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Rainbow Clan Family
the house of the beloved

Relatives, hoops, groups, new members, existing members and guests who all have questions and would like to talk with Elders live who have questions now.

Front Door Via Telephone Conferencing 

and Google Chat in the Clouds

Chat at google in the clouds, must be prepared and connected inside the week, before you can enter by chat.  We will share by telephone conferencing and google chat : whitebuffalocalfwoman (necessary, other elders can be added), runningeagleshootingstar, lispingwiseone (for new incoming members).  Google allows you to set up all your chat services and connect via the email portal.  We the Elders only chat in the clouds, and all you need is a Google Email account to access chat and a request will get you added to the contact list.

Those who wish to ask questions to Elders, we are available by telephone weekly
Elders, Vision Interpretation,
Interpretation of Rainbow colors,
questions about awakening

Computer Assistance
Your Conference Access Number:     1-218-895-3911
Your Conference Passcode:    

Email for assistance and to schedule time convenient for relatives involved!

Holiness David Running Eagle and White Buffalo Calf Woman along with other Elders who are available will join us.  We go over skills of purification, gathering and evolutionary soul's journey. We will welcome in new members  and learn about their contributing perfection that they bring to the Family of Oneness.

Learn to be Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy, Arise.

Yellow Chief says, " I accept this challenge."

Aho, may your spirit fly...

our hearts belong to you

 Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

  Children of the Rainbow Clan, Relatives on the Hoops 


Join us each Saturday
Global Prayer for the World

Share the
Peaceful Wisdom Prayer
 or gift your own!

 looking  forward to your prayer submissions
and your sacred prayers at home too

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight

Each Saturday
Flight is open for all
Telephone Conference Soul Flight

Healing seem to always happen!

Are you ready to discover you can fly?

From Blossoming Petals, Aqua person

to: White Buffalo Calf Woman Twin Deer Mother <>
Elder Crystal Person

date: Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 6:04 PM

subject: thank you

White Buffalo Calf Woman,
Thank you for the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer
experience last night.
I truly appreciate your patience and love
with my family.
What an amazing experience to watch....
my best friend and my
oldest daughter flying together in spirit!
I will always treasure that.
They were both profoundly effected by it.
My dear friend, Gayle,
and I are going to try to fly with you next
Saturday night. She is an amazing spirit too.
I know you must have enjoyed getting to
know Heather on a Vine, Embracing Touch.
 She has been a friend with unconditional love
for me. I trust her with my life
(and the loves of my children).
Thank you for welcoming her and
my precious Dimpled Time into the
Spirit Medicine experience.
We are all eternally grateful for your guidance!
Love you!
Blossoming Petals