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Elder Objectives

What is the purpose of this separate site Active-Indigos?

Warrior Down programs are already here, but many New Age do not have any idea what this means nor even what the word Indigo really means. We are Perfect Souls, but not necessarily an Indigo Garment of light, who is the Great Prophet and Teacher.  Each of us have our sacred garments of light and White Buffalo Calf Woman can read your garments of light and gift to you the resolutions you need, to acquire your Power in your Perfection.  This is written in your light (numinous and luminous), "aura" as she reads your Book of Life.
We are creating a movie right now, and it shall be done as soon as we can get it out to the people.  There is no time to waste.  However this notice is urgent and marks a beginning in time, but events will not be occurring as we thought.  It is only the beginning of the shift, the shift will take years and then the actual breath of change will take another 6 months.  Here Elders join together and plan the Great Migration into the New Dawning, because we may very well need to be out of harms way during the Sacred Migration. Food, housing and where to be safe will all be issues in the near days ahead.
We are organizing right now, White Buffalo Calf Woman and His Holiness Running Eagle, we the house of beloved "David", walk with the Elders of A Joy Light From Within-Angel Services around the world.  Integrating the Great Give-A-Way, helping others create local gatherings and have begun the Great Migration planning for all the peoples of the world. WE must not think of our selves, but practice meditation only to realize who you are, once this is done, you are who you are, the Sage, who walks out into the light and gathers with the family, the Rainbow Clan.  We depend on everyone to do their part, but we also realize that many do not know how to forgive or stop their own hatred, the "warrior down". We must not depend on one writing or hearing of stories, buy we must listen to all our family around the world.  Get others you care about to join the online gathering to learn how to become the Rainbow Warrrior.  We find Elders who will become Golden Angel Warriors who walk with Active-Indigos.  Don't forget we have many who have visions especially our Elder Rainbow person Sacred Storm Dreamer and our shared visions we embrace as Oneness. We encourage all who really want to walk with White Buffalo Calf Woman, must only learn to validate, negotiate and renegotiate.  We are all perfect, she knows it better than most of us, and she proves it to us every day we walk with her and His Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star.  We are the Elders who support our Great Teachers and Prophets Indigos!  When will this traveler come to help you see the truth? updated 03102009
Who are Elders
of the
Rainbow Clan?

Those who do what they say!
And do not walk away,
but fight for love every time,
uniting broken hearts,
 that's the righteous wave.

Cross the red road,
with the blue road,
know what the united rising sun is,
tell the whitey, the star,
the bear that does shine,
that it's united four directions
that are not blind.

You want to know more,
join the hoops and portray,
how to unite and fight
the true warrior way,
 looking out for all even those
who lost their way.