Great Spirit Mother

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Great Spirit Mother

Sings to You 

Bear Butte South Dakota

Everyday there's a whisper,

 everyday there's a frown,

every day tears fall beside me

and I turn to under the ground.

 Oh my children they suffer

and I don't know what to do.

 I tell them to love each other,

 but they do not know how.

Where are the pure that I send to you?

I know when they depart they are pure.

 When does the blossom lose their way?

Only to find the gold's dismay,

 only if they looked beyond the star,

then they could see me there.

 Oh how do I wish the day will come

when my true children will find.

 The love that I send is pure until the end,

 and I know that the shine will never end.


Weeping in the willows and I gift the song.

The rushing of the the winds.

The song that is spoken until the end,

when I must sing my song again.

So my little children, walk pure and tall,

for songs will come and know how.

 To blow away the chaff

and know the truth within,

 is all that is spoken in the wind.

My heart bellows songs of pure,

just listen to your heart.

What can I do if you don't know blue,

 the song of the waters that are pure.

 My heart is broken,

 when you don't see the way.

Just look inside the waters pure

 and see your face.

 Here is the magic you have waited for,

just look deep inside and see the pride.


Oh, my children I love you,

 don't you know that I am with you.

 For all that I see,

is all that brings me glee,

 but do I have to come and show you the way.

 It seems that only the pure

 will know the sage that comes to rescue me.

 I will have the breeze fly free once again,

just know that the fires of love for you.

 My children don't be blue (sad)

because I am with you.

 I am here, just look and see inside.

 The love that endures is love that is pure,

 the love that I have for you my child.


Sung by

White Buffalo Calf Woman

“twin deer mother”

from the heart of

Great Spirit Mother

Andrea "virile warrior"

01/16/09 04:49:35 AM