The Turning Point 2009

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Celestial Winter Solstice

Uniting Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother
we call this sacred holiness...

The turning point of the winter solstice is when things are still in darkness. During winter, the seed is in deep-hidden stillness (Keeping Still).The cycle of the year is closed as the Winter Solstice, old, cycles through to the joining of the Vernal Equinox, new.
The end of everything is joined to a new beginning; a continuity by which the old and new are linked together.Winter in the course of a year is the time of reflection.

We hear; we think and reflect; we practice.Winter is the time to think and reflect.We must remember the past to bring forward to the future. We come back to where we started; the complete cycle of the year:Heaven and earth determine the direction.

The forces of mountain and lake are united.  Thunder and wind arouse each other.  Water and fire do not combat each other.  Counting that which is going into the past depends on the forward movement.  Knowing that which is to come depends on the backward movement.

Thank you Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, Amen
Holiness David, Elder Lavender person

Celestial Winter Solstice 2008-2009

Pray of the Wonderful Spirit!

When we are fearful, give us the power to reach out to you! When Wonderful Spirit, our lives seem in turmoil from anxiety, give us the power to reach out!  When we seem to lose all sense of where we are because we are so afraid,
please give us the vision to see you! Know you!... giving us the courage to face our fears,
doubt, and anxiety!
The coming days ahead will be filled with many challenges...we ask Wonderful spirit, Creator of all, that You be the guide and compass in all we do. Lead us to those who thirst for truth and Your compassion for we are reflections of You!

A Gift of prayer for you!
Celestial Winter Solstice 2008 . . . . The Sacred Circle of Life . . . .
Sacred Storm Dreamer Elder Rainbow "sacred fire skywalker" Spiritual Vision Leader

Spiritual Vision Leader

Sacred Storm Dreamer a Cosmic Rainbow, witness to the birth of the Golden Age, unifies our hearts with his love. He gives  insight to the growing storms ahead and leads us to the eye of tranquility. He keeps vigilant during the Greatest Migration. Welcome home to the yellow rolling hill in evolution. Aho ah (fly with god)

Prayer for Today!

Thank you God for coming to us this day, when many hearts have not found their way.
We are unfolding to every surprise, but inside the pain is difficult to surmise.
But if we look upon the rainbows we see the dawning of a new time.
If our hearts long for tomorrow then we can whisper to you and to me.
We are the many of few who follow us home.
We have many songs to listen to and many songs to sing.
We have to be righteous in the days of tomorrow to help our brother and sister find the way of love.
When we are from the heavenly who walk upon this earth.
We remember the heartbeat that we take each step with mother heart she endures all our pains .
Each day we gift to her our blessings and
we know the Great Spirit Father always sends his light to us to shed the way of love along the path.

We are the few of the many, we are proud and the blue, but if our hearts do not hold hands with the many, then our hearts will not know the blessed.
So say instead hip hip hooray, the time has come to hold my hand.
We are brothers and join we me the great spirits have already reached down from the heaven, and now we must reach up above.
It is the dawning that is within us all, and thank great ones who protect us and give us life each day.
You are the ones we walk for, you are the ones we give our hearts for.
We are thankful for each breath of life we have inside of us.
We are grateful for each day that springs life again.
For the sunshine gives us much and our hearts give us more.

So we are blessed and the few, who walk around the many who do not know the joy of the dawning.
We are the few who must join hands with our family once more and even though they do not want this to happen we shall cover them with a blanket of our loving embrace.
For we are family and brothers and sisters once more.
Aho (spirit fly), and Amen (one of many)