Great Give-A-Way

We are part of loving hands when we start to make a stand.  Whisper love to everyone, then we can know what is at hand.  Deliver what your heart lets out.  Share what you need not hold about.  Gift to those who need your love, not to expose but heaven's sakes bee bold and deliver your kindness to those who are cold.

Each day our relatives do tumble down, and need assistance from a friendly clown.  One who delivers true love to them and offers blessings in the wind.  Create that smile upon Mother Earth and give the most you could.  Do the best you can bee, a relative who gifts to relieve, when you gift the heart of love, you could bee a true dove (peace of mind).  Every day the children need.  And every day we think another day, but in God's childrens heart, you could fill them up with love, when a package shows up at their door. 

Share what you have.  Deliver it to the door.  And when the package lifts their heart, then you know the clown gave a smile.  True to the deliverance of love, a relative received an open heart.
The shadows of gloom will fade away, because you cared today.  And most of all, you really became part of the call.
  "We need you, and you came!"

List what you may have to give-a-way!

Each day, all of us throw something out.  These same items could be used by someone in this world.  It's not always easy to gift to others, when you don't even know your own neighbors.  But in each of us, there is perfection.  And in this perfection, we know that our hearts must soar.  It is now the time of the Brotherhood in action with the laws of Sisterhood in our hearts.  Join us when we integrate the Great Give-a-way at our local gatherings around the world!

Email us your give-a-way items on a document
and we will upload it for you. Send it to the

You see something you like and there is no pick up information, then please let us know and we will get it to you! Payment of shipment is always an issue.  Please consider this in your needs.  Sharing is a blessing of the Great Spirits!  Thank you for giving and receiving love! Elders or Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy around the world, will try to assist your needs within the
sacred circle. Aho "spirit fly"

Lakota, Dakota and Nakota relatives are
desperately in need of everyday items.  Please consider blankets, free energy devices, electronics and so much more. If you can drive a truck, offer health services or computer administration assistance, please contact us, and we will assist you to contact the right people to deliver gifts.  The greatest needs are always fuel, for transportaton, energy for heat and those willing to transport items to their destinations.  Assist the heart of the world, and feel your heartbeat grow!  Save the poorest reservation and bee the richest, because you will have gained relatives.

There are many non-profits out there who use the Lakota people and their spirituality for proceeds that never reach the people.  Please understand, there are no paid positions and our greatest gift is negotiations and redirection, as White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David Running Eagle belong to the people.  Everything is given away to the smallest items.  Even this domain belong to the peoples of the world, on free sites.  Our blogs consist of no advertising and only serve to educate and promote the changing evolution we are facing.  It is the Great Give-a-way that teaches us how to walk and talk sacred and to be able to receive one another as true relatives.

We live on the streets serving the homeless and hungry and dedicate our lives to the people.  In this world, even the collections of money for non-profit is big business, this includes churches, as we avoid all and any fees.  We promote 100% give-a-way!  Won't you do the same, by being a true relative who walk with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, angel services around the world 

Lakota Elder offers home for internet, home services on shopping day for Pine Ridge Reservation residents who shop at nearest Walmart,  for foods on the 10th of each month.  Grand Mother Dives From the Sky, our Two Foot Club (Johann
a Maynard also known as Annie Cobbs) offers her home for relatives. You may call 308-432-3130 to reach Grandmother.

White Buffalo Calf Woman (Lakota and Nakota) will begin to call each month to offer webpage services, craft listings for artists with content and contact information, sacred song blessings, songs, prayers and will listen to complaints of the people, to help resolve issues of the tribe. 

You may call White Buffalo Calf Woman at 650-669-0412 or have Grandmother call in the wind and I will call her phone number when you are at her residence.  I will hear your calls in the wind.  Please ask Grandmother for assistance.  You may also email

For Spiritual Complaints, please read this

You need help in your community, call upon us and we will assist you in your efforts too.  We are one family upon Mother Earth and Father Sky!