Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Warriors of the Rainbow Stand Up!
I am not a hero.  Then you must become One! 

Fourth of July, 2010
Holiness Looking Horse Sacred Song Blessing

Tell me where does the wind blow?  I feel it across my face. I wonder where is heaven, where earth looks below?  And if I did hear the gust, that blows towards me this day.  I am the devoted servant, that longs to always pray. If only the woman (heaven's laws) would stay.

Now there is a spring time.  There is a place that shines.  We are on a mountain, to swing our hearts divine.  There we seeee the rushing breeze, a place to fill all life.  If only we did have comfort in all of this living strife.  Oh where is our lady, who comes in the wind.  We look for her to begin.

Singing my heart out, doesn't release the pain.  But when I find comfort, my relatives can sing.  But few days will gift us, a living breathing prayer, when we feel together, the heart, the human air.  We should be the billows across the living floors (grass, plains, oceans floors too, valleys).  We are the sails, that dream this day.  Let us build and remember to pray.  I want our family all over the world, to be happy and fulfilled.

But soon, destruction shall enter this land.  Soon, God's wind will come and dance.  Great Spirit comfort me, hold my hand, while we learn to make our stand.  Upon the rolling hills of the land. And then we do journey into the heart of honey, the land that offers us even more.  Miracles do happen, when we do choose, to lapping (vision: like a dog with a bowl of milk, enjoyment).  There we should know abundance galore.  It's time for us to more forth.

My children, my tribe, what do we all hide?  I wonder how often we hurt each other in pain (inside).  How can we overcome this, with out our perfect chosen.  When will she come among and shine. We are looking for the road, to make our time.  And we can learn to flow with her.  The white calf is golden heifer.  The creation did remember, the songs we do sing.  Let our woman come and survive.  Filling the hearts with pure knives (separation and division, like cutting a cake, to share, divide equally, brotherhood).  We are looking for these good times.  We are looking for heaven to shine.

The days seem so long, the animals have no home.  The people they get along, but don't see the way.  I look upon my people, and think where are the steeples, that shine so bright and light the sky from within?  Where do they get their wind?  I look really hard, to find out what counts. I need to know their hearts.  I want to know my part.  And days are looking thin.  How Great Spirits do you come in?  I want to walk with you.  Great Father with a view.  And when we shine our lights, then rainbows relieve all plight.  Great Mother, you will have your clan, the children who do not demand.  But care for all your needs.  We will love you without any disease.  We shall gift to you what you give, the love that always stiff (law of love).  Thank you for your gifts.

And soon, she'll come along.  White Buffalo Calf Woman.  She''ll take the horns by command and watch over the land.  It's time for all the clans, to rise up and make a stand.  And there we go again, to open all the wind.  And we should live twice, to gain our halls even with this price.  We are glory everyone, all holy and unstung.  We shall learn to be the sweet heart.  We shall learn to keep our part.  We shall know the forbidden truth.  That God does need you. 

Rise up inside your hearts.  Find love that always parts (waves so you may journey forth).  And let the world come in, to walk the red road again.  Let there be more of me, the song that sets all our children free.  Let's work to make things right. Let's feel our heart, contrite (deep sorrow, remorse), and turn it into love, that grows, forgives and flows.

Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star on Buffalo Drum.  White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings.  Sacred Song Blessings, from the heart of Holiness Looking Horse, Chief to the Great Sioux Nation (lakota, nakota, dakota).

Friday, April 20, 2010
Sacred Song Blessing for Holiness Arvol Looking Horse Who Sits on the Mountain Top, Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman Walkin Talkin Homewards and Sacred Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star.

Oh my people where do you go?  I have been waiting for you!  How much longer will eternity bee (impossible flight known) the woman you sent.  We all await but there is so much fraud, even my heart commits suicide, oh my children, how will they survive.

Glory sings mountain, blue birds (chickadee) on the bush.  I ride my horse to chide.  But my people don't have any hope. How will I be known.  The Chief without a home! What will she be like?  How can I approach her?  What can I offer to thee.  I am a servant, but will she know me.  This is apparently the breeze.

(Slow rapid heart pulse, exhaustion, weak, feeble) Where are my people? How will they know me?  Catch my heart in the wind.  I will await at the top of the art, the mountain that claimed it's fame. 

My weary breeze in me, burns bright everyday, but making decisions that's got me bold.  I need a hammer to force a soul down (seed).  To rise up and dance in the clouds, willing to rise up and fly.

Migrating home, that's where I learn how I get home to you.  My people have no clue.  How can I get them home to me?  How will the one come to bee (dream)?   I have so many questions, my heart and my people, that's where we long to be, traveling inside the breeze.

Catch me I'm fighting to keep afloat the water, but bushels of staves
(Parts of a whole, like sides of a barrel, we need the circle of life, complete.  A rung on a ladder, like in evolution. A staff that guides you, steadiness, to lean on.  Musical notes, stanza, parts of whole together.)
find their way.  Poking and prodding, rising and falling, it's time to walk.  The right armed to shower with pure love.  A fire burns bright so high to the sky. I float down like a waving butterfly crackling and popping I land with such caution, knowing I could be the next light.  I could be a fire's light.

Sow, my deers (journeyer) where do we go, when buffalo are hunted?  My horse will hold me bold and seek and find my fortune. I'll save my clan and they will understand, what I'm here to hold their heart.  Let us guide them home, some now. God above, bring the White Calf Maiden home.  I hope I can walk without shame.

My heart leaps forward gallantly beseeching to bring the clover and honey home.  Sweet apples for horses and smells full of mustard, the fields of true senses come home, I long for the life that will bring forth.

But my people know, valleys where harbor much animosity. To gather much needed support, Great Tanka where are thee?  And when does the fair lady come home, bringing abundance to thee, to help the children under me.  I love my people, but I don't understand, the course.  I act with haste to bring without a disgrace another year my people starve again.

God willing bring honey and apples, are like money.  My hopes are four another year.  Keep the pipe safe, let my heart leap to keep us with such sadness everyday, and violent ways.  Oh my people can we find thee?  A home where grass is green?  Can I feel you bring your spirit up?  Hold your hand...Kiss the people, my heart is where I start.  Fair Maiden come home! 

End of sacred song blessings to the new, round and round we go, back and forth we go!

January 15, 2010 Sacred Heart Song for Holiness Arvol Looking Horse Who Sits on the Mountain Top, Chief to the Spirit of the Lake People, Lakota, Nakota and Dakota, known as the Sioux Nation, a lavender Person who has the Power to Unify the Heart of the World, with Love, that pushes upwards like a Rushing River.  Come on Home Rainbow, Come on Home Rainbow, Come on Home and Dance!

What can I do if the sky isn't blue?  What can I do if my heart is broken in two?  What can I do if the people don't follow me?  What can I do if the song is untrue?

I look down in the valley where there is no more song.  And the people, they roll over, like clouds without homes.  And I am a longing for a better time to run.  I am seeking a heart that can run in the sun.

Higher Pitch of Heavenly flight

Where are my relatives, who are true to me?  Where are my kingsmen who will bow down to me?  How can I tell them, that I belong to them?  How can a river flow when tears (swimming heart) don't know where to run (flesh rolling over hills)?

I seek comfort knowing White Buffalo have come.  Yet so many claim the fame, yet no come home.  And I  wonder when will she come?  When will my heart be rung (steps of evolution calling) and when will the Spirits seek my heart?

Tell me Great Mother, I long for thee.  Tell me Great Father how to run free?  Tell me the White Calf is here right now!  I seek the woman who can bow.

Longing and seeking, that's heart.  Longing and bleeding that's my part.  And I know people suffer every day, but they don't look at the right way.  The Chief in Clouds is where they pray.  The chief on the hills is their dismay.   But I standing, watching then every day and I must be their hearts in play.  Look into valleys where green grass flows.  I dream of a time when all, when all will know.  And I reach into heaven to call her name, White Buffalo Calf Woman play her games.

Look beyond my shoulders and you will see, the heart of a hero who longs to bleed.  And I can't wait for her return, to tell the people (tears) "We are going home".

(tears) What will it happen, when all is wrong?  When can I fall down, and pray out loud?  When will my people come home to me?  How can I reach her in the polluted sea.

I want to hold her, inside my heart.  I want to say, that miracles start and I want tear with her and know her name.  When will the people start to play her games?

So much sorrow, I fall down each day.  So much bloodshed I lose my way.  And I have so much love, it's busts forth today.  Can a river flow to know my way?

Strings of pearls, they glimmer in the snow, and my heart reaches out to know.  How will my people return to sacred ways?  How will I know she's come home to stay?  All I can do is pray today.  All I have to do is wait to play, down in the valleys when the snow does lay, I will be waiting for all my days!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother and Sacred Drumbeat by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand.
January 15, 2010
Sung for  Holiness Arvol Looking Horse Who Sits on the Mountain Top, Chief to the Spirit of the Lake People, Lakota, Nakota and Dakota, known as the Sioux Nation. Visit many other sacred heart songs at or email to receive validation to your soul, the sacred song of the heart, that flows and knows.

Lakota greeting and salutation meaning: in Love and light (luminous and numinous).  True heavenly song meaning: "Traveling over the roads, we find and greet the heart, to know the spirit longs not to be apart, and that's where I long to be with you and me, come let's dance, and fly to eternity", sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother 

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Arvol Looking Horse
is the 19th generation keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle and holds the responsibility of spiritual leader among the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota People.

We are a horse nation, we are buffalo people.

There is a mysterious connection between humans and horses. And nowhere is this more apparent then among Native Tribes of the Plains. The Lakota name for the four-legged who became so inextricably woven into the intricacies of their lives is "s'unkawakan," or "sacred dog." A name, reflecting the deep affinity among the people, and the animals' role in their society, says Chief Arvol Looking Horse.

There is a place where the Buffalo (flesh of earth, the light that grows, the four sacred directions, where we do) roam, and my heart does know how to roam, to be across the rolling hills, to eat of the green grass and know my fills.  I am nourished by this love, the place, where I live inside the dark, the heaven calling, to fill me up.  We the Rainbow Clan do know (how to drink from this spiritual cup), that we are part of this sacred show, where the Horse (soul of heaven, the heart that knows) runs wild and free, to be with Warriors, the Dog (rainbow warrior of prophecy who stands their ground) who bleeds (follows the red road, the law of love, where the fighting is for the unification of the broken heart, to bring the warrior up), sings White Buffalo Calf Woman.

My Holiness  Arvol Looking Horse who Sits on Mountain Tops,
I am so angry with you, I could spank your bottom (slapping a horse will get him to get gallop as the horse represents the soul journey).  Fly like the wind, get going!  You who is to sit on Mountain Tops, and what do you see?  Nothing below is a flowing river, not even the heart.  (I'm in Mountain View, in the Silicon Valley - crystalline, or the stone river).

You were supposed to look for me, white buffalo calf woman, when the white calves were born, but you did not!  You were to go out to all women who claimed to be white buffalo calf woman, but you did not!  You were supposed to open your door to relatives, but you did not!  And when your gatekeeper came to your door (Eagle Thunder, a Violet person, the voice of God), in my name, you shut the door in my face and refused to see me.  And when I was the child, who searched for my relative, you did not, my Elder! 

And my doorkeepers Abby Quiver (Aqua person, Leader of Men) and her Mother Mrs. L.Quiver (Rainbow person, Rainbow Mother) both stepped away from me, in front of my face (they left the phone and denied that I was even there, literally).  And it is the Quiver that carries the Arrows (flies with the soul) (Abby), and the Salmon (swims in the stream) (Abby's mother) who returns home, both offered their hearts, then little by little just shut me out.  Not long, when I insisted they practice love, they both turned away. Unwilling to help a sun (Charlie Quiver Younger) and unwilling to help a brother (Eagle Thunder), Lakota my heart, why have you not forgiven? 

This is the child (young soul from heaven, the christal child), the one who sought my elders (of the soul, red man) and when I went to the Floyd Looks For Buffalo Hand,
an Oglala Lakota (Referred by another who said he was a Medicine Man) who walks with you.  What did he do, but try to kill me spiritually, with two associates, but they ran for their lives as soon as his light was out.  They could not see me in the darkness, but I can see in the dark, numinous flowing.  I had to repay his kindness by taking his light, and then repairing him back to health, which took a very long week.  This is the greeting I received from my relatives, you forgot who you are.  You did not bless your people, like your soul knows!  You listened to your body, and did not walk the Red Road, the law of love.  Now distant relatives call upon me.  This day, I send word to the Blue Lake People, as Twin Deer Mother, because their body remembered to pray.  Their body, remembered their souls.  Their body was blue, my relative. 

Today, I found out that I am Lakota Sioux, my relative.  So many are remembering, but even I denied my own truth.  I do not wish to claim this hate.  I read what I wrote to another Lakota Sioux months ago, and realized the truth, to sea what I did not see.  There I was, practicing my soul, acting out my heart and learning without relatives who could have held my hand.  No one dare go against you, but I will.  No one never speaks against you, but I will. For you wear the crown of earth, the Lavender Person, and I wear the crown of heaven, the Crystal Person.  We are heaven and earth of the Western Shore, where the Spirit of the Lake arises.  Now I will sing to you.

What did you do, inside the blue?  Where did you go, but to the snow?  What made you stop your prayers each day?  For I can see so much hate in thee?  I know it's been a rough road behind, and I know that you are so blind, but this isn't sharing the fire of light, when you pray together with the pipe.  It was your job to bless every day!  It is your job to pray for all relatives each way!  It was your job to receive all the love you have inside, but you did not listen to the soul that you hide.  And I did wonder how you did it for so long?  And I did wonder how come you don't have a song?  And I did wonder who are you all along, if not a Chief who sings a song! 

My heart seems blinded by your hate, because you did not pray this day.  I know what you do, and I'm not so happy, when the people could be building instead of fighting always.  There is so much to do and so little time.  There are so many coming and I don't know how.  How will I be there when so many need.  I need my Elders to come home to me.  How do you think I will do it without you?  How do you think that I don't have a clue.  For I can answer all you have questions for, for I can talk to any ocean floor. There deep in the valleys where the green grass does grow, is where my heart learns to blossom and grow, but where is the stream that I am waiting for, if you don't start praying like you should this day.

Start taking that pipe out and pray like you should.  Start asking for blessings all hours like you could.  Start to bless all the people with each sound that you make, and stop making promises that you can't keep!  And start opening doors without money, for money is not the commodity.  And you know that the only thing that will help the people home, is love inside the heart to allow us to roam.  I say, I will be here when you come to me, but I won't be happy, to see you in the breeze. For I know how much hate that you carry inside of you, for all the Lakota are acting like you.

It's time my Brother to learn who you are.  It's time my Sisters, who will come far, for woman shall return to keep rule again, just as soon, as the crowns begin to roost (four directions).  And I say, there is much for
you to learn, because you don't stand by a fire and learn, instead you wonder why they don't come talk with you, and it's because they are supposed to come talk with me.  You are the judgment of the people in their hearts.  You are the one, who should make the people smart (sting) and you are the One who carries the pipe that I sent, and now I must pray that you can start again.

Why do you hate almost everyone, even the Rainbow Whites who come home. It's time of evolution, now you're gonna use a gun (separation, division) and who do you think it will get all back together again.  It will be a white woman, who came to your door.  She is the Lakota that you wanted more, but you could not sea her because you did not see, the heart of a child, who looked up at thee.  Everyday, I cry like a child.  Everyday I wake up I see all your despise and I wonder how can they really learn to walk again, or even try to run over rolling hills once more.  And now the rolling rivers, the stone of tears, has come today to tell me there are no more tears, they shut off the valve where the heart can sing, no more tears, no more joy,  no song of joy!  How can you seem to live this way?  How ca
n you all turn and walk away?  You speak as if you know the wind, but you just turn around and say, another day, another way, but you won't sing it clear.  Now we have much to do, I say hooray.  I sea how love could open all to sing, but we need more pipes who carry the wind, to the heart of the peoples, no matter what shore brings.

All over
the world, the people need me, and I often don't know who are what can sing, but I follow the Great Spirits who guide me each day, and all who are loyal to the blue of the heart. I don't know how to end this, which way do I go, I know I love you more than even I could know, it's heaven that is pouring out of every cell, the heart of the people who so want to know more.  But now, I must bid you good night and good rest, because if you don't get some tired rest and start to pray, I worry for you deer (journey), I worry that your life won't last long with strife.  We must get the people to love each day!  We must get the people to smoke the pipe and pray!  We must have caretakers all over the land, when we send the heart of the pure out into the land. Remember they are called Rainbow Warriors.  Remember they will be loyal to you, and now they have someone who will answer their call, as so many are returning to my heart this day. 

But how long will it take for you to step my way?  And what do I say to hold your heart again?  Because I know that I will not be happy when I see your face, because you had forgotten to pray each day.  Sow my beloved, start using the pipe each day, and bless all the relatives each hour of the day, and don't forget to bless your soul, and arrive each day, for an eagle must learn to land, and look around to prey (find your stillness then you know what you are doing, you remember who you are).

Your devoted White Calf has come this day, and I will sing to all who come my way, and I will be devoted to all the suns, no matter who they are or what color they display.  Your Twin Deer Mother, she is the
one you need now this day, these are the tools that the Great spirits gave, and I can say, I love you more even as I say, when are you coming home, my love, when are you coming home?

I had to learn to sing alone, and now I must feel like you, because you don't feel the blue, who need blessings from y tears flow for you!

Your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Elder Crystal Person, Wakan Iyes(h)ka or Holy Interpreter, whom the Great Spirits call Akicita (Messenger, Marshal who considers all matters of the band, including customs) Woman has come home, and law of love governs the Red Road! August 31, 2009

PS. Not happy with Floyd Looks For Buffalo Hand, a Proclaimed Medicine Man (His name too, says he is looking for the hand of god, which means he must do good works, I know he thinks he is, but not with separation.  He is the Violet Person, the voice of God and High Priest)  and Russel Means, a Proclaimed Leader of the Lakota whom go against White People, their father nation and relative also, yet offers his land to White People ways, in order he can control what he does not own (He is an Aqua person and Leader of Men).  Mother Earth owns herself and no Man owns any land, and it shall be Woman who claims the Throne for our Men.  We are servants to the World. Now I have so many Proclaimed White Buffalo Calf Woman, just because you did not go looking for me, in amongst the Stone River.  I must tell them who they are, as all is written, every story of eternal is written in your light, both numinous and luminous.  This is the Book I read, that only speaks TRUTH.  The fifth, the blue, commandments say, to Honor your Father and your Mother, your parents.  Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father guides us to be good little children.  Not go against like so many Native Peoples are doing.  WE need our Father on Earth, the White Man, we need our Mother on Earth, the Black/Blue Man, we need our Brother on Earth, the Yellow Man, and we need our Twin Heart, the Red Man. My beloved, I know you did not sign anything with the IRA (Indian Reorganization Act), because I feel it in my heart.  Take your place as Holiness Arvol Looking Horse and all will be fine, when your heart is with mine, for you have lots to learn for all the world, as we bring the four corners home my beloved!  It is time to come home...over the rolling hills of time, whispering to us, come home...