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To: Holiness David
Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star,
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Thurman Horse, Lakota Artist

For Purification
and Blessings From
White Buffalo Calf Woman "Twin Deer Mother"

His Holiness David
 "Running Eagle Shooting Star"
Please email:
Please email:

You will be notified and put on a list after receiving your request. Please be patient for Blessings, Vision Interpretation and other Gifts.  If you do not hear from White Buffalo Calf Woman within one month,
 please email again or even try catching her at Midnight Chat.  And if you need blessings sooner, please contact Elders below.   We can put you on a prayer list sooner if requested.  And we are available each Sunday by telephone conferencing.  We love you and we care about your welfare. If you have sent anything towards us, at least one elder has you in their prayers.
 It is just we have only so many hands right now.  This is why it is necessary for you to create community in your own neighborhood and we will show you how.

If you feel you could walk with the Elders, we could really use your help,  those who walk the Red Road, the law of love. We will assist you to  integrate the gathering within your own local community, traditionally called the Pow Wow. (These true hearts are led by Elders which doesn't happen in many places.  The pure heart gathering is rare, because it consists totally in the Great Give-A-Way, where no exchange of money occurs. It is a sacred religious gathering to give respect to Mother Earth and Father Sky, which give to us everything for free.  Our reverence is to be this image of the Great Spirits, to join the Great Give-A-Way.  Create family relations who know love with daily purification rituals.   This journey counts and the  Elders walk the Red Road the law of love!
  We serve the Oneness of the Rainbow Clan.  And this means everyone, everything and every related.


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Prophecy of Rainbow Warriors Arise

white man- father nation, NE, leading the world of luminous
yellow man- child nation, NW, teachers of the yellow way, "law of spiritual love"
red man - twin nation
, SW,
"keeper of the reflection, the red road, "law of physical love"
black man - mother nation, SE, leading the heart of numinous

Vertical horizon - north ( land mass peninsula) golden (white and yellow)
Vertical horizon - south ( land mass islands) brown (red and black)

Ordained at Horizon East and West
Star of David - Heaven and Earth as Oneness
The House of the Beloved - the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
 -  Holiness David "Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star" (lavender person)
     -  Paradise Crown of Earth, Deliverance, Reverence is Returned
     -  Bringing forward the many Kings of Earth, the lavender people
 -  White Buffalo Calf Woman "Twin Deer Mother" (crystal person)
     - Celestial Crown of Heaven, Reader of the Your Book of Life,
Perfection in Truth
     -  Bringing forward the many Crowns of Heaven, the crystal people

Great Father Leads
East Sons of Israel Nation (luminous),
What is the law!
(Written Law will be distributed by them, mathematics of the Rainbow Colors)
 - caretaker of records of the living library, Rainbow Clan Law (yellow way, the soul journey at horizon entrance)
Leading Physical Body House of David, His Holiness David "Holiness Running Eagle" (Lavender person)
-  Paradise Crown of Earth, Deliverance
Leading Soul Body, House of Daniel, His Holiness Rahhiib "Holiness Down Below"
(Lavender person)
-  Paradise Crown of Earth, Deliverance
Priest Men
-  Law and Record Caretakers
Ladies of Israel
- Commanders in Chief of Gatherings

Great Mother Leads
West Native North Americans (numinous),
What will be learned!
(Living Law will be distributed by them, knowledge of the Rainbow Colors)
 - caretaker of the living library, Rainbow Clan Law (red road, the flesh journey at the horizon entrance)
Leading Physical Body Blue Lake, Taos, Her Holiness Looks Back. (Lavender person)
-  Paradise Crown of Earth, Deliverance
Leading Soul Body, Spirit of the Lake, Lakota, His Holiness Looking Horse (Lavender person)
-  Paradise Crown of Earth, Deliverance
Medicine Women
-  Keepers of Medicine Healing

Warrior Braves
- Protection of Gatherings

Great Uncle Leads
the one before the two, the crown of upper heaven
Shem means "name of the one before the two before birth"
Direct line through the mother of Anicent Israelites, birth of Islam!
Commander in Chief of God's Armies

Sung and Interpretation by White Buffalo Calf Woman and written with Holiness David

A Joy Light From Within


Elders, foundation to our lives!

Mathew 3-12

Blessed are the poor in spirit (not boastful),
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn
 (tears for the returning,
sadness for the unblessed),
for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek (humble),
 for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those
 who hunger and thirst after
 (fighting for truth from the heart,
the fountain of life),
 for they will be filled. Blessed are the
merciful  (empathy from the heart),
for they shall be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart (blessed and walking sacred ways), for they will see God. Blessed are the peacemakers
 (walk in unity, not separation),
for they will be called
 the suns of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted
 because of righteousness
(standing firm in the laws
 of G_ah_D, the tree of life),
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are you when
 people insult you, persecute you and
falsely say  all kinds of evil (hate crimes)
 against you  because of me
(Great Spirits law of Love).
Rejoice and be glad,
because great is your reward
 in heaven, for in the same way they
persecuted  the prophets who were
before you. 
(this time we are going home towards the dawning,  where heaven and earth
become one house, gathering together.)

Wednesday April 08, 2009 (5769)

Birkat Hachama (ברכת החמה),

"Blessing for the Sun" 

"ברוך אתה ה' אלהינו מלך העולם עושה מעשה בראשית"
"Blessed are You, LORD,
our G_Ah_d,
King of the Universe who makes the works of Creation."

Sunrise to Sundown
Solar/Lunar Year begins Again,
another 28 years. Arrival of Passover.

Passover reminds us of Freedom From Bondage, When the Soul remembers the Heart of Sacredness. We forgive our Brothers and Sisters. And teach the laws of love
Luminous and Numinous greet our hearts once again.
Welcome to Heaven on Earth
Know Joy and Blessings. We are going home to the
 Dawning of Brotherhood!

Birkat haChammah, blessing of the Sun, recalls Creation.

My Rainbow Clan, You wear the

garments of lights which make us perfect, the image of Creation.

Within you, A Joyous Light is Born!

"Blessing of the Sun"

Obligations, Responsibility to your Community, Greet others with an open Heart!

Titus: 1:15

To be pure and all things are pure (elders);
but to those who defiled and
unbelieving (rainbow clan),
nothing is pure, but both their mind
and conscience are defiled
(instead let us, elders, teach them
to be seekers
who search for knowledge of blessings).

Qualifications for Elders

Titus 1:5-9
This is why I left you in Crete (creation, we the creators),
 so that you might put what remained into order,
 and appoint elders in every town as I directed
 you— if anyone is above reproach,
the husband of one wife, [1] and his children
 are believers and not open to the
charge of debauchery or insubordination.
For an overseer, [2] as God's steward,
must be above reproach.
He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered
 or a drunkard or violent or greedy for gain,
but hospitable, a lover of good, self-controlled,
 upright, holy, and disciplined. He must hold firm
 to the trustworthy word as taught,
so that he may be able to give instruction
 in sound [3] doctrine and also to rebuke
 those who contradict it.

Lakota Artist

Image Henry Crow Dog by Peltier

We are looking forward to working with you!

"White Buffalo Calf Woman"

Twin Deer Mother

We are creating a Native American Police Force
Rainbow Warriors of Peace.

 This means you protect the Native American way, as Natives know this way which is written across their hearts and that we are all related.  As we walk into uncertain times traveling from the rolling hill to rolling hill, we enter into the third phase of evolution,  Heaven and Earth.   Native Americans, you will be the Soul Elders who will manage other Rainbow Warriors.  Do not be mistaken, the Spirit of the Lake will return to you, as One Blue Lake.

Turtle Island,  the land of the Green Grass is waiting for us.  There shall be a cleansing from the Great Spirits and  we have many who need to forgive.  Until then, we are preparing for this Great Migration to occur and
request Rainbow Warriors to take their place and
provide protection for the related who follow the laws of the Great Spirits, the Red Road, the law of love.

 We are purifying and so should you, each and every day the fire ceremony is part of our lives, to prepare for the coming times ahead.  Those who wish to participate
and learn to walk the Ancient way of Brotherhood,
please contact t
he Elders and we will get you started,
in learning the greatness that lies within you!

Walk the Step of the Heart Beat, we are going home!
Dawning my beloved, I beckon you,
"Come Home and Dream with Me."
Aho...spirit fly with all the related.

Walk the way
Seek the Vision Quest

Great Father and Great Mother
Directs all  at the Eastern shore

70 the sacred circle


Elders, foundation to our lives!
Those who say what they do
and do what they say!

red road
The Red Road is the law of love through light, directed by the physical body and the movement of light, the tree of life, the physical realm, fastened to the earth allowing the wind (from water, soul body) to flow through the physical body (fastened and still). Here we are creating sacred space and sanctuary, through seasonal celebration and daily creations of joy with our flesh.  From the point of view of love, within the heart of God is Oneness (Blue Lake of Earth), let love stream forth into the hearts of men, reflecting inwardly, towards the outer world.

The red road is the light of the physical body, which allows the law of love the sacred embrace to be known. Here we begin the four directions in rainbow colors.  Our flesh and holy temple, called the buffalo home, allows the sound
of wind of the soul body to enter and fly through.  Eldest is the Red Man, the Star Journey Stories, bring forth the Spirit of the Lake on Earth.

The Red Road, is the law of love, the realm of flesh, light and breath (flight), where we walk. I am the embrace.

blue road
 The blue road is the law of motion in sound in the wind, tears, rivers and sky. The eternal circle of life. Like the tides, that ramble to and fro, the spiritual realm of numinosity is fastened to the heaven allowing the darkness to resonate or vibrate within the sanctuary of the flesh body. We are offered a voice and heartbeat, to flow through with soul body (motion and knowing), creating spiritual reverence and blessings, through the vision quest or inward walk, as we express creation through the soul.
The blue road is the soul body, which is housed in our holy temple, buffalo home of the rainbow colors and four directions. Here the wind blows the leaves (relatives of the sacred blue) and the roots which long to feel the waters glory, on the tree of life.

The blue road is the law of sound, the realm of soul, unseen all round wave, where we talk and feel our heart.  I am the song.

yellow way
or path

The yellow road or yellow way is the law of love bonded, sound and light united.  This law unites the roots below, to the leaves above, to unite together to be one path.  Here is where the law of the eternal spirit, fountain of life flows freely from the soul, flowing to and fro of the  heavenly realm allowing the heart from the eternal knowing of perfection, to guide the flesh body of light as tools for the sacred journey, the breath of freedom, the wind across my face.  All life is connected by the yellow cord, for it's the middle spectrum of light, where freedom is known in flight,
the dream and the dawning from which
we return. 

Yellow way is bonding to self, to carry a dream to walk and talk this memory and to live it fully as "I am a dream". I am perfect, God has made me in thy image. Here the eternal spirit is released like a fountain of life.  It is the soul realm that gushes forth, our love and inner world of our hearts.  This is the heavenly realm of darkness which allows the heart from the eternal knowing of perfection, the Song of an Angel (that would be you), to guide the physical body or tools of light, for our sacred journey, the breath of flight over rolling hills or light waves.  Together, there is a flowing back and forth between realm of light and darkness, the to and fro from our Power, will of men who choose love as law.  When unification from our flesh red road and our soul blue road collide, light streams forth from the inner reflection into the physical realm of men.  Let Light descend on Earth, rise up, to share the sacred rainbow of many splendid colors.  Let purpose guide the Rainbow Warrior.  Here is known, the quality to serve others before self.  To mend broken hearts, to dance with the sunrise and sunset.  Our Kinsmen begin to serve and know where the will is known. . .Point of light within the mind of God (oneness) to reflect from the center and to extend and radiate out to shed the Golden path.

The yellow way is the united soul and flesh, the united blue road and red road.  Two roads converge to create a sacred flowing of the crystalline stone river, where there is one path, the yellow road.  Here we begin to understand our dreams, to  rise up, to stand our ground, to allow others to roam and to have a home. We become the living dream, the golden radiance from within, to shine forth, into the world.

I am the Sun Dance, the Morning Star returning to Earthly morals.
The yellow way is the united soul and flesh, the united blue road and red road.

whitey, the star
The brilliance of the white star shines when the tree of life, the physical body, can fight for love and allow the true heart  of the eternal fountain to flow, the reflection of the heart, a mirror to your feelings we see in each other through the blue waters and blue sky.  This can only be done, if we care enough to share as contributing relations. We walk the Red Road, the law of love, by doing what we say.  We walk the Blue Road, the true heart, by voicing our feelings.  And when we unite the blue with the red, we follow the yellow way, the seed planted in your dreams!  Four united directions, the dream has risen and a star in heaven shines down from above to the below. 

I am the Evening Star returning to heavenly virtues.  I bow like the rainbow and serve others, with my perfection.  I stand up, like a holy mountain and flow down like a river in green grass valleys.  I dream my dream and I shine. The whitey is the united four directions, "I am Godliness".

Rainbow Relative Rainbow Warrior and Elder

The Soul moves in this order, according to the laws of love (sound), in the physical realm of lights (rainbow colors).  First step is joy, you learn to dream, the Vision Quest.  You become a seeker.  Second step is the Warrior, you learn to protect Love (sound of the heart), Third you become the Caretaker, where the laws of sound are applied within the laws of light.  You serve others in their needs.  From the center which we call the race of men, we unite.  This is the sacred journey of heaven's flight that has touched down upon the earth on top of the holy mountain, like an Eagle.  Here unification takes place with heaven and earth, through the holy dance.  This is our sacred deliverance. 

We become the reflection (blue or relative) of the oneness within and without, when we allow the plan of love, our heartbeat and song of the eternal motion stride.  At the fountain within, springs tears of joy or suffering of the deep waters of the ocean blue, the reflection of me and you.  These are our dreams in the darkness of heaven, which takes soul flight.  This constant is known, like water that never stops flowing and finds it's way allowing and receiving all the oneness has to give. Remember how it smelled the cleansing, like after a rain's water that blesses and gifts life again.  Renew within, where joy of dreaming flows with daily blessings and offerings in service to others.  Allow your light shine outwards from within.  And may the crystal door be open to the pure hearts forever and ever to dwell in love and peace to restore the power on Earth, the law of heaven, LOVE.  We invite all homeward with a blessing and purification, according to the laws of heaven and earth. 

Power comes when we know how to use love, to be righteous, standing our ground and trusting our souls.  We begin to work together as the tree of life, perfect radiance that catches the wind that blows.  We dance and sing, the sun dance.  We become the fountain of youth, that equals happiness, by doing and saying what is right, the moral Godly ways in virtues written upon our hearts.  WE know love.  We fight for love.  We stand our ground.  We show compassion and understanding, but we also shine, like a Warrior who brings true justice, where all brothers and sisters belong together as Oneness of God. 

We are all Spiritual beings, belonging to the tree of life, where we hold a physical body, which can fight for love uniting broken hearts and allow the true heart  of the eternal fountain of youth to flow, the song of our souls.  The reflection of the heart, the soul body, offers a mirror for you to feel.  We see (vision with our eyes) and sea (vision with the heart) , to sense the spirit that flows and knows, eternal life.  Here we view into each other through the blue waters and blue sky, where the wind blows.  This can only be done, if we care enough to share as contributing relations in a clan or tribe. We walk the Red Road, the law of love, giving, by doing what we say with the embrace.  We walk the Blue Road, the law of song, receiving, by listening with our hearts.  We walk the yellow (golden) way, when we voice our dreams and share our lives with relatives. And we become the whitey when we shine like a star, humble and meek, to allow all to keep, the dreams alive.

Welcome home Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy...

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