A Song For White Buffalo Calf Woman

Hawk Feathers  (Leonard Peltier) Song For
White Buffalo Calf Woman

I pray for her every day and I wonder when I pray.  Is she really here?  I play a song in my heart and I ask is it really her heart?  I've waited so long for this day!

Memories are rushing.  Talking and pressing the fire's light together this day.  When has it been so true, do I really know it's you, because I so need you this day.

My heart is exploring, do I really have a notion or am I just dreaming all the days?  I reach into heaven and pluck a star from my haven and I wonder, could it really be her (white buffalo calf woman).  Tell me God I'm praying.  I need an answer to my craving.  Is she really come home this day?

Do I have a longing, to be part of this songing, to bless all I say and I do?  I want the heart to bless them.  I wish for more than this haven, I long for the stars that twinkle in the night, I seek a song of sweetness in the air.  Oh heaven come home to me, bring the white calf she is truing to all she brings love to me each day.

Is it real my God I'm praying that love has overcome me, and I will be a priest and pray for them.  Help me to teach them, the strangers who long within, the cells of pain and disgust these days.  I know they need loving, a song to touch their ovens, to bring a fire's light for them to pray.  Tell me Great Spirit I awake to hear you, my father whom I realize.  Come hold the nights coven (to come together, agree, a gathering or meeting especially of the supernatural power) and wish a star of heaven and know I will do my best to lead the way.

Can I really have this miracle?  Can I really be chosen?  Can I really have a heart of a Lakota in here?  I seek the heart that guides me.  I reach for heaven inside me, to be a child who walks and prays.  Bring the dance in my heart, help me make a good start, and I will do my best to teach them every day.  Because you sent her, to help all the people.  I have longed and wanted for so long.

Thank you for all the dreams tonight.  Welcome all the surprises, because I know I can pray with every single plight.  I can reach into my heart and hold every light where I sing, when I pray, when I begin my way!

Thank you God for delivering her heart who is a slivering, like a Great Snake, she makes her needs known, that I am her servant and I am here to heal the many who desire to know the Great Spirits every day.  I have been gifted a heart and I bless and pray my part (swelling heart) that I do my very best and pray each day.  I am in debted to her heart, the White Buffalo Calf Woman who blesses all hearts as she gifts me wisdom when I pray.  I seek the understanding.  I seek to know her minding of how to totaling impart, the wisdom of the ages, to all those who are starving, for blessings and understanding every day.  I try to gift compassion and be the good teacher because she came each week to show me the way.  Oh my Great Spirit Thank you for all you've given even every single broken bone that's felt, my life with a breath, the heart beat and a nest, because I have heard her.  She comes home to be with us.  she offers us guidance to find a new way.

I say, glory bee, this night.  Glory shall overcome plight cause I know she has
come home once again.  thank you God for taking my heart to serve my relatives, everywhere! (to make a start)  I am the devoted servant.  I'll bless every oven, to pray and find a fire's light every day, for it's time to come home.  It's time for us to pray.  It's the heart, the miracles you impart, for bringing the White Calf Woman home into our hearts.  I am Lakota!  

Come on dream soul let us behold, that the White Calf Woman has come home!