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Mitchell Park, Palo Alto, Saturdays (cancelled)

posted Apr 13, 2009, 10:19 PM by WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother   [ updated Apr 19, 2011, 9:14 PM ]
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Join Holiness David and White Buffalo Calf Woman as we join together each week at Mitchell Park.
Contact Holiness David: email for your blessings and assistance to the gathering! Holiness Running Eagle (Holiness David) offers you blessings
Check here to verify new information on schedule changes. 
This gathering will begin to gather April 25, 2009 
Peaceful Wisdom Prayer - All Day Saturdays
Mountain View / Palo Alto  Mitchell Park Gathering 
Circle of Trees
12 noon - 3pm Circle of Trees  3:50pm - 4:50pm PST Spirit Flight 7pm- 10:30pm
Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight 3:50pm - 4:50pm PST Spirit Flight 7pm
Gathering Departs for Hearts to Return Next Week  7pm- 10:30pm Park Closes.


Beloved Family,
Bring your contribution to the many Homeless who live in the local areas.  Bring food, blankets, law chairs and toys for the big kids at the Circle of Trees.  Don't forget your instruments and your feet to dance, especially Native American Dancers.  We welcome Dance Groups and other Artist Media Groups promoting Culture to the public.  Bands of Musicians, come and let us know when you want to join us to access necessary power, but usually have some power available at all times. 

It's a park and we are here to learn about joy.  Eat, drink and be merry.  No alcohol will be permissible.  Bring a dish with more than enough to share.  And don't forget your friends and relations.  Also, bring other things Caretakers, like tablecloth and silverware too.  Now, we will have some of these items, but as more and more join us, we always need someone to bring an extra item.  Just when you think we don't need something small, that very well be the small item that we may need.  We treasure the small things in the world that bring joy.  There are barbecue facilities and public restrooms, where we will set up behind, which is in eye and ear shot of the Circle of Trees. Be a participant in the Great Give-A-Way.  Someone may have what you want, and vice versa.  Maybe some trading.  Promote your business is okay, as long as you are Gifting to others during the Event. Gift what you do not need and help your relations know your love.

Hope to see you there,
Holiness David and Calf Woman

Today we also conduct a Peaceful Wisdom Prayer for individual responsibility to Global Prayer and during this spiritual foundation, there is another event the Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight, where the Circle of Drums at Mitchell Park gathering participants will gift this in time.  We conduct a Purification to areas that request assistance for blessings.  We are arranging Enipi or Sweat Ceremony with local native medicine persons and we are hopeful for the cooperation of Palo Alto Parks and Recreation departments.  We journey in Soul flight when Someone has asked. sacred spirit medicine requests, purification and healing

Join us in Global Prayer each Saturday by Email. To join in weekly prayer with Elders Share your heart and submit your prayer! Unsubscribe email subject: unsubscribe Sat. Global Prayer and Soul Flight Information 5pm PST

Peaceful Wisdom Prayer Flight 

5pm pst 8pm est Saturday (04062009 six flights currently)

dial-in number: 1-641-715-3715                                                                     

Your unique PIN: #062013

"Sacred Spirit Medicine Journey"

(requests to visit and purify the related upon Earth and Heaven through Safe Escorted Soul Flight.) 

Thank you for choosing to being part of the purification team and walking with elders,

the souls of flight, please join us by dialing in.  In the event you get lost or have difficulty

with Dial in, use Google Chat: whitebuffalocalfwoman between 4:50 to 5pm PST for access. Sat. Global Prayer and Soul Flight Information 7pm MST Sacred Preparation before Prayer Flight(plan) Recorded Medicine Journey (construction)

Event posted afterwards about the flight! (in construction, cic members will receive data)

Attendees email comments to share to Holiness Running Eagle (holiness david) offers you blessings Send all interpretation questions of any Image Send your stories of life as we travel together sharing

 A Joy Light From Within .Org

Gifted by Elders around the World

Mitchell Park, Palo Alto, near Stanford, Moffet Ames Airport Base, Shoreline Amphitheater and so much more within reach in the Silicon Valley!
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Gathering Mitchell Park, Circle of Trees

Mitchell Park, Circle of Trees, Palo Alto Gathering at the Circle of Trees beyond the Community Center with Holiness David and White Buffalo Calf Woman each Saturday at Noon to Three Pm PST. Bring Drum, Heart and Light and join the Great Give-A-Way each Week with Elders.
Contact: Holiness David at To join in weekly prayer with Elders
For more information visit (prophecy of rainbow warriors)