Wakan Tankan Rescue Me

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wakan Tankan Rescue Me, Hold My Hand For All To Sea!

Walkin (Wakan, holiness, flesh, ascend) Talkin (Tankan, sacred voice, soul, descend)  Rescue Me.  Hold my hand for divinity (sacredness).  Where does the rainbow sleep at night when all children live in fright? 

Walkin Talkin Rescue Me.  Hold my hand for divinity.  I want in at night (heaven) to set me free.  I want relatives (blue of you and me, the heart), to show it's me. 

Walkin Talkin Rescue Me.  Hold my heart (eternal soul) and give me the key.  Wake up sunshine (flesh) hold my hand.  Walkin Talkin lead my life.

Walkin Talkin Hold my hands.  I want to fly into another land (from light into darkness of heaven). Give sunshine (integration of soul and flesh, a light from within) to lead my life.  Give me sorrow (to feel, with a heart) to show there is strife. 

Walkin Talkin Rescue me.  Tell me sunshine (integrated flesh with souls, the morning star of perfection brings light, blue crosses the red road, into the rising sun) will lead the trees.  Hold my sorrow (embrace me) and rescue me (in prayer and sacredness I will be safe, joy is the vehicle of safety), hold hand at night (heaven, in our dreams) and set me free (eternal flight of the soul who is integrated with sacredness). 

Walkin (holiness) into the Star at night, walking up to stars that shine (living upright, receiving brotherhood).  Holding a place that is mine (taking our place, each of us have a place within the Oneness, your soul speaks), gives me sunshine (the flesh and soul integrated), gives me thine (the whole of Oneness) .

Walkin (Wakan, holiness, flesh, ascend) Talkin (Tankan, sacredness, soul, descend) Rescue Me.  Hold my hand and set me free.  Tell the little one, we have come.  The day dawning (the rising sun, the morning star) shall set the sun (on it's right course, the path of the eternal life, the soul).

Down in the valley (where the green grass grows, there the house of God knows) there are mighty trees (representing the tree of life, each a tree, together a forest, our relatives within the Oneness of God).  Down in the valleys, there runs a mighty stream (the flowing of the raging river, the crystalline rock stream of life, the building blocks of life, where we are united).  There I go to find relief, all the children hang out with me (we are one).

Walkin Talkin Rescue me, hold my hand and set me free, tell the children we'll be there (the rainbow warriors of prophecy).  We will hold the very night air.  The dreamland...the dreamland.....the dreamland, the place I dream, the place I see for all eternity.

Walkin (Wakan, holiness, flesh, ascend) Talkin (Tankan, sacred voice, soul, descend)  Rescue Me, hold my hand and set me free.  Give me levity (to rise above hatred towards understanding my Soul's mission, and to know all is divine, including my tears along the crystalline stone river of life, perfection, "I am") to know my way.  Give a foundation for a clear blue day (Joy is the vehicle to survival, the foundation of life, where we experience a journey.  When we feel our hearts, the reflection of this light is the clear blue sky, we feel good to share with others under the sunshine). 

Walkin Talkin Rescue me, hold my hand and set me free.  Tell the child (child alone) we'll be there, to show up to fill the night air (stars in the sky, who will show up as stars to rescue thee).  Walkin Talkin (holy and sacred ways) this is the day, the very place you sent me today (God sends us all on a mission, as we agreed before receiving this fleshly existence).  I am journey (soul) across deep blue sea (relatives of you and me), to find the love I've lost (flesh) and gained in thee (soul, flesh, dream, white light, the four directions, the house of the beloved, where all is a reflection of lights, both luminosity and numinosity, the embrace of darkness, that only need be blessed). 

Walkin Talkin Rescue me, hold my hand and set me free (trusting others, the law of love).  Give a dawning (bring your inner sunshine) to other shore (realms of existence, whether earthly or heavenly), the heart (feelings) that nears evermore.

Walkin Talkin Set me free, give my life to find in thee.  Hold a hand, to liberty, give my shoulder (someone who cares) a tear (feels) to sea (flowing like tributaries into the oneness of the great blue, of you and me). 

Walkin Talkin Rescue me, hold my hand and set me free.  Give my heart to all the land.  I am walkin and talkin upon this land.

Warriors of the Earth