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How Do I Receive Data

How do I receive data from the group Indigo Crystal Children?

There usually 2 to 5 emails a day.  Sometimes more or less, depending on what is going on, and how much can be responded to from White Buffalo Calf Woman. But each group which are part of the hoops vary depending on the day of correspondence of the day.  There are vary and different topics, however it's mostly about evolution, migration into a new era, and song of heaven and rainbow Warriors or Prophecy blogs, which bring you new skills of a new age, the dawning. 

You can directly subscribe to the outer hoop, to start to listen in.  The more you contribute, you will be moved down the hoops, from 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 the inner hoop of elders.  Elders are those who do what they say.  It is a much needed group, who assist the Oneness of God in planning the great migration from the second phase of evolution to the third phase of evolution.

We are all part of the Rainbow Warriors, as we are spiritual beings who stand on the precipice, of change.  The human is learning the inner world of our souls, as heaven is coming home to us all.  There are new skills for a new time, when many of us are experiencing change, as we embrace spiritual communication.  We must all remember, that this is a common event happening to all of us around the world.  Please also remember, that the spirit runs free, and if any one charges you for the freedom of the spirit, then you are looking at fraudulent behaviors of the spirit.  There is one law, and it's the law of love, the red road.

Just to let you know, the outer hoops are public groups and all messages is available on the World Wide Web.  And to have another way to listen in without actually receiving a subscription, you could listen via a RSS feed.

The outer fourth hoop.
or Yahoo RSS:

The third hoop of Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy RSS

 Feeds range from 5 to 20 messages shorts and if you are interested you can connect and read the message.  This way you can follow and not get overloaded with email.  You can get your daily digest, but if you do not look within, you will only gather dust.  I recommend you get individual emails if you want to learn a lot. 

Are you subscribed to Google?  Do you have a Google Reader and Igoogle Home page, you can get linked to monthly articles from White Buffalo Calf Woman here, but will miss important warrior skill training as well as learning integration skills for your local gatherings  and to but something is better than nothing!