Winter Solstice 2008

posted Mar 3, 2009, 6:40 AM by WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother

Song of Prayer Gifted

today is the dawning in the day of the dawn,
but it always knows which way to turn,

if i can find happiness in all the ways with me,
i will always know the ways to shine,
it is within me i can know the way,
if i only keep the sun inside,
if the winds find happiness in all the days ahead,
it will find me in the always,
for we are happiness on a ride,
we are here to know love,
whatever we share is to know love once more inside,
to know the pure of heart will endure,
but how will i walk when,
each day doesn't shine,
when the darkness comes inside of me,
well the deep is within me the darkness that is pure,
and i know that great mother dwells therefore i am, the wisdom of the eternal age,
i am the winery of the red in bloom,
it is the schooling of the divine instead to teach the way of love ....
so which way to turn to know all the ways to know, which way i am inside,
the wills of the many have all deep inside,
the wills of the many are divine,
my path is sacred i know this is true,
my road is red with blood of the dead,
and i know that all that suffered for me have come to lead us home....
so what can i do to find the whipper will,
the light that guides the way,

will we listen to the springtime that comes in our hearts,
or will we turn and walk away?
but if I can plant the seed in their heads,
that only the soul can bleed the red,
i can show that the love that's willed inside instead
the love of the red the love of god....
so keep close to me the will of everyone,
and keep my heart on the red (road) I have but a, whisper to keep in silence pure,
to know that love sheds the way,
to know that love sheds the way....
to know that love sheds the way....
Sacred Hoop Solstice Gift
Winter Solstice 2008 a gift to you
the Song of the Soul from
"Shimmering Dawn before the twilight"
Song of Prayer gifted from White Buffalo Calf Woman