Gathering (Circles)

We gather to know our relations.  This is the journey of life!

Around the world we gather!  Those who follow the laws of heaven and earth find their way on the Red Road, the law of love. We will help you start a gathering in your local area for all your related.  Packages  of information will be sent out to you on request.  Please navigate to the Contact Page.  WE will help you place a "Keeper", native or indigenous person in your area.  Now this is going to be work, but it's worth it to unite our Rainbow Family again. 

Elders and Warriors are those who take their place, especially during these very confused times, we join in friendship (towards kinship) and place our hands in yours.  We dance for Mother's Heart beat.  Her joy is to know that all her children have united in their hearts.
  Join us as we return the Great Circle, back to the Elders of the World!

your devoted servants, White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder crystal child. Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, elder lavender child., Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Mathematical Proof is Detailed (Chosen Eastern Shore, Jew's Great Treasure, 
the arc/ark of the covenant. Chosen Western Shore, Sioux walking talking the star language), this image (numerical values are true, however positions) is limited to the Rainbow (folding light, walking) and the Glory or Circle of Sounds (talking). Silver is not listed, however her position is Young Woman, numerical value of 12. Silver and Rainbow are completely different colors or positions in the Rainbow Clan. This is unique to woman and child bearing. Colors 1-7 are still (realm earth or density) and Colors 8-15 stream (8-10 realm middle earth or streaming atmosphere, 11-15 realm heaven or streaming stars).  This image is named the Flaming Bush. 

The Flaming Bush is the Rainbow Clan. 
There are 15 rainbow colors for mankind walking. There are so many more colors talking, those of the unseen spirits, but this image shares the walking talking (seen). Learning about the Rainbow Clan, means you learn about yourself and how your perspective helps unite the whole of the river of life. Here is further reading ...
Donald Ronald Camping Inside speaks about the need for Gathering. He keeps space protected. He picks the stick up to speak at the Elders Agenda Meeting. He is from Heaven.

I have come to speak today, because my heart understands the under below world and we can say that we really appreciate the many visits you and many others have made to the heavenly realms. we can recognize there is a shift in some of you, but many who think they shift do not understand at all. They are full of themselves instead of being humble to their DREAMS. We are here to state the deliverance will come in the Stone River (We are all Crystalline Structures like Stones, and our souls flow as such). We know that the stones carry time beyond the space of love. We come to say, that changing is inevitable and we can only hope that more will join the returning to us the very heaven they came home to and left from. We await. My heart speaks for all the gatherings, be not afraid of us in heaven, we are not afraid of you, we tend to your every need, we want you to know the love that we have for all and we cannot have you think we do not love you, it is just our love must shine the truth to you and in the truth, you do not want to see. But we know you are trying. You are trying to become one with us. and many fumble along the way, we need more in place, more along the river bed of rocks and stones where all life begins. We are the majesty of all tomorrows which bring happiness and pain, where there is the love of flowing we cannot change this. Please help us to help you. Use love, receive our hearts and that we are right next to you helping you do all that you care for. When you walk the sacred way, we lovingly tend the garden, but when you destroy the love gift to you, we must scold you, it is love. And we cannot have you not return to us. We love you and we need you home to understand the four leaf clover (the sacred hoops). The heart of the glowing, the heart of my soul, the heart of the deepest the heart of you and me. We are never to know all that is dear, but we can find the help we need in the asking in the times we or you can dream or motion along the pathway of time. Terrible consequences can bring down mountains of beauty and majesty. But loving arms can bring in snow covered mountain peaks with running men to the top and women awaiting there return. It is the way, we are going home. Do not forget about us at the GATHERING. We can help you, we can help you create all you dream, help your family dream, help them to know we are holding their hearts and we are here to help your gathering. Yes, I agree in public places, it is where all flow together, if we start in a place where all flow together will help the Gathering. The flowing the ebbing and we are at peace. Joy comes from using the hands of god. Use your hand to sow, the seeds of tomorrow, dream of perfect gardens pure, where all life has commanding show and beauty rare for all to share. we can be this, if you welcome us into your arms in the gathering places that flow. i put stick down. (interpretation by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother)

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