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What is the function for this Yahoo Group Crystal Indigo Children?
Gathering is Sanctuary, protected by Rainbow Warriors, who follow the laws of love.  If you are planning with a gathering or shifting into Heavens ways "the law of love", then we will be safe.  "no man made degrees will help you get out of it"  Anyone who doesn't make the shift, are the ones we are going to take care of.  Most of the elders do not have any college degrees.  His Holiness David has a high school diploma and became the highest world educator of semiconductor equipment, and trained engineers all over the world, without a college degree.  Crystal persons are considered the God of science and I, twin deer mother, have no degrees, in fact i didn't finish high school, but  i did graduate with my class year at the local college, with a high school diploma for my family.  Education is available to all, we must only choose it. We all study what we enjoy to study, we shall study in mentorship programs, we shall share in total democracy.  When one does not understand, we wait until he does, like Father Heaven waits for Mother Earth and her children.  This only happens in the elders agenda meetings, the democracy of oneness, which shall be the same as the schools of the children.   "Our Star Kids are confused and in turmoil today. The current construct of our society leaves no room for them to come into their power, so they can show us the fantastic alternatives for living they are bringing to us from Spirit." says Daniel Jacob We are preparing the new way, as the shift has already taken hold in the little children, but the Adults are not skilled and we must learn.  Our high school kids are handicapped already. They have already ingrained in them the Earthly ways.  We gift everything away to each other, where none are left out.   Only the Gathering will save your children, ONLY THE GATHERING of the Heavenly ways will succeed for our future.  We are preparing the integration of Heaven and Earth. You know many live in a hell upon earth, we call it unhappiness in the light space.  And when they leave this life and enter the next they will be in hell in heaven, we call it unhappiness in the dark space.  Only love will get you out, not degrees.  The Gathering is the way homeward to the next phase of Evolution, the third yellow rolling hill in time.  Here Heaven and Earth which was separate before now is folding together, and staying safe upon this new dawning is dependent on the following the sacred way of the Gathering.