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Crystal Indigo Children

posted Feb 24, 2009, 12:47 AM by WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother   [ updated Mar 13, 2009, 3:15 PM ]

Crystal Indigo Children Blog

Google Chat
Some of you may want to chat with the Group Members at Crystal Indigo Children!
We have created a guest Gmail account in order for
you to write directly to members available through the
RSS feeds above.  Rainbow Warriors in training who
will help you as much as possible through outreach
integration programs.   name: wbcwguest
password: followtheredroad

All email addresses are available with each message.  You do not have access to membership,
until you come and knock at the "Door"

We, a few Elders, will Conference Call New Members or Live Chat once a week for those seeking purification and warrior training.  Those who are actively participating in Gathering and Integration, practicing story telling and being part of the Great Give-A-Way become Elders.  Elders receive Weekly chat with WBCW to learn about their own perfection, until they understand their Perfection.  When walking with White Buffalo Calf Woman, you are then invited to move
into the inner circle, by participating in membership at Active-Indigos, Heaven's Perfect Integrated Soul. 

For those who do not enter these inner two circles, we offer two outer hoops that will help you know more about the Perfection and choose Forgiveness.  We will support your local gathering, suffering and give to you remedies to know our kinmen as all the related.

Lastly, you can follow Elder Blogs with RSS Feed Options or Upload files from this website.  WE hope to provide you with the tools to create true heart connections from your kinsmen who follow the Red Road, the law of love!  May your spirit fly "aho".


Crystal Indigo Children Messages



~Sanctuary for our children is not easy to come by these days.  This is why we are entering the next phase of evolution, called the "Dawning", the yellow rolling hill in time. 

~Sharing stories is the only way to learn in the new time!

~Each child's  (adult children too)  position is developed through the natural process of unfolding through growth and development.

~We walk beside each other, not on top or below, but next to the other.  Emotional development comes from trust, the law of heavenly love.

~Relationships with our kinsmen will offer a village to raise our children. Throw the ball with them.

Elders need start the process of sharing and contributing to the whole.  They then become the mentor that is needed for our children.

~Only warriors who practice the Red Road, do what they say.  Our children learn about their soul body and incorporate it with the physical body.  This is done only through purification.  Have you done the fire ceremony recently?  If not this is the path that starts the vision quest...

~Teach your child to respect all our relations,
from the heavens to the earth.

aho "spirit fly"

Crystals arrange together along a path, just as we do!
Follow the Red Road, the law of love.

We are looking forward to
working with you!