Home Gathering

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The Realm of Earth, whom Reaches the Light of Holy Unity
Awaken to the Sacred Way that Reaches the Light Above
Heaven has come Home to the Rainbow Colors! 

April 6, 2009


First (red road, the law of love) the darkness (female, spirit) met (orange, seed, self as part of oneness) the light (2) (male, flesh).  They traveled on a path together and behind them was the past (3) (yellow,dream, three makes a reflection of light, a petal on a flower unfolding).  Ahead, their journey together  (green, spiritual embrace, oneness future looking forward leading the spirit, the green grass flows). Then they had a dream, a child was born.  Joy came, a family was born (blue, relative, home is where the heart is, in the reflection of our loved ones, out of the blue came you and me, flowing fountain of life gathered together like the oceans), the reflection of the heart was born. They needed protection, a warrior (indigo, perfect soul, rainbow warrior who could see the future and truth of the spirit), who could defend the perfect house of God, the loving family.  They reached outward to the Heavens with their heart's voice (violet, expression, strength of oneness story of courage and faith, the love that bonds) and a song to greet the light (holiness, walking the sacred way of love, having reverence for the journey of the flowing eternal); here upon the underworld called Earth we sought the new world, Heaven above. (ascending the flesh, as looking into heaven) And now, the light has touched the darkness once more and returned home again.  Here we know the gardens (holiness, where dark meets the light, a fire is born, the water babies flow, life) of joy and pain.  The knowledge of the reflection lives our hearts. Remember, the past (joy or reflection of the dream, yellow - the golden age, heaven and earth story) is the journey after the light and dark (holiness, greeting the sun, awaking after the long journey of past memories, finding love and the remembering of what was, the heartbeat of the never ending flow of oneness, we call G-ah-d, meaning the voice of heaven's heartbeat) meet.  If we wipe this away or bury it, our past, then what do we have?  We have our hearts reflection.  We must make this walk, the truth of the heart, according to the laws of Heaven (soul) that is now upon us, the sacred way on Earth (flesh).  

It is a Woman, the Soul world of Heaven; remember she started it all.  She was the law of love who demands that Heaven's will be known on earth with safe passageway.  This is the perfect law of red.  And this is why it is called the Red Road, the law of love.  This color Red often radiates the lesson for others to choose, "Do I use love or do I get angry. " Many of the Rainbow Colors wear Red, due to the motion of their own color in the fires light. The Sacred Way receives the other, with validation, to understand the relative and to serve them using a moral code of loving ways. Upon us all, the light  has come home again to complete the circle.  Blessings are known again when the heart beat is remembered.  Holiness is the Master Drummer. The darkness of the past has now seen the light.  Awaken.  Welcome to the Dawning!

What do you do now with your flesh, the light of the fire?  Well (of life), the soul acts harmoniously with the Oneness (sacred hoop of life, the journey).  And you, the darkness (woman, soul), the fire tender (dreaming at night, rest period to reflect, embrace of this light, spiritual flight to freedom done in the darkness) is learning to be perfect.  Others (reflection of the light, flesh) teach us to realize that our heart knows the law and this is the way. If we could only trust ourselves.  Even love thy self.  When with those who do not practice love, look at them and ponder, "S/he does not know love. I will teach her/him law.  I will care enough.  I will be their relation.  I will give her/him a chance to be their perfection. Until they find their heart again, I will guide them back to their heart beat , the flowing eternal heart beat that rings freedom from suffering and flows with joy.  Follow the Red Road the law of love, with reverence for the burning fire's light. You are Perfect, the very image of God, during the third yellow rolling hill in evolution.

Accredited to Willed One , Elder Magenta person (safe passageway)
Edited by Holiness David , Elder Lavender person (uniting love)
Written by White Buffalo Calf Woman , Elder Crystal person (reader of the rainbow colors)


Willed One Whispering Silence
Prayer Song

Down in the valleys come the mighty doir,
(freedom's style, the law of love)
came by staking a claim.
I take the mighty sword and I put it away.
And there where I lay it down, I pray.
Where can the mighty go to play,
if we don't touch the ground and believe in the day?
My heart will have warmth from Mother's dear ground,
if I look inside and learn how to pray.
My strength is the plenty of all my staking days,
the wisdom of all the past times.
And I know the books of life can go any which way
but its always so exciting along the way.

We the Greatness and I can be this,
for the world knows no boundaries that's for sure.
But willing, the mighty who pick up the sword
to sever the injustice of the world.
I will be the warrior of Mothers warm heart
and we will bring peace throughout the land.
For the Rainbow's Children will have all they
need, for I will make my staking claims today to the land.
I will return it to her (Mother Earth), didn't you say.

We will be servants.  We will be Soldiers (warriors)
 and Kingsmen (who) will return to their command.
For the sword of the mighty stands still in my hands,
when love is known. The ground is pure and the heart of the soul
is known. take care my children. Take care to believe
for I am coming to you once again.  Will I be your tormentor
or will I be your friend?  Depends on your opening heart.
My love depends on the flowing, the place of the knowing,
the heart of god's mighty hand.
For wisdom comes only when journeys are taken,
 and elders will take claim to the throne.
Aho, may your spirit fly!