Perfect Blossoming

Each of us are unfolding, but it seems the process of learning about self can be painful.
We enter into physical suffering.  We do not even realize that we are trying to enter the dark space of Heaven.  Something inside of us is changing and we are not sure what it is.  And since Evolution is upon us, we must learn about the coming events and prepare for it.

Instead of entering physical pain and suffering, we need to enter the vision quest instead.  Because if you refuse to move onward in evolution your body will force you to comply.  We must follow the laws of the Universe.  There is no escaping  the folding times ahead.  All we can do is prepare.

I invite you to enter your dark space through 
Twin Deer Mother Picasa Homepage                                           meditation or reflection.  Here we become
artists who become eternal beings of the Spiritual Soul.  As a creator of your life, begin to watch the unfolding of our Soul Body, and watch  your physical body become the perfection it was meant  to be.    But you think why doesn't i change if i do my part, but every day it just gets worse and worse.  This is because, we as physical beings are made from light particles.  These particles overlap and are used by the related.  This means everyone you walk near or think about is now part of your existence and if they are not cleansing their own spiritual house and physical body, then we who are blessed will pick up some of their impurities, like when we get dirty in a muddy river.  We want to go and take a bath right away.  This is the same effect in the Spiritual or Soul's world.  We do not see it or really feel it, too well these days, but we are learning.  And these are the senses everyone is picking up on these days.  We are on top of the second rolling hill as we travel down into the valleys of the darkness, the Soul Realm of Heaven upon the Earth.  Welcome to the Dawning, the third phase of Evolution!

0. Wake up blessing the world around us!  Follow the Stream, the law of love, the Red Road.

1. Practice the Fire Ceremony, at least once a day, even better 4 to 5 times, like the Islamic Religion demands. 
This includes Sage and Incense, anything that can be burned.  If you have Lavender Overlay or are our Holinesses around the world, this is mandatory.  Your responsibility is greater to the Oneness of God.

2. Bless at least once an hour where ever you are.  And ask the Great Spirits to protect you in your night dreams, as you will provide devotional to the day dreams. 

3. Practice the Drum Beating, once a week  or daily.  Mandatory for Lavender overlay or Holiness, 20 minutes a day. 

4. And mostly, whenever you feel unhappiness, start to bless the surrounding and all your related, including the heaven and the earthly.

5. Join the Great Give-A-Way, and join the new phase of Evolution.  This is to integrate with your Kinsmen.  The bible tells us to love thy neighbor as thy self.  This is the only road towards happiness.