Physical and Spiritual Medicine Practitioners Directory
Practitioner: For Healers around the world, who gift their services to the world.  You may offer your services here for others to receive.  Add your link here!

Patient:  In respect, always bring a gift to them.  Two gifts are better.  In other words, always give them more than they are worth, because others will not give to them at all.  If you can, always offer to pay for products that are outstanding or not in stock. When we all do this, everyone who lacks will have, and those who have much will divide.  This is the law of Oneness, along the Red Road, the law of love.

Please join the Elders in Peaceful Wisdom Prayer each Saturday around the world.

In this day of age, we use money, but in the future this commodity will not be available.   We shall compete for gift giving and all who join the great give-a-way, will walk into the new dawning!

True healing always comes from RECEIVING Love! 

*We will help practitioners find spiritual purity, to offer sanctuary to their arenas.
Please Email: physicalmedicine@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org

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