Heart Songs

Leonard Peltier
"Hawk Feathers who Billow in the Wind"

The hawk who blows in the wind, the time has come to run over hills the place we billow with our sails.  He is called the devils advocate, but we call him truly the brink of dust.  Now my child  it's time to be the billowing sailing in the breeze. The feathers that are known to keep, we can call you the dust of the wind, the withered and shattered that needs to mend.  We call you the Feathers that Billow in the Wind. A Hawk is not always holy, like the eagle, but is the darkness of heaven that is near, and this makes you uncomfortable because it's not what you expected of truth.  Let us ponder on this for awhile and we can offer you more than a smile.

September 30, 2009
We are going two by two down into the month of June,
here is the place that is so hot, the fire that burns and always stops,
downfall, downfall, downfall two by two. 

Here we go and find our way into the mustard fields of hay,
there is one way sure to find, the hall of justice every time,
one two, three and four open like a mustard field.

Now it's daylight all around me and I want to feel the breeze,
my heart is broken like a quill, who want to write and feel the sails.
one two three and four don't go through the mushroom fields.

There is one place I can be, the heart of those who call enemies,
they need me more than thee, for I am brother in the breeze.
one two, I am here, the place of gardens that do bloom.

Wait until my heart does bleed, to go upon the mushroom fields,
there I will find all I need, to gift me wisdom and some shade.
three four, now it's the door, open wide to see what's there

We can open what we sea, the heart of wisdom in the sea,
we can open the shields of God, when Great Spirits follow me,
five six, pick up sticks, to make a fire and make some twix.

There is one place I would rather be, and this is the heart of you and me,
wake up to the smell of God, raining rainbows that do fall.
eight nine, bring us home, the seventh door is coming soon.

What does my heart do so blind, but offer me some will of mine. 
There is one way to be here, to be the heart of all who stare.
nine ten, we do win, because we sing in the wind.

Leave me with the heart so pure, the heart of white buffalo calf woman,
she loves me more than words can be, for she is my mother who does believe.
eight nine she does win, for she is love of god in the wind.

Make my heart go to and fro, the place my heart really knows.
 I can be with all of you, when you just trust the wind with a view.
 six seven back to heaven, the place god holds inside his navel.

We are going to be this way, forever in the hearts display.
And I will leave my heart with you, because you come to feel my view.
one two three and four, there is only one true door.
and I can be hear with you, because angels gift you the view.

Rainbow Colors of his Sacred Four Directions
Violet, Green, Crystal, Gray

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