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posted Mar 13, 2009, 3:15 PM by WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman TwinDeerMother   [ updated Mar 13, 2009, 3:16 PM ]

Blessings Blossoming Petals, march 10, 2009

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Bring joy with a Gathering,
Choose an edge of your property and donate for your gathering! Moderator Ashley.  Build a  school, multipurpose, to dance and have a party for all ages to gather and unite in heart.  Look for a "Keeper", an North American Native and you are in Cherokee land.  They are ordained to be Mother Nation, and tend the sacred fires. 

Gather food this next year for abou
t 18 months amount of food, plus more for others. These are some of the ways to unite the heart and be prepared for Sacred Storm Dreamers vision of Food Lines in one year!  Even if we do not need the food, next year we can do it again.  Each year be willing to prepare for 18 months of supplies, especially salt.  Salt is for everything to storage of food to medicine for the body. Anything that is used daily is of importance. Each of us will remember to keep something important!

Seeds too, they also only last for one year, but if each year we are sure to keep seed, God will take care of it to succeed over two years when the time is needed during the Great Migration.  Along the way procurements will be made around the world.  And as people need food stuffs we can ease their discomforts with at least partial requests, when sharing is a mandatory attribute.

Gathering is the utmost concern now in our lives!  WE, the light must fold into dark space which means that Heaven the dark space is folding with the light space which is Earth, becoming now Heaven and Earth.  This is not an easy progression, but the purification is the only sure way of survival.  And this means law, law of love which only comes by spending our time within the darkness of joy or the darkness of suffering.  Let our road choose joy for all our relations and walk the Red way, the law of Love.

When we follow the Red Road means, the color wave of Red vibrates and it purifies.  During this process we feel fear, pain, anger or we can choose love, unity and holiness.  This is a purification or lesson, the learning about love.  Many call this karma, but the choice is only this: "Do I choose love (unity of two or more hearts) or do I choose hate (separation of two or more hearts)?".  When Red is upon you, this is your decision to walk the way of forgiveness, compassion and love, hereby giving you freedom and liberation within to soar with your Spirit.  When your Spirit or your Soul Body flies, then we can conquer all fear (unknowing) and we are able to seek our own Vision (revealer), the collective consciousness of the Oneness working in cooperation and precision of the Perfection.  The path to enlightenment comes from Gathering with our neighbors, spouses and children.  Give Sanctuary to the Earth and show respect and honor to our fields, rivers, animals and rock kingdoms.  We look up, the blue sky, the place we are embraced by unification, WE REALIZE we belong together!

Your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman "twin deer mother"
Elder Crystal Person (iyeshka or interpreter)

Song of the Light the action of the body for Blossoming Petals!

Heaven is underway, and my soul is about to soar, but in side there is so much pain and suffering.  How do we claim the joy, when so many do not have enough food?  How do we find water when we do not have communion?  How do we bless each other if we do not have or know the heart?  There is much for us to do.  There is much for heaven to do?  Sow my children, and my kinsmen, remember to be your dream.  Remember to live your soul.  Remember to be your perfection which God has ordained upon you.  We are family you know.

The kinsmen to all the souls.  We are blue (related) under the sky.  We are happy to know the joy of love.  WE can find it if we choose.  But if we do not choose, then pain will be our companion instead.  Sow my Brother, my Sister, let us choose the loving way, the way of the heart beat, the way of unity and mostly let our spirits fly free.

I love you
aho (may your spirit fly)
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman

Everybody and Everything is related to us!
Welcome home Spirit of the Lake, my kinsmen the Blue Oceans of you and me!