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Buffalo in the Bad Lands

At 10:31pm on October 5, 2009,
Aimee Constant Looking Glass said…
White Buffalo Woman is a fierce and gentle guide. If you cannot handle your illusions being shattered then walk away! She works with a stick that will turn you back to your inner stealth! She is beauty embodied! I encourage every one who comes through these doors to stay on and be willing to see your reflection. If you do you will walk through the higher door of self-reliance and true trust in those that will love you! Be Blessed and Bless your self by continuing by placing one foot in front of the other and standing strong! Love Blossoms Here! Aho!
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Constant Looking Glass is our Indigo Prophet who shares the good news!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

White Buffalo Calf Woman Speaks of Migration with Golden Light Flies Earthbound

"For White Buffalo Calf Woman I have only good words.  The best that describe her is 'Unreasonable Love for all'.  Her spirit is what I hope the new world will be like.

I feel profoundly blessed to know her. Also that people do not have a clue to the heights into heaven her heart sings.  She is an honor to any group of people." says Elder Going Places in Grandmother Space

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