WE always have a vision because we see with your eyes, WE always embrace you because you wait for us at the sacred well.  And Mostly my beloved Great Ones you always, have us in the palm of your hand.  And we bow down to your will. 
You are the ones at the Horizon who keeps the passageways alive.  you are the ones, who drive the little children to and fro, like a lullabies.  With this, my great Ones remember we need some lullabies.  It has been difficult to see with your eyes, to feel with your heart.  to know what you know.  So, you know now, we need you to hold us with your hands, and sing the lullabies to us once more. 
We are coming home.  WE are together again.  And now freedom will reign.

Aho. thank you sacred storm dreamer

prayer of light our actions from
"Sacred Fire Skywalker-thunder and lightning"
elder rainbow person 
written by "twin deer mother" elder crystal person