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Many of our Relations who live on or have been a part of the Reservation, have been abused by Relatives (those who claim to be elders) and or out side agencies (those who said they were there to help) only to be manipulated and left to fend for themselves.  With so many of our Native Americans scattered across the North America, complaints have been streaming in. 

I have created a sanctuary where we can talk about the abuses, and to make ways to serve sacred heritage part of our lives again.  We just have to trust our soul.  But the wind blows through everyday, which is impure and unjust.  There isn't much time left before the sacred cleansing takes affect.  WE need true elders, who are spiritually fit, and who are willing to contribute to the family of sharing of stories and sharing of knowledge that we get in the spiritual realm.

Sacred Ceremonies must be a gift.  Teaching frauds to walk the right way, is not an easy matter, joining the Great Give-A-Way.  And with so many of our own brothers and sister walking the path of injustice, to claiming a right to sell sacred ceremonies, must cease to exist.  Grandmother Two Foot Club has recently declared war against such abuses this year.  She has started the walk with me. (update: Grandmother Two Foot or Johanna Maynard is unable to walk with me, forgiveness and fire ceremonies is needed to release pain and trust again.*Please read question posed by our Violet person at the bottom of this page.) It is time to go home, to where the green grass grows. You may read this document here

Seekers are on the verge of collapse, as heaven and earth collides within our souls (blue road) and flesh (red road) realms, we enter into a new realization (the yellow way, the rising sun), that we are beings of light (four sacred directions called the bear, the star that shines in the heaven), that long to be loved, and are willing to fight for the right to feel and express love in an honorable way, through sacred ceremonies and vision quests we seek refuge.  Teaching our children, to honor thy parents, and teaching parents to honor they children, will bring us home to the Great circle of life.

Man is our hero (Great Warrior), our physical refuge in a world that is changing.  Woman is our heartbeat (Law of Love), the embrace of our spirit that flows.  We unite and cross the Red and the Blue to be the Rising Sun, with a View.  Paradise, here we come, to you!

Your devoted servant loves, the song that brings us home, when we dance and sing, each day and night.  Come home to my love, where Angels are Doves, the children of the Great Spirits who do survive.

White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Elder crystal person, wakan iyes(h)ka or holy interpreter
your akicita (messenger, marshal who considers all matters of the band including customs)
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When the wind blows, speak the heart glows, and the days know, who you are.  Trust the insides, the heart that gives rise, to the soul, that longs to be free.  And when we feel good, let the joy know, that we honor ourselves in this wind.  And when all is gone, and our children carry on, let them speak greatness of our lives.  We are going to be, the heart that longs to be free, and it's time, to enter our realize. And we are greatness, if we face us, look at the waters edge, and sea who you are.  The perfect mirror, the perfect warrior, the perfect child, who longs to be free. And I know that we need each other, to gain some wisdom on how to survive.  Woman longs for Man to hold her, and to apologize for all he did wrong.  And our Leaders, who took from us, we expect you to start to give us reign, for it's a mountain (stand up for what is right), that gallops forwards, to bring the snow of pure rivers (sacred blessings), where salmon do swim (survive).  And there above the skies, we hear alibis (we can forgive), and the lullabies, they can ring true.  If only we could sea, the heart of you and me, where the blue (soul, dark, heaven) does cross the red (flesh, light, earth).  And when we find the road, where our Brothers grows (on the return home), then our Sisters knows (Nose, bridge to heaven, the smell of perfume, where sweet flowers in bloom grow to return home to pollinate, the planted seeds.  Woman leads Man to heaven!), we have come home.  It's a star that glows, the morning star, the rising sun, that always knows.  And my heart longs to feel, the happiness on our heels, and we walk and dance to the tune of pure love, we are coming home (all of us, the Rainbow Clan of the Four sacred directions/colors, that collide).

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman

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Lakota greeting and salutation is, "Pilamayo", meaning, in Love and Light (luminous and numinous pure Love.) Interpretation from your Iyes(h)ka: "Traveling over the roads, we find and greet the heart, to know the spirit longs not to be apart, and that's where I long to be with you and me, come let's dance, and fly to eternity", sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

This is February 2010

We shall be working diligently with moving marijuana as a sacred ceremonial right, through the Freedom of Religion Act. 

Many of our Warriors are down due to alcoholism, which causes broken families and abuse within households.  With the exchange of alcohol to the use of the sacred medicine taken away from us, our Warriors will begin to live again, upon their two feet.

Many illness of our Sisters too who have suffered at the hands of Warriors Down, need sacred medicine filled with the harmonious herb which heals in so many ways.

WE do not promote the sale of any sacred rites, nor do we promote the sale of this medicine.  WE promote only the Great Give-A-Way, and thus, as a sacred medicine, should be given to all our relatives who are in need, during sacred ceremonies, as well as daily medicine in our homes for fire, pipe, blessings, we conduct on a daily basis.

Please share your stories by joining the Rainbow Clan group.  AS we will be discussing what measures will be taken to make this dream a reality across the nation and the world.

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman