Around the world we gather!
  Those who follow the laws of heaven and earth find their way on the Red Road, the law of love. We will help you start a gathering in your local area for all your related.  Packages  of information will be sent out to you on request.  Please navigate to the Contact Page.  WE will help you place a "Keeper", native or indigenous person in your area.  Now this is going to be work, but it's worth it to unite our Rainbow Family again.

Elders are those who take their place, especially during these very confused times, we join in friendship and place our hands in yours.  We dance for Mother's Heart beat.  Her joy is to know that all her children have united in their hearts.
  Join us as we return the Pow Wow back to the Elders of the World!

Click on this Link to get to the listing at www.whitebuffalocalfwoman.info Thank you for traveling over to get information!

Mitchell Park, Palo Alto, Saturdays

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Menlo Park Enipi, California, USA

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Mitchell Park, Palo Alto, Saturdays (cancelled)

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Join Holiness David and White Buffalo Calf Woman as we join together each week at Mitchell Park.
Contact Holiness David: email runningeagleshootingstar@gmail.com for your blessings and assistance to the gathering!
prayers@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org Holiness Running Eagle (Holiness David) offers you blessings
Check here to verify new information on schedule changes. 
This gathering will begin to gather April 25, 2009 
Peaceful Wisdom Prayer - All Day Saturdays
Mountain View / Palo Alto  Mitchell Park Gathering 
Circle of Trees
12 noon - 3pm Circle of Trees  3:50pm - 4:50pm PST Spirit Flight 7pm- 10:30pm
Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight 3:50pm - 4:50pm PST Spirit Flight 7pm
Gathering Departs for Hearts to Return Next Week  7pm- 10:30pm Park Closes.


Beloved Family,
Bring your contribution to the many Homeless who live in the local areas.  Bring food, blankets, law chairs and toys for the big kids at the Circle of Trees.  Don't forget your instruments and your feet to dance, especially Native American Dancers.  We welcome Dance Groups and other Artist Media Groups promoting Culture to the public.  Bands of Musicians, come and let us know when you want to join us to access necessary power, but usually have some power available at all times. 

It's a park and we are here to learn about joy.  Eat, drink and be merry.  No alcohol will be permissible.  Bring a dish with more than enough to share.  And don't forget your friends and relations.  Also, bring other things Caretakers, like tablecloth and silverware too.  Now, we will have some of these items, but as more and more join us, we always need someone to bring an extra item.  Just when you think we don't need something small, that very well be the small item that we may need.  We treasure the small things in the world that bring joy.  There are barbecue facilities and public restrooms, where we will set up behind, which is in eye and ear shot of the Circle of Trees. Be a participant in the Great Give-A-Way.  Someone may have what you want, and vice versa.  Maybe some trading.  Promote your business is okay, as long as you are Gifting to others during the Event. Gift what you do not need and help your relations know your love.

Hope to see you there,
Holiness David and Calf Woman

Today we also conduct a Peaceful Wisdom Prayer for individual responsibility to Global Prayer and during this spiritual foundation, there is another event the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight, where the Circle of Drums at Mitchell Park gathering participants will gift this in time.  We conduct a Purification to areas that request assistance for blessings.  We are arranging Enipi or Sweat Ceremony with local native medicine persons and we are hopeful for the cooperation of Palo Alto Parks and Recreation departments.  We journey in Soul flight when Someone has asked. spiritmedicine@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org sacred spirit medicine requests, purification and healing

Join us in Global Prayer each Saturday by Email. 
subscribepeacefulwisdomprayer@ajoylightfromwithin.org To join in weekly prayer with Elders
peacefulwisdomprayers@ajoylightfromwithin.org Share your heart and submit your prayer!
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http://peacefulwisdomprayer.blogspot.com Sat. Global Prayer and Soul Flight Information 5pm PST

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight 

5pm pst 8pm est Saturday (04062009 six flights currently)

dial-in number: 1-641-715-3715                                                                     

Your unique PIN: #062013

"Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey"


(requests to visit and purify the related upon Earth and Heaven through Safe Escorted Soul Flight.) 

Thank you for choosing to being part of the purification team and walking with elders,

the souls of flight, please join us by dialing in.  In the event you get lost or have difficulty

with Dial in, use Google Chat: whitebuffalocalfwoman between 4:50 to 5pm PST for access.

http://peacefulwisdomprayer.blogspot.com Sat. Global Prayer and Soul Flight Information 7pm MST

http://peacefulwisdomprayerflight.blogspot.com Sacred Preparation before Prayer Flight(plan)

http://sacredspiritmedicinejourney.blogspot.com Recorded Medicine Journey (construction)

Event posted afterwards about the flight! (in construction, cic members will receive data)

Attendees email comments to share to whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com


prayers@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org Holiness Running Eagle (holiness david) offers you blessings

interpretation@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org Send all interpretation questions of any Image 

stories@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org Send your stories of life as we travel together sharing

 A Joy Light From Within .Org

Gifted by Elders around the World

Mitchell Park, Palo Alto, near Stanford, Moffet Ames Airport Base, Shoreline Amphitheater and so much more within reach in the Silicon Valley!
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Holiness David and White Buffalo Calf Woman
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This post is...

Wrong neighborhood or place

Gathering Mitchell Park, Circle of Trees

Mitchell Park, Circle of Trees, Palo Alto Gathering at the Circle of Trees beyond the Community Center with Holiness David and White Buffalo Calf Woman each Saturday at Noon to Three Pm PST. Bring Drum, Heart and Light and join the Great Give-A-Way each Week with Elders.
Contact: Holiness David at runningeagleshootingstar@gmail.com To join in weekly prayer with Elders subscribepeacefulwisdomprayer@ajoylightfromwithin.org
For more information visit http://www.whitebuffalocalfwoman.org/gatheringorpoww...

http://www.ajoylightfromwithin.org (prophecy of rainbow warriors)


Yahoo Group Moderator

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Blessings Blossoming Petals, march 10, 2009

Golden Angel Warrior, Elder Aqua Person
Crystal_Indigo_children Yahoo Group Moderator
Topics of discussion: Heaven and Earth!

Bring joy with a Gathering,
Choose an edge of your property and donate for your gathering! Moderator Ashley.  Build a  school, multipurpose, to dance and have a party for all ages to gather and unite in heart.  Look for a "Keeper", an North American Native and you are in Cherokee land.  They are ordained to be Mother Nation, and tend the sacred fires. 

Gather food this next year for abou
t 18 months amount of food, plus more for others. These are some of the ways to unite the heart and be prepared for Sacred Storm Dreamers vision of Food Lines in one year!  Even if we do not need the food, next year we can do it again.  Each year be willing to prepare for 18 months of supplies, especially salt.  Salt is for everything to storage of food to medicine for the body. Anything that is used daily is of importance. Each of us will remember to keep something important!

Seeds too, they also only last for one year, but if each year we are sure to keep seed, God will take care of it to succeed over two years when the time is needed during the Great Migration.  Along the way procurements will be made around the world.  And as people need food stuffs we can ease their discomforts with at least partial requests, when sharing is a mandatory attribute.

Gathering is the utmost concern now in our lives!  WE, the light must fold into dark space which means that Heaven the dark space is folding with the light space which is Earth, becoming now Heaven and Earth.  This is not an easy progression, but the purification is the only sure way of survival.  And this means law, law of love which only comes by spending our time within the darkness of joy or the darkness of suffering.  Let our road choose joy for all our relations and walk the Red way, the law of Love.

When we follow the Red Road means, the color wave of Red vibrates and it purifies.  During this process we feel fear, pain, anger or we can choose love, unity and holiness.  This is a purification or lesson, the learning about love.  Many call this karma, but the choice is only this: "Do I choose love (unity of two or more hearts) or do I choose hate (separation of two or more hearts)?".  When Red is upon you, this is your decision to walk the way of forgiveness, compassion and love, hereby giving you freedom and liberation within to soar with your Spirit.  When your Spirit or your Soul Body flies, then we can conquer all fear (unknowing) and we are able to seek our own Vision (revealer), the collective consciousness of the Oneness working in cooperation and precision of the Perfection.  The path to enlightenment comes from Gathering with our neighbors, spouses and children.  Give Sanctuary to the Earth and show respect and honor to our fields, rivers, animals and rock kingdoms.  We look up, the blue sky, the place we are embraced by unification, WE REALIZE we belong together!

Your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman "twin deer mother"
Elder Crystal Person (iyeshka or interpreter)

Song of the Light the action of the body for Blossoming Petals!

Heaven is underway, and my soul is about to soar, but in side there is so much pain and suffering.  How do we claim the joy, when so many do not have enough food?  How do we find water when we do not have communion?  How do we bless each other if we do not have or know the heart?  There is much for us to do.  There is much for heaven to do?  Sow my children, and my kinsmen, remember to be your dream.  Remember to live your soul.  Remember to be your perfection which God has ordained upon you.  We are family you know.

The kinsmen to all the souls.  We are blue (related) under the sky.  We are happy to know the joy of love.  WE can find it if we choose.  But if we do not choose, then pain will be our companion instead.  Sow my Brother, my Sister, let us choose the loving way, the way of the heart beat, the way of unity and mostly let our spirits fly free.

I love you
aho (may your spirit fly)
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman

Everybody and Everything is related to us!
Welcome home Spirit of the Lake, my kinsmen the Blue Oceans of you and me!

Crystal Indigo Children

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Crystal Indigo Children Blog

Google Chat
Some of you may want to chat with the Group Members at Crystal Indigo Children!
We have created a guest Gmail account in order for
you to write directly to members available through the
RSS feeds above.  Rainbow Warriors in training who
will help you as much as possible through outreach
integration programs.   name: wbcwguest
password: followtheredroad

All email addresses are available with each message.  You do not have access to membership,
until you come and knock at the "Door"


We, a few Elders, will Conference Call New Members or Live Chat once a week for those seeking purification and warrior training.  Those who are actively participating in Gathering and Integration, practicing story telling and being part of the Great Give-A-Way become Elders.  Elders receive Weekly chat with WBCW to learn about their own perfection, until they understand their Perfection.  When walking with White Buffalo Calf Woman, you are then invited to move
into the inner circle, by participating in membership at Active-Indigos, Heaven's Perfect Integrated Soul. 

For those who do not enter these inner two circles, we offer two outer hoops that will help you know more about the Perfection and choose Forgiveness.  We will support your local gathering, suffering and give to you remedies to know our kinmen as all the related.

Lastly, you can follow Elder Blogs with RSS Feed Options or Upload files from this website.  WE hope to provide you with the tools to create true heart connections from your kinsmen who follow the Red Road, the law of love!  May your spirit fly "aho".


Crystal Indigo Children Messages



~Sanctuary for our children is not easy to come by these days.  This is why we are entering the next phase of evolution, called the "Dawning", the yellow rolling hill in time. 

~Sharing stories is the only way to learn in the new time!

~Each child's  (adult children too)  position is developed through the natural process of unfolding through growth and development.

~We walk beside each other, not on top or below, but next to the other.  Emotional development comes from trust, the law of heavenly love.

~Relationships with our kinsmen will offer a village to raise our children. Throw the ball with them.

Elders need start the process of sharing and contributing to the whole.  They then become the mentor that is needed for our children.

~Only warriors who practice the Red Road, do what they say.  Our children learn about their soul body and incorporate it with the physical body.  This is done only through purification.  Have you done the fire ceremony recently?  If not this is the path that starts the vision quest...

~Teach your child to respect all our relations,
from the heavens to the earth.

aho "spirit fly"

Crystals arrange together along a path, just as we do!
Follow the Red Road, the law of love.

We are looking forward to
working with you!

Menlo Park Enipi, California, USA

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Enipi Ceremony
Veterans Administration
Once a month!

getting the number soon, sorry about the delay.

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